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Made in Singapore, By Singaporeans, For Singaporeans… Vodien VPS Hosting Singapore, the best local VPS hosting provider here in Singapore.

OK, that first line probably makes more sense if Vodien made more tangible physical products… but you get the point, Vodien is a Singaporean Hosting company, with data centers (two of them) as well as a dedicated local support team here in Singapore, and if you’re a Singaporean who wants to support a local VPS hosting company then Vodien is the hosting provider for you.

Vodien VPS Hosting Singapore - Review

But, it’s not just about supporting a local business… because Vodein offers a set of very competitive VPS hosting plans too. If you want something cheaper, check out our breakdown of Top 5 Cheap VPS Singapore Hosting Service Providers 2021.

Pre-Review Information For Vodien VPS Review

  1. Packages come in four plans, one “self-managed” and three managed. Built with high-performing servers (Dell Power edge with Intel Xeon), and excellent server environments (CentOS 7 Linux,) four operating system options, competitive storage, and RAM features as well as a dedicated engineer team.
  2. Being a smaller local company, Vodien VPS does not benefit from economies of scale (which other larger players in the category do) meaning Vodien has priced their plans at the premium end of the scale, with plans ranging from $55 (per month, for self-managed plans) to $305 (per month, for the fully managed mega-booster plan).
  3. Realistically, to afford these plans you will already have a successful web/eCommerce presence, with significant turnover… in that, your business can afford this overhead. But, if you’re looking at graduating up to VPS (from the limitations of shared hosting) your operation will be developed both in terms of traffic and transactions.

So the question for you will be, do you want the responsibility to look after your server’s optimizations and configurations, or do you want the team at Vodien to do it for you?

The answer to this comes down to two factors; Time & Resources…

Your Time and Resources

Do you individually have the time to look after a server or do you have a team to do it… if so you may not need the managed plans.

But, if you don’t have these Time & Resource options internally, you need to ask yourself… is learning about and looking after a server a good use of your time, or would that time be better suited looking after another area of the business.

If this is the case, then the managed plans are probably better for you.

As always, to help you in your VPS Hosting journey, we will do a thorough deep dive of Vodien VPS hosting, analyzing it through these five criteria:

eASEAN 5 Point Scoring Criteria For Vodien VPS

  • Performance: what servers / OS / Cores / SSD and RAM do they use. How good is its uptime, how fast is its load time?
  • Ease of Use: how easy is it to migrate / what panels does it use?
  • Security: what security measures and protocols do they deploy?
  • Customer Service: how is the support team accessed / what is their attitude like / are they locally based?
  • Price: what are it’s price ranges / what is the duration of their plans / do they have a money back guarantee?

And at the end of the article, we will choose our top pick for Vodien VPS hosting…

Vodien VPS Hosting eASEAN Scores

1. Performance

As we mentioned above at the start of the article, you wouldn’t just choose to go with Vodien because you want to support a local company, their plans need to offer a great service too. And the best place to start with is their performance. Vodien VPS PLans are all built on a strong server performance infrastructure… while not reaching the turbo speed of a provider like A2, Vodien VPS Hosting plans offer a good mid-range performance.



Vodien run their VPS Hosting on the awesome (and latest) Dell PowerEdge2 with Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3.


Plans start with 2 Cores moving all the way up to an unbelievable 12 Cores. The more cores you have the more processing power your VPS has. The more processing power you have the faster your server will perform tasks like loading applications (delivering a better experience for your site visitors)

Operating System

In terms of OS, you can go with the default CentOS7 or you can run it on Ubuntu, Debian, or Windows. You may have your preference already or the team at Vodien can help you choose the best OS for your requirements.


Vodien moved all VPS plans over to Solid State Drive Storage last year and all plans come with a respectable 50GB off SSD. SSD Storage means faster on-site performance than the older HDD storage which most hosting plans were built on.


Plans offer 2GB RAM up to an awesome 22GB RAM. As you know RAM looks after temporary data… the basic tasks a visitor will instigate on your site, so the more RAM the more tasks that can be performed. We always recommend at least 4GB RAM for a basic site, if you need 22GB RAM you’ll be running a near enterprise size site.

Features: nicely packed with essential features for businesses moving away from the limitations of shared hosting, which includes:

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited data
  • 1TB of transfers
  • Free SSL certificates
  • So much more.

Local servers

As mentioned previously, Vodien has two Singapore-based data centers, meaning the fastest possible delivery of all web hosting services for us Singaporean businesses.


Very importantly backing up the local data centers is Vodien’s content delivery network… CDN’s are a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and data servers. They provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to the end-user. Vodien has a globally distributed CDN so your overseas customers can access your website efficiently.


Vodien offers the industry-standard 99.9% uptime guarantee. And most months they hit that, some months have fallen below this threshold, so they’re not the best in the category in this area (BlueHost who hit an average of 99.98% uptime every month)

2. Ease of use:


For all new customers, Vodien offers a free migration service. They will move your hosting into the Vodien infrastructure seamlessly. Sit back and let the team look after the server set up optimization and configuration.


All three of the managed plans come with the universally popular (and world’s favorite) cPanel control panel with the WHM interface. So it’s really easy to use and master, and set up so you will get the most out of your VPS hosting plan.

3. Security:

Vodien conducts a thorough and complete set of security protocols, covering physical, network, server, and people security as well as redundancy and business continuity covers.

Physical security

24/7/365 video-monitored/controlled entrance data center security.

Network Security

to protect your site and data against sophisticated attacks, Vodien deploys control and audit, 128-256 bit SSL and Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS)

Server Security

includes virus scanning and hardened OS (hardened OS minimizes vulnerabilities.

People Security

to ensure maximum security Vodien deploys authorization (only certain people can enter server areas) restriction (only certain staff are given access to certain customer data) and auditing (of staff to ensure all protocols are being adhered to)

Redundancy & Business Continuity

includes continual data backups, internet redundancy (Vodien are connected to multiple Tier-1 ISPs, meaning they don’t depend on a single bandwidth provider) and all servers come with power redundancy.

They also offer additional fee-paying services for web & spam guards.

4. Customer Service:

We have always found the Vodien team here in Singapore to be super helpful. However, reading some of the customer reviews (from customers from other countries) there has been a lot of negative feedback (just so you’re aware) but we can only rate them on our experience of dealing with them.


24/7/365 support on phone, chat, and email.

So if you’re new to VPS and you need a nice friendly human voice to help you through your problems Vodien has a team ready to talk.


we’ve always enjoyed chatting with the team (but remember there has been some negative feedback about them) We found them friendly and supportive and always willing to help. They’re probably not as knowledgeable as some of the other players in the category.


Very importantly (as they are a local Singaporean Company) they have their support team based here in Singapore. We’ve always enjoyed this side of the business because we know we’re chatting with local Singaporeans, the team knows exactly where our offices are based and they know the issues of the day that businesses here in Singapore are going through.

Also, you can build up a relationship with the team and ask to talk to certain members if they’re working when you contact them… we like dealing with Jaselle.

customer testimonial for vodien vps sg

5. Price:

As mentioned at the start of the article, Vodien is not a large multinational like Hostgator or other players within the category (while it does still have a large customer base) it cannot offer discounted prices some of its competitors can (due to economies of scale). In some cases, Vodien plans can be twice as expensive as competitors with similar plans.


all plans are packed with a strong competitive range of features, so you are getting a quality package. The Unmanaged (or self-managed) plan is the entry-level plan starting at $55 and managed plans come in at $105, $205, and $305. So when you get up to their managed mega booster plan you will have a significant monthly overhead.


Plans come in monthly and yearly options, but they don’t offer a discount, so we would always advise going with a monthly planner as you can get out of the contract easily.

Money-Back Guarantee

Vodien offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is category standard. Some people have stated that the process can be a little drawn out as Vodien wants you to state (in an email) why you’re leaving them, which opens up a “save the customer” email thread. This is very different from the no-questions-asked approach adopted by other providers.

Our Picks

We’re going with the managed mini-booster plan. It’s got an exciting mix of features, with 10GB of SSD storage and 6 CPU Cores your sites will be on fire. It’s also worth noting that with each plan, they have given a recommended feature list, but if you want to add additional features or increase the performative power (like adding extra storage or cores or transfers) this can be done (for an additional cost of course).

eASEAN top pick for vps hosting in singapore


Vodien, Singapore’s Hosting Company, and our top choice for the best local provider. As we said Vodien is not just for those customers who want to support a local company, their VPS hosting plans are packed with a great collection of features, and very importantly they have data centers and customer support based here in Singapore. For a strong competitive local provider, Vodien should be your VPS Hosting choice.

Simon Tang

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