Why is VPS So Expensive? – Let Me Reveal the Truth!

Why is VPS so expensive? Hmm… There’s a strong reason behind it. As you know, everything happens for a reason.

Why is VPS So Expensive

In this case, there is not a single reason. In fact, there are multiple factors that may prove VPS as a deserving commodity for your money.

Before we move forward, I would like to tell you that VPS in Singapore is way more advanced than shared hosting. And that’s a major reason for its expensiveness.

Now that you got the short answer, if you want to explore more about why is VPS so expensive, you may keep reading!

What Can You Do on VPS?

As I said, a VPS is way more advanced. If you’re paying more, you’re getting more. In my opinion, here’s what we can expect from a VPS hosting.

Get a High-Speed Server for Your Business

In VPS hosting, there are fewer users on the same server as there’s a limit and partition.

I’ve heard a guy saying that it’s pretty much like living in a condo.

In that case, no matter how much traffic you get, your site would never lag because it’s not getting shared among too many users.

Scale As Much As You Desire

If you’re a small business owner, having a burning desire for expansion is a must. If not, then it’s alright. But yes, if you have, then you should opt for a Singapore VPS hosting because it’s so easy to expand on it.

No matter how much traffic your website would get, you can simply scale up without seeing an interruption in the functioning of your website.

You Can Gain Full Root Access to Have More Control

In a shared hosting plan, you can’t get full root access, which is terrible and may put limitations on what you do.

If you have full root access, you can use scripts and play around a lot of stuff that you can’t even think of.

So basically, you can tweak the environment as per your needs.

Fix Your Hosting Problems Faster Than Ever

Whether you believe it or not, web hosting companies are more inclined towards VPS users. If you ever face a problem, they would leave the shared hosting user, and fix your issue first.

Although it’s not about what you can do, it’s still great that you can get your problem fixed within minutes.

Is VPS Shared Hosting?

No way on earth! A VPS hosting can’t be shared hosting. In shared hosting, your server gets shared with so many other sites. Do you know what else the difference between a VPS and Shared hosting is?

Alright, here you go!

Shared HostingVPS Hosting
You have to share your server with so many users, which may cause issues in your careerIt’s also shared but users would be less as compared to Shared hosting
You get less resources and the performance of your website gets affected by other websitesYou gore more resources and performance of other websites won’t affect your website’s performance much as there is already a lot of space
A common server can’t guarantee 100% security (Noisy neighbour problems)Minimum no. of users prone to pose less threat to the whole server

Is VPS Worthy of My Money?

If that’s what you’ve been thinking, I must say that a VPS server is worthy of your money because it costs less than a dedicated server. After shared hosting, you would need something to upgrade for expansion.

If VPS wouldn’t exist, you will have to jump over to dedicated, which is not as economical as a VPS server. Don’t compare the price of a VPS server with shared hosting, compare it with dedicated hosting and you will see all the difference. 

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