How Does Shared Website Hosting Work

Thinking about getting your first website up online? Or maybe you are just interested in how your current shared website hosting actually works? Well, as a website owner it is a good idea to really how does web hosting works, as when issues happen, you need to know your best course of action.

how does shared hosting work

What Is Shared Hosting?

So first off, a hosting server is what sites are placed on so they are available to show to visitors on the internet. There are many different types of hosting servers, but the one we are talking about today is the shared hosting web server, which is used by most entrepreneurs and business people when they start out.

Being a shared hosting server means that it is shared with other website owners and has multiple websites running on this single same server. The number of websites that are on this hosting server can range from hundreds to even into thousands, which as you can imagine can get quite crowded, and crowded means fewer resources.

You see, on this shared hosting server all of the websites that are on it share the computing resources of that server, including the:

  • Space available,
  • Databases,
  • The RAM,
  • and the processing speed of data.

Which in the long run leads to slower websites and a bad experience for your customers.

Now seeing that it is on a shared host server – does not mean that your website is accessible by other users on the hosting server. Each shared hosting account on that server has what is called a partition on it, meaning that you are separated from the other clients, and you or they cannot access each other’s website files.

This means that you can operate your website without worry about others breaking into it from your hosting server.

If you are looking for your own server, without anyone else on it, that is called a dedicated server and one of the top hosting solutions for businesses online.

Dedicated hosting is when your business upscales massively, not for a starter WordPress site, and when you need resource-intensive web server software.

Shared hosting is perfect for beginners, and a wonderful way to get your first professional website up online. Let’s look at how shared web hosting in Singapore for your website works for you…

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

The whole package of shared hosting has to be taken into consideration when understanding how shared works, so to start with, the most important element will be the support you are given as a beginner user.

How Does Web Hosting Work With Customer Support?

If you find a hosting company that has bad reviews for their customer service, even if they are cheaper by a few dollars per month, it is simply not worth it to get a shared hosting plan with bad customer service.

Look for companies that get good star ratings for server management, and also look out for client testimonials, which show you the ratings of the hosting companies and how people are happy using them.

The reason I say this, shared services are primarily used by people starting out with hosting websites online. And having a seriously good person you can talk to about any issues you are having is so much better than stressing yourself over small issues.

The beauty of good customer service is this. Let’s imagine you start getting automatic emails from your hosting provider with strange code in them saying something is wrong with your website. The only thing you should need to do with good customer service is going to their live chat section, and ask the guru-type support what is going on.

They will go through all the details with you, and then give you instructions to sort it out. If you can’t or is an issue from their side, they will do it for you. All in all, customer support saves you hours if not days of worry that you have messed up your website and that you have lost all your work.

Vs, having the same thing happen, but no support or really bad customer service. You frantically search Google for the answer, going down a rabbit hole of information you know nothing about, pulling your hair out, and wasting hours of potential money-earning time.

How does web hosting work when it comes to the security of your website and online business?

Security Of Shared Hosting Packages

Any shared hosting provider should have good security measures in place from the start. The simplest one that your shared hosting should supply to you is called an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates provide encryption to keep your data and your customers safe, plus it is required by Google for your website. If you do not have it, Google will show a warning message to ANYONE who tries to access your website via their search engine, which is really bad. So make sure you have a free SSL with the shared web hosting package you get.

They should also offer things like DDoS, with is about protecting your website from the dread of hackers. Believe me, getting hacked is not fun and happened to a client’s website years ago, a very costly issue.

Added Credibility Of Your Own Website and Hosting

Have you ever purchased from a website run on a sub-domain or via a Facebook shop?

A subdomain would be something like this:

  •, or…

Most people prefer to see a real website, with a real domain, like this:

It adds to the credibility of the site and also the security your potential customer feels when giving you their card details, or even their email address.


One of the great things about shared hosting plans is that they are super affordable, meaning that for a few dollars per month you can get your own website up onto the internet and making sales.

If you are a fan of a Big Mac or a Zinger Tower Burger, just skip it once per month and you have your website hosting paid for. Or skip that extra shot of vanilla syrup in your Starbucks, having your first website online is far sweeter.

You can pick up hosting for as little as $1 per month, but it is better to splash out and pay about $4.99.

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