5 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Small Business in Asia

Most people take the question: why blogging is important for small business in Asia for granted! 

5 reasons why blogging is important for small business in asia 2020

Have you ever wondered what a small “blog” section can do on your website? Probably, you’re curious about it a little. 

Let me tell you one thing! If you’re picturing it out as an opportunity, I must say – you’re a 100% right. Here’s why! 

1. Get More Visitors from Search Engine

That’s Why Blogging is Important for Small Business in Asia.

The most important purpose of a blog for business is delivering traffic. 

A perfect SEO strategy and considering blogging as a business can bring consistent daily visitors to your Southeast Asia website. 

To be honest, SEO is just another skill. If you have a blog, you either need to master it or get an expert. 

If you want to do SEO on your own, I would recommend getting a mentor. A mentor can look at your tiny mistakes and improve them.

When it Comes to SEO, Tiny Mistakes Make Huge Differences!

2. Blogs Promote Readership and Connectivity 

A team of excellent writers can bring loyal readership, which is one of the biggest advantages of blogging on website. Also, such activity can let you know why blogging is important for small business in Asia. Haha!

Just imagine! What if people start searching your brand name on Google just because they want to read blogs? 

Yes, that would bring more business for sure. 

Besides it, people can connect to your brand on a deeper level. They can get what you do and how you do. Therefore, the chances of getting potential leads are high. 

According to Demand Metric, Businesses With A Blog Section Results in Making 67% More Leads Than Those Who Don’t

3. Blogging Helps Share Your Brand Name 

Have you ever shared something? If yes, may I ask you why? 


If people can connect, learn, and feel because of your content, they will themselves share it on social media. And that’s where the magic will take place. You will get more genuinely interested visitors.

This is blogging gold and probably the #1 reason why blogging is important for small business in Asia.

Search Engine Generates Genuine Visitors, and Genuine Visitors Always Bring Genuine Visitors

4. Blogging Gets Business Targeted Leads

Do you know the key difference between potential leads and targeted leads? 

Okay, a potential lead comes with uncertainty. When we target such a lead, we send our proposal thinking about the majority. 

On the other hand, a targeted lead is a sub-categorized one. When we send our proposal to a targeted lead, we know where to press. We know what is more relatable to our set.

Blogging Makes it Possible to Divide Leads and Target A Particular Set

Let’s suppose… A life coach blog pursues people to sign up for free spiritual class. 

Although life coaching consists of many topics like procrastination, physical health, productivity, etc., we can break down our audience and become highly relatable to make more sales.

5. Blogging in Asia Can Help You Earn A Good Brand Name

Many B2B websites in Asia leverage blogging so that they can make a name and position themselves in the market. 

If customers can discover your brand name regularly from the search engine, they will retain and remember it. More importantly, they will start viewing your brand as a powerful entity. 

According to Content Plus, 60% of Customers Feel Engaged With A Brand After Reading Content On Their Blog

How Can You Setup Blog for Small Business in Asia? 

If you already have a website, you can check whether your WordPress theme has a blog option or not. If you want to setup a new website for small business in Asia, you should pick such a theme that comes with a blog section. 

And by the way, I’ve written a detailed tutorial on how to start a blog in Asia which you can access here, it’s very straightforward.

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