WooCommerce Tutorial for Beginners – Easiest Way for ASEAN Users!


Are you striving to build an amazing store on WooCommerce in one of the Southeastern Asia countries like Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Timor Leste, Singapore, etc? Yes, you’re! That’s why I have made an easy WooCommerce tutorial for beginners like you.

WooCommerce Tutorial for Beginners

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin, which is also classified as one of the best free plugins for eCommerce site-building in Southeast Asia.

Its non-coding features can help you turn a WordPress website into an online store within minutes. Most importantly, it can let you add new products in a couple of clicks. 

Whatever, here’s the easiest WooCommerce tutorial for beginners like you. 

Let’s Start Our WooCommerce Tutorial with Some Facts!

WooCommerce is one of the most used WordPress plugins for e-marketing in Asia. The plugin was founded in 2011 and now it holds 40% of the online market share.

It has turned 3 million WordPress websites into an online store. In other words, 3 million merchants are using WooCommerce because it’s easy, flexible, non-technical, and cost-effective. 

WooCommerce is Currently Active on More Than 3 Million Websites

What Do We Need to Make A WooCommerce Store in Asia Continent? 

Although the plugin is free to use in Southeast Aisa cities, you need to build a WordPress website first. And to make a WordPress website, you need to pay for a domain name and WordPress hosting. 

Along with web hosting, you need an SSL certificate. If you use Bluehost, you will get a domain, web hosting, and SSL certificate for $3.95/month. 

In my opinion, Bluehost is one of the best and well-known web hosting across the globe as well as SE Asia. From performance to support – they’re great in almost every aspect. 

Wait a minute! Do you know how to make a WordPress website in Asia? If you know, you can skip to the WooCommerce installation section. If you don’t, let me tell you an easy way to set up a WordPress website. 

WooCommerce Tutorial on Building A WordPress Website with Bluehost 

Don’t worry, site building doesn’t include coding. You can build it up even if you’re non-technical. Just follow up with me. 

Choose the Best ASEAN Web Hosting Plan for WooCommerce 

Bluehost web hosting plans for WooCommerce

Choose the $3.95/month plan. If you prefer something more powerful, you can go with more advanced plans. 

Choose A Domain Name for Your Online Business 

Choose a domain name for WooCommerce

Let’s see whether there’s a domain name for the company you have established or not. Type your company’s name there and select .com extension. 

If you get lucky, you may get it. If someone else has taken the domain name of your company, you can contact the owner to buy it from him. However, the budget may increase. They may even ask $500 for a domain name. 

In case, if the same happens to you, you can either buy it or try any alternative around it.

Make sure to make it memorable and simple. Just avoid hyphens, numbers, and special characters. 

Now fill in all the basic details correctly. 

Signing up on bluehost for wordpress and woocommerce

Select extras if you want. As a matter of fact, there’s no harm in neglecting these extra services. However, if you get them, you can leverage extra features to have a more secure ASEAN business. It’s up to you! 

Are Bluehost Extra packages good?

Enter your credit card details for the transaction. 

How to buy a web hosting on Bluehost?

Create a strong password. 

How to register on Bluehost in ASEAN

View the credentials and change them so that you can login to your WordPress panel easily. 

How to Change Bluehost Credentials

To access your website, you need to put the following url on your browser: www.yourblogname.com/wp-admin

How to login to a WordPress website for Woocommerce

Enter your credentials and click on “log in.”

Finally, Here’s A WooCommerce Tutorial, Which Can Help You Do the Right Branding in Asia

To install WooCommerce, you need to visit the plugins section of your WordPress panel. From there, you need to search “WooCommerce.” 

WooCommerce tutorial for plugin installation

The WooCommerce plugin will popup right on top. Hit on the “install now” button and you’re good to go. 

WooCommerce tutorial for activation

When installation will be done, you need to click on “activate.” Once the installation gets done, the WooCommerce setup wizard will pop up on the screen. 

Fill in all the basic details of your store. 

Sign up Woocommerce tutorial for beginners

Have you filled it all? Great! move forward and select the preferred payment method. Currently, Stripe and PayPal are the default payment gateways on WooCommerce in South East Asia. 

WooCommerce tutorial on Choosing Payment Gateways

Later, you need to enter the shipping cost. From my perspective, you shouldn’t charge any shipping cost. Instead, you should raise the price of your products.

How to Change Shippping Price on WooCommerce

Psychologically, customers don’t feel great about paying shipping costs, even when the product’s price is higher than any other competitor. 

Is WooCommerce recommended service good?

Now, you will be asked to take the recommended services and the Jetpack plugin. Skip them for now because you have just started out. When you really need them, you can install them. 

WooCommerce Tutorial for Theme Selection – Level Up Your Advertising and Marketing in Asia

When it comes to choosing a WooCommerce theme for branding in Asia, you need to consider a few things. If you take WooCommerce themes for granted, you will regret later because it can decide the conversion ratio of your ASEAN store. 

No, I am not joking! Ask yourself, have you ever felt fishy on any Southeast Asia website? I am sure you must have left without buying a single thing. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind before choosing a WooCommerce theme. 

Simplicity is the Key to Grow an Online Store in S.E Asia

A light theme will load faster even on low-speed internet connections, which will indirectly make the customers happy.

More importantly, if you’re marketing in countries like Timor Leste, Laos, or Cambodia – you need a light theme. As I have already told in my other posts, internet connectivity is not good in these Southeast Asian nations.

Who doesn’t like speed? After all, human beings are making things faster every day.

In addition to this, Google will love your store and give it a chance to rank on top. 

WooCommerce Has More Than 29% Market Distribution

Make Your Online Store Easy to Navigate to Fit Right in the Southeast Asia eCommerce Market

I always recommend people to get an easily navigable theme for their website or store. 

If customers can’t get what they want, why would they stay in your store?

You can’t always be there to complete their wish.

Therefore, we can say that an easy to navigate store can increase the conversion rate of your store in SEA. Customers will get what they want without confusion. 

Most Important Part of Our WooCommerce Tutorial: Make Your South East Asia WooCommerce Store Mobile Friendly 

There are 3.5 billion smartphone users across the globe. In fact, most users buy products on mobile. 

“”If you don’t know how to make an online store mobile-friendly in 2020, you won’t be able to get success in the Southeast Asia digital marketing competition.””

I know that’s a bold statement and I really meant it. 

Take A Look At Developer’s Support Policy 

What would you do if Google releases a new update in Southeast Asia Cities? You’re not a developer, right? That’s why, whenever you buy a WooCommerce theme, you should aim for at least 1 year’s support.

Otherwise, you will have to hire a developer to fix any bug or update compatibility. 

Easy WooCommerce Tutorial for Adding New Products on Your Southeast Asia eCommerce Store

Many merchants install WooCommerce plugin so that they can manage the store easily. Are you one of them? 

Anyway, here’s an easy way to add products in the WooCommerce plugin. 

WooCommerce Tutorial on adding new products

On the left side of your WordPress panel, you will see the WooCommerce plugin. Just right below it, there’s an “Add New” option. Click on it and a page will appear. 

How to add and publish new products in WooCommerce

Put the right title, description, category, price, and publish it. Voila! You have successfully added your first WooCommerce plugin. 

Some Useful Addons for WooCommerce That Can Make You A Valuable Part of Asia eCommerce Growth

With addons and extensions, features of WooCommerce increase to a great extent. Do you want to know about my best WooCommerce addons? Alright! Here are my top three. 

GetResponse Can Fulfill Your Asian e-Marketing Needs

Get response will create awesome opt-in contact forms, surveys, email marketing campaigns, and other various marketing operations.

Is Getresponse good for email marketing?

If you’re a new Getresponse user, you can get free 30 days trial without credit card. After that, you need to spend at least $15 per month, which is a true value to your money.

BeaverBuilder for Easy Southeast Asia Website Building

Is Beaverbuilder good for site building?

BeaverBuilder is an amazing tool for page building. Its drag & drop feature can let you create stunning landing pages in less than an hour. 

MonsterInsights Can Give You Insights of Other Asia eCommerce Companies

Is MonsterInsights good for WooCommerce analysis?

As the name suggests, MonsterInsights makes it easy for you to keep track of top products, traffic, conversion, and landing pages. 

It can bring almost every movement of your customers. 

WooCommerce Tutorial for the Promotion and e-Marketing in Asia!

Learn SEO So That You Can Get Traffic for Your ASEAN Business 

SEO is the best way to promote a WooCommerce store because it can bring hungry customers. 

Do you remember the last time you searched for a product online? What did you do eventually? Most probably, you have bought what you have wanted, right? 

It’s time to change sides. Be the seller this time! If you want to get hungry customers, it’s crucial to rank on top of Google SERP. 

In Digital Marketing – No. of Visitors = No. of Opportunities

Enable Live Chat Feature on WooCommerce to Make Great Southeast Asia Empires

Customers are less likely to visit the Frequently Asked Questions section. In that case, you can place a live chat feature there. 

If possible, assign someone to handle customers. If not, you can use ChatBot plugin. 

Build An Email List for e-Marketing in Asia

An email list is as important as bringing new customers. With an email list, you can sell people on a regular basis. 

In the Southeast Asia digital marketing world, we often say, if you don’t make an email list, you’re leaving money on the table. By the way, I already told you about Getresponse, it will be your hand for it.

Utilize Abandoned Carts for Asia eCommerce Growth

Abandoned carts can bring potential customers for you. If someone has added something to the cart, it means they wanted to buy it but they didn’t because something turned them off. 

To get a sale, you can show them a better offer. 

Now the question is – how would you reach out to them? 

You can contact them via email, push notification, overlay ad, or even text. 

Here’s A Little Summarization of Our WooCommerce Tutorial: 

  1. Get a good web hosting and domain name. 
  2. Install WordPress on Bluehost. 
  3. Install WooCommerce plugin in WordPress. 
  4. Choose the right theme for your online store. 
  5. Add products in WooCommerce.
  6. Get the most important addons and extensions. 
  7. Is everything done? Alright! You’re ready to promote your first online business.

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