What Is Clickfunnels? Is It Right For Your Business?

What is ClickFunnels and Can it help you build a strong online business? And most importantly, you probably want to know how to use Clickfunnels for your business.

what is ClickFunnels and how to use it
One of the easiest ways to get your business online

Although this is written in Asia, the same rules apply globally with Clickfunnels

Are you also wondering about these questions? When I first heard about it, I did the exact same thing. But believe me, getting here, and wanting to know what is Clickfunnels, is a great start, and knowing how to use ClickFunnels can take your website to the next level.

Anyway, before getting into what is ClickFunnels, you need to understand the concept of a sales funnel.

What is ClickFunnels?

Let’s See how it Can Give A Boost to Your Online or Offline Business!

ClickFunnels is nothing but a tool, which provides a structured way of turning cold customers into hot ones.  

Although there are many types of sales funnel, the simplest one is the “give and take“. If you want to get an email or phone number from your customer, you have to give them something for free.

ClickFunnels users have together generated 50,000,000 leads so far

Once you get a customers’ contact, you will be able to contact them wherever and whenever you want.

To be honest, I have seen many beginners from Thailand, Brunei, Timor Leste, Myanmar, and other ASEAN countries making this same mistake. They don’t care about email capturing at all.

In the Asia digital marketing world, if you don’t get emails from your customers, you leave money on the table. Email addresses are the basis of permission marketing.

button get clickfunnels from here 1

Why ClickFunnels is Important for Your Business

Even if your business is going well, adding a sales funnel and knowing how to use Clickfunnels can bring significant results. Knowing how to use ClickFunnels can take your business to the next level.  

Clickfunnels Helps Structure Customer Flow

Have you ever found yourself lost in the process? If that’s the case, ClickFunnels can help you keep things organized. As a matter of fact, you can help your prospects achieve their goals in a structured manner.  

More Than 150,000 People Are Regular Customers of ClickFunnels

Good Conversion Optimized Templates

Pre-made and tested templates are good enough to keep your prospects hooked. And as long as they don’t get bored, they don’t hesitate to take interest in what you’re showing. Hence, your conversion ratio eventually increases.

Turn Cold Leads into Buying Customers Easily

If you’re into marketing, you must be aware of the fact that it’s not an easy task to convert a cold lead. Especially, when we are talking about customers from countries like Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, and Laos.

When we make funnels, we understand what our prospects are thinking during their buying cycle, and in the end, it becomes easy to pitch them.

The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, knows how to Use ClickFunnels

Helps Build Your Business Brand

Whenever we try to sell something without understanding the prospect’s pain points, we end up losing credibility. They simply think – “this person can’t help me achieve my goals.”

Understanding what is Clickfunnels and how its funnels can help develop a strong relationship between you and your customers is really important.

You can always know what they’re up to and what they need. Once you pitch the right idea for the right problem, you gain trust.

What A Good Funnel Looks Like?

Although funnel making is easy, it can be challenging the more crazy you want to get. It’s good to start with a simple and effective one. In that case, you should take care of the following things:

What a good funnel looks like and what is ClickFunnels

Funnels Should Be Easily Navigable

So That You Can Make Your Marketing Campaign Asian Miracle

If your funnel is not easily navigable, customers will leave the page in the middle. Yes, conversions will be lost.

To stay away from such a mistake, you should make a good use of pre-made templates that Clickfunnels supplies.

Using Price Reduction Funnels

Price Reductions After Each Page Can Be A Good Southeast Asia Digital Advertising Tactic!

Believe it or not! Upsells drastically increase profit.

But, if those upsell seem pretty steep, you potentially lose credibility. Most importantly, you may lose the customer. Therefore, don’t forget to reduce the price after each successive page.

In The Conversion Optimization Category, ClickFunnels Ranked as the 5th Most Popular Software.

Target Pain Points of Your Customer to Get High Conversion

A little bit of research can help you find the pain points of your customers.

Let’s suppose, you have created 5 stages of a sales funnel. Somehow, a majority of customers left at the 3rd stage. What would you do? Of course, you will fix it. 

And understanding what is Clickfunnels and how to change those elements are super simple.

Make Sure Your Copy Is Error Free

If there are grammatical errors or unstructured sentences in your copy, no one is going to waste time reading it.

In addition, it can make your sales page look unprofessional as well.

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How To Use ClickFunnels for Free

It’s surprising to note that there’s a free 14-day trial by ClickFunnels. Here’s how you can setup ClickFunnels for free in S.E Asia.

Step 1: Visit clickfunnels.com and get your 14-day free trial right from the homepage.

What is ClickFunnels and how to set it up for free

Step 2: Once you click on the “14-day trial now” button, you will be redirected to the signup page. So, fill all the necessary information.

how to sign up on ClickFunnels for free

Step 3: Finally, you will see a great dashboard! It’s time to settle up things. Just click on “domains.”

Step by step process to sign up on Clickfunnels

Step 4: Click on “add new domain”

How to add a domain name to clickfunnels

Step 5: If you have a domain name, it’s great. If not, you can register a new one.

how to get a new domain name on clickfunnels

Step 6: Everything is done! Let’s create your first sales funnel.

how to create first sales funnel on clickfunnels

Step 7: There are around 22 funnel types. You can pick the most suitable type for your ASEAN business and go for a beautiful template.

best Clickfunnels templates

Step 8: After selecting your favorite template, click on “get funnel” and start editing your funnel using its drag and drop feature.

how to design Clickfunnels designs

How Much Does it Cost to Use Clickfunnels?

If you already know what is Clickfunnels then you will know that the price for someone new to selling online can be a tad expensive, but that’s because they might not know the full benefits…

How Much Does it Cost to Use Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels offers 3 alternative prices at the moment.

Standard ClickFunnel limits your features to 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors, 3 custom domains, and 100 pages, which is more than enough for a beginner.

Although the most basic plan of ClickFunnels seems a bit pricey, it can return $997 if you use it well.

Once you start gaining profit from and have learned how to use ClickFunnels you can go for the $297/month plan. And if we talk about the $1497/month plan, it’s mostly used by big enterprises.

Is Learning What Is Clickfunnels Worth it?

Is it Good choice for your website?

By learning what is ClickFunnels and how to use it, it has helped 114,527 entrepreneurs across the globe. Do you still think about its worth? Of course, it’s a great tool for your entrepreneurial success.

Is Clickfunnels worth it?

Users have processed up to $4.3 billion using ClickFunnels. Are you ready to add your revenue to that list?

You can get your 14 Day Clickfunnels Free Trial here.

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