Your eCom Setup

By the end of this step by step tutorial you will have you very own Shopify eCom Store setup, with products chosen, and ready to roll. So the first thing you need to do is choose a good domain name for your store, something cool and speaks about what the store is. So let's get into this...

your first ecom store online

If you don't have your Shopify Store 14 Day FREE Trial Yet, it would be a good idea to grab it.

How To Pick A Good Domain Name

What's the difference between a website and a domain name?

A website is like your house, a domain name is like your address. People find your website by going to your domain name, so you have to make it catchy and memorable.

Nobody wants to a remember a name like:

It just doesn't work...

Is .com the best domain name?

Yes, in my opinion and most other digital experts, it is.


Now you know what a domain name, let's choose a really cool domain name, something that stands out, and something that is related to your niche. My favorite place to do this is LeanDomainSearch.

lean domain search

Let’s imagine your niche was “pets”.

Simply enter “pets” or your own keyword into the box and click search, and await the magic to happen.

lean domain search results

The results for “pets” brought back over 1500 domain names that you could use. Now filter through and find the one that best suits YOU.

Once you have chosen your domain name it is time to go to

I like to choose these as they connect really easily to Shopify and make the whole process very easy.

Go to to register your domain name.

godaddy ecommerce domain name registration asean

If this is your first time registering a domain, you can look for a coupon code here to get the best deal on the domain:


Sometimes you can get the domain for as little as $0.99.

You should by now know how to do the following:

  • Found a cool domain name using LeanDomainSearch
  • Purchased your domain name on Godaddy with a coupon discount.
  • You don't have to buy a domain name, as Godaddy gives you a free SubDomain as I showed you before.

Setting Up Your First Shopify Store

Now that you have a really domain name purchased it’s time to get your first store setup.

You can watch a simple tutorial here, which I created on video for you, or if you prefer to read and follow along in text, I also have that here for you.

I’m going to walk you through the whole process so you don’t have to worry.

Ok, so here is the deal.

Shopify is the coolest, easiest and most user-friendly eCommerce platform to use. It comes with a whole host of tools and functions that you would be paying thousands of dollars for if you were to use another platform.


There is a cost to it, like everything, but not huge in anyway.

As I mentioned before. $29 for your first 45 Days... $0.64 per day to start your own business... that's less than a bagel.

The best thing you can do is try it out for free...

You got a 14-day free trial, and try to get as much done in those 14 days to start your business properly.

You can!

After your 14-day FREE trial, you have the option to keep it or not.

If you do decide that you are excited and want to build momentum with your eCommerce store and turn it into another income stream, then I’m delighted for you.

Shopify Setup
Complete the following lists:
Set up Shopify Plan ($29 recommended) by going to the link

shopify pricing plans singapore

Let's get Your First Shopify Store Going Now!

So for this section you are going to be using this guide as a reference, and on Shopify at the same time.

Pro Tip: Bookmark this guide for easy reference

  1. Let’s go to Shopify by clicking here.
  2. Then enter your email address to Start YOUR Free trial (like the image shows you below).
  3. Then follow the instructions
  4. Enter the password you want to use
  5. Enter the name of your store (use the name you used for your domain name if possible)
shopify free trial

Then, fill in the most relevant details for your new store from the drop down menu:

If you are really new to this I want you to choose the following, from the dropdown menu you are presented with.

  • I’m not selling products yet
  • I’m still brainstorming ideas on what to sell
  • I’m just getting started

Then enter your address details, it's a good idea to use your home address, but you don't have to.

Once you have filled in your details as shown above, from the dropdown menu, click Next.

And that is as simple as it is to set up your first Shopify eCommerce store.
Next what we are going to do is get you set up with the General Settings of your store.

Adding Your Theme

Your Shopify theme makes your website look cool.

Shopify without a theme is very basic graphically, and a theme makes it look beautiful, and gives it a different layout and functionality.

There are both Free and Paid themes that you can choose, but for this lesson, I think it's best to keep costs low and start with a free theme...


Online Store ==> Themes

Simple easy designs for the slider, and not too expensive either.

What is the best Free Shopify Theme?

I will let you look around for what kind of design you want.

But, my advice, the Debut Theme works well (choice is up to your personal preference, I use this one)

what is the best shopify theme

And with some little bits of tweaking you can have it looking like the below example.

shopify theme debut setup

Whichever Free Theme for your new Shopify Store you choose, just click "Add to theme library"...

And then you can start editing it to make it look nice.

what is the best shopify ecom theme

Click the Customize Theme button and lets get started.

shopify theme customize

Just a quick note.

If you do have to change your theme to at any stage in your Shopify business you will need to upload all your photos, descriptions, logo, etc.

There are two designs for the Debut theme:

  • Default and Light.

Both allow you to have a large slider option that covers the width of an internet browsing window, which is cool.

So, in the video below I show you how to do it, step by step.

You will need to add your own elements and spend a bit more time than I am doing, but once you get it right, you will be so happy with yourself.

There are many different sections that need to be completed when setting up the appearance of your site, but we will take it one step at a time, starting with a quick overview, and then going in and adding the products later.

If you are unsure of what pages to add to your store follow the tutorial on this page which is all about adding pages to your Shopify eCommerce Store.

So let's get onto the next section, which is adding your Shopify App to your store... 

Shopify Apps (You Really Need These & They're FREE)

Ok, we are getting there, I’m excited…

Now I want you to start adding Apps to your store, these also include Google Chrome Extensions:

We don't use too many apps because Shopify has a lot of things integrated into it.

The first Apps you are going to add to your store are the ones that are going to help you add products to your store with ease.

You need an App Called Oberlo, which has both a Shopify Oberlo App and Chrome Extension.

It is recommended that you are using Google Chrome when running your Shopify Business.

adding shopify apps

Just go to Apps in the side left hand menu. You will then see the Oberlo - Dropshipping App.

Simply click on that and we can install it on your store.

Oberlo is an app that will allow you to important products from Aliexpress (Your product provider) onto your store for free.

But we must set it up first.

adding oberlo to your store

You will be redirected to the Shopify App Store where you can simply Click - Add App to get the process started.

oberlo dropshipping singapore

Then click Install App and you will be brought to the Oberlo Dashboard.

oberlo integration

Now you have Oberlo installed you can look for products to sell on here.

So once you know your niche, it's time to go search for products.

PS: Your niche is that market, industry or hobby you love, it's that simple, and you will find it much easier to sell to people when you love the niche you are in.

Simply go to your dashboard inside your Shopify store:


This will bring you to this page where you search for your product.

Oberlo product dashboard

You can browse categories of products, or search using the search bar, super simple to do...

And once you have chosen the product that you love, getting it onto your website is a breeze.

product import oberlo


import to store

Then click IMPORT TO STORE... and that is as simple as getting your product onto your store ready to sell.

editing product onstore

And that's it... your first store, up and ready to sell, and start making a killing online.

The next things you are going to want to look at is getting some serious visitors into your store to make sales on autopilot. traffic is key to long term success of your ecom store.

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