What Can We Sell on Shopify in 2021?


A lot of people banked cash making awesome Shopify stores in Singapore 2021. Next year is coming up with an exciting turn. And many people like you are asking what can we sell on Shopify in 2022?

What Can We Sell on Shopify in 2021

So today, we’re gonna discover how wild the competition would be and what you can sell on Shopify in 2021.

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How Do I Find Profitable Products to Sell on Shopify in 2021?

As of now, there are many ways that can help you find profitable products to sell on Shopify in 2021. Let’s discuss each way one-by-one.

Make A List of Pain Points

Although it’s an old school method, it would work well even in 2021.

Before you put your palm on your laptop’s touchpad, take a notepad and jot down all the pain you can observe around you.

Next year, many people would be focusing on increasing their immunity to a great extent. But hey!  That’s not the limit. There are many things that people would be chasing in 2021.

Observe, think, listen, discuss, and do anything to get those pain points.

Watch Your Competitors and Get Ideas

Google is your best friend. Pick a niche that you admire the most and search products related to it on Google.

See if people are making money from those products or not. If they’re making, you can either outcompete or go parallel with your own creative idea.

Let’s say, someone is selling kitchen knives. In that case, you can go with something else related to the kitchen. It could be a serving tray, mixer, cups, plates, and anything you can think of.

Browse the Trending Section of All Online Marketplaces

The homepage of online marketplaces have so much to tell you.

As you know, there are many popular websites like:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Shopee
  • Lazada
  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress

The list is really long. I’ve just told you some, there are more to explore!

Once you head over to the homepage of these sites, you will see trending products.

Note down the products and seek ideas.

Can We Sell Other People’s Products on Shopify?

Of course, you can sell other people’s products on Shopify. There are no such policies that can stop you from selling other people’s products.

As a matter of fact, this thing is called Dropshipping.

Many Shopify e Commerce platform Singapore experts earn a triple profit on other people’s products.

The most important key ingredient of getting success in Dropshipping is research, management, and calculation.

If any of those things mess up, your Dropshipping career may end before the take-off.

What’s the Most Important Factor in Picking A Winning Shopify Product in 2021?

To pick a winning product, you need to focus on a lot of brainstorming.

You and I both know that it’s October. It means 2 more months are remaining for 2021.

Till then, I would recommend you to do intensive brainstorming.

Make a note either on your pc or outside it, and keep adding your ideas to it.

On 31st December of 2020, your guts and logic would itself call the name of your winning product.

Last Minute Tip for Picking A Shopify Product in 2021

After all, considering all the factors, please also see whether you’re passionate about it or not. When you have passion, you would automatically get knowledge about it.

More importantly, you will push yourself to the edge for results.

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