What Is CPanel- Is It Really The Best In Web Hosting?

Simply put, CPanel means control panel, and it is where you control all of the admin workings of your website hosting, plus many for your website domain name, but knowing alone what is CPanel in Web Hosting is not enough, you need to get to grips with it too.

what is cpanel in web hosting

Basically, it allows you to manage what happens on your Singapore shared hosting package, like:

  • Adding domain names to your hosting account from external domain registrars,
  • Setting up software scripts on your hosting easily,
  • Things like WordPress and Drupal – so easy in fact sometimes it’s as simple as a few clicks, which I’ll show you how in a moment…
  • Creating email addresses for your new website, like [email protected],
  • It allows you to manage files that are on your web hosting package,
  • And more technical stuff like – metrics, security and databases (it is best to keep away from these things if you are new)

How to Login to CPanel

There are multiple ways to sign in to your CPanel, the one I use is always via my website hosting company.

  • Login to your hosting, then click the button that says login to CPanel.
  • You click it and then you’re inside your CP.

It’s really a no-brainer but makes accessing your web hosting so much easier.

Another way that you can access your CPanel is by going to the following link:


So if it was your site it might be: https://www.singaporeeateries.com.sg:2083

Just place the :2083 in front of your domain name, then you will be brought to your login page, after that you enter your secure password and username and login, pretty simple too.

Best CPanel Host Options

When it comes to CPanel many of the web hosts that you will choose are pretty much the same, sure some might offer things that other hosting providers don’t but on average, most of them are the same.

When it comes to shared hosting cPanel’s my first choice is A2 Hosting, but it doesn’t give a free domain name with your purchase, while some do, you can check out our breakdown of the best ones for your business over at our reviews of web hosting Singapore.

A2 is a seriously good hosting company with data centers located in Singapore which is really good for local businesses.

The closer the data center is to your target market the quicker the data transfer which means the faster your site loads for potential customers.

Plus, they give you free SSL for your new business and a stack of WordPress-created plugins to help with your new website.

Next up would be Bluehost – this is an old boy in the hosting game and favored by many website owners, especially those starting out because it gives not only a free SSL but also a free domain name too.

And just like A2 Hosting, they offer free WordPress instant installs too.

How to Install WordPress on CPanel?

This is really easy, like really really easy, let me explain it in a few lines.

  1. Login to CPanel
  2. CTRL + F – then type WordPress
  3. Click the button and enter your domain name
  4. Save the passwords that are automatically generated and the login URLS
  5. Click Install.
    Yep, that’s how easy it is to set up WordPress when you have access to CPanel. So there you have it a brief overview of what is CPanel in web hosting and as you can tell it’s pretty sweet.
    Hope you enjoy

Is CPanel Free?

For you, the cost of CPanel is most likely free and included in the cost of your website hosting package. CPanel is actually a 3rd party application that most hosting providers purchase licenses for to use in their own hosting services.
As of 2019, CPanel raised the prices of their application so moving forward you might find that CPanel is not used as much on many hosting services.
Here’s how I see it, CPanel is super easy to use, and while it might eventually end up costing you a few dollars per month, I’d recommend getting it, because it is that user-friendly.

Is CPanel Private?

Yes, CPanel is Private. When you sign up for your hosting account with an example like A2 Hosting, they will send you login details to your hosting account but also your CPanel.
These login details will have a private password and login username that you will need to keep secure.
Write them down in a notebook or someplace secure so you can easily access them if you need to.
Or if you use something like RoboForm that can help you store your password in there.


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