Start an Online Business in Myanmar – Here’s A Life-Changing Guide!

Are you trying to start an online business in ASEAN region of Myanmar? I must say – you have thought about it at the right time.

Only a few people are aware of the Myanmar’s e-business potential. 

why and how to start an online business in myanmar

In 2020, the average transaction value per user is $73.9 in the Southeast Asia digital marketing commerce segment. Do you have any idea how good this value is? 

Anyway, I am here to tell you the best way to start an online business in Myanmar. 

Let’s Have A Little Overview of Myanmar 

Myanmar is known as the golden land in Southeastern Asia because of its glittering temples.

Surprisingly, Myanmar’s internet sphere is not any less than a goldmine because it’s considered as one of the least developed Southeast Asian nations. 

Currently, the population of Myanmar is 5.4 crores. 

facts that can motivate you to start an online business in Myanmar in 2020

Now most of you may think that it’s not a good indicator. Well, the fact is – it’s a virtue for entrepreneurs like us. Didn’t you get it? Let me tell you! 

Why Should You Start an Online Business in Myanmar? 

If there’s some space in a box, it means you can add your stuff easily. If there’s no space, you have to think twice before putting something in it. 

average transaction value can make you start an online business in Myanmar

The same applies to Myanmar digital marketing sphere. Most ASEAN businesses are competing offline. No one is competing online. 

The total transactional value of Myanmar digital marketing commerce is $852.7 million. As a matter of fact, there are 22 million internet users in Myanmar. 

Why don’t you leverage these figures?

Best eCommerce Sites in Myanmar 

When I researched top eCommerce sites in Myanmar, I found that they’re not as good as I thought. 

Most importantly, if you observe the top sites in Myanmar among other Southeast Asia eCommerce marketing companies, you will see a huge difference in the quality. 

To be honest, I am not disrespecting anyone here. I’m just telling the truth. Believe me, I can help you make a much better website for your Myanmar online business. Till then, why don’t you read a little about your competitors? 


The company is known as a B2B marketplace in SE Asia. It was founded in 2016 by some passionate entrepreneurs like you.

It is a perfect ASEAN website for buyers as well as sellers. The working hours of the company is impressive because the marketplace operates 24 X 7.

Nowadays, it’s popular for construction material, office supplies, health equipment, and electronics. 


DreComeBeauty is specifically made for women. Once you visit the website, its pink theme will itself give you a feminine vibe. 

Although the company has an aim to make Myanmar more fashionable among all Asian e-marketing platforms, it doesn’t represent itself well. I spent 20 minutes to know when it started. And guess what? I couldn’t find it. 

In the end, I had to check when the domain was registered. Finally, it turned out that the website is just 3 years old. 

According to MM Times, most people in Myanmar Love to Buy Products on Facebook


Spree offers almost 30 product categories in contributing a lot for ASEAN expansion. But still, it seems that most Spree products are made for women and kids. 

Whatever, we can’t deny the fact that Spree has an impressive user experience. 

The company is based in Yangon. However, it has offices in Thailand and Singapore.

Shop is one of the oldest and smartest online store in the Southeast Asia eCommerce market.

It’s a multinational company, which operates in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan since 2014. 

Almost 30,000 Sellers from South Asia Have Their Products on Shop. If We Talk About Buyers, There Are 5 Million Consumers. 

Just like Amazon, Shop offers products in almost every category. 

How Much Money is Needed to Start An Online Business in Myanmar

Literally, some people don’t start an online business because they think that it belongs to rich people. The truth is – everyone can do it. 

There’s not much finance required to start an online business in Myanmar.

Here’s what you need. 

Web Hosting + Domain $2.99 + $14.95 (per year) 
SaaS eCommerce Platform (Shopify is best)$5 – $3,000 (optional)
A Logo $5 or Even for Free 
TimeIt Depends on Your Talent and Skills

Can you see how affordable it is to start an online business in Myanmar? You can start an online business in Myanmar for just $17.94.

4 Best Ideas to Start an Online Business in Myanmar 

Although investment is necessary to make an online business successful in the ASEAN economy, big businesses become big because of smart ideas. 

If you want to start a successful business in Myanmar, you should research the trends. As far as I can see, here’s what’s going well these days. 

Sell on Any eCommerce Marketplace 

Most eCommerce marketplaces allow you to sell products. If you don’t have a $17.94 to get a web hosting and domain name, you can start on those eCommerce sites, which I have shown you earlier. 

You can simply sign up as a seller and upload your product pics there. As soon as you get the order, a courier guy will knock at your door to pick the product. 

The downside of doing such a business is branding. You can’t represent your business there.

For example, if someone is buying your products via Spree, he won’t remember your company’s name. All he will remember is Spree! 

Additionally, you will have to pay a fee on every sale. 

“In Investing, What is Comfortable is Rarely Profitable.” – Robert Arnott

Start Your Own Southeast Asia eCommerce Store 

If you don’t want to pay fees and earn a brand name, you should make an eCommerce store.

When you build an eCommerce store of your own, you get in the competition. You attain the power to change the era of your surroundings.

From appearance to the functioning of the store – you can handle everything. No one will be there to question your work. You will be solely responsible.

Do you want to know how to make an eCommerce store in Myanmar? 

Alright! We will discuss it soon! 

Start a Blog and Sell Digital Goods 

Here comes the best way to make money online in Myanmar. A digital goods business is best because you can produce as many units as you want. (without any cost) 

If you’re a singer, you can create a blog around the singing niche and sell your video tutorials or ebooks. Of course, it’s possible!

Being a digital marketer, I am doing the same. I’m sharing my knowledge and experience.

You can do the same!

top blogs on eCommerce asean

Most people are not earning by selling their digital goods because they don’t have enough self-belief.

Have you ever heard about the Pareto Principle? 

“80% of the results are derived by 20% effort” – Vilfredo Pareto

The same is happening with bloggers because 20% of them are claiming the 80% industry. 

If you don’t have knowledge about anything, you can still do the same with affiliate marketing.

You can pick the product from elsewhere and earn a commission for selling it. Some affiliate programs in Asia can even give you an 80% commission as wells. 

Why Don’t You Start a Freelance Business in Myanmar? 

The beauty of freelancing is – you can start it without investment. But to keep it well, you need admiring skills. Otherwise, no one ASEAN members would be happy to hire you.

I have heard many stories in my career. Many broke entrepreneurs started their journey with freelancing. They earned a little money from it, leveraged it, and eventually became a part of ASEAN economic growth.

If you’re going through the same phase, I would recommend freelancing for you. 

How to Actually Start an Online Business in Myanmar? – Okay, Let’s Get Practical 

You must have understood that there are two types of businesses on the internet: Digital and physical.

They both require a different strategy. To clear the clutter, let me tell you both ways.

How to Sell Physical Products Online in Myanmar 

There are 2 ways to make an online store in South East Asia. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong about these two. You can begin with any of these. The difference only lies in price and scalability. 

Start A WordPress Website with WooCommerce in SEA

WordPress and WooCommerce can let you build an online store at an affordable price. If you’re on a low budget, you should ditch Shopify. As you know, Shopify’s advance plans are expensive. But remember! Shopify is better than WooCommerce.

To build a WordPress website, you need a good domain name and hosting. 

A2 Hosting is offering excellent web hosting services in Myanmar. As a matter of fact, I am using the same web host.

Here’s how you can host a WordPress website on A2 Hosting. 

  1. First of all, choose a suitable ASEAN web hosting plan. In the beginning, you may pick the $2.99 plan.
A2 Hosting price in Myanmar
A2 Hosting review
  1. Think about the domain name of your website. It should be catchy and memorable. And yes, avoid special characters.
how to choose a domain name on A2 hosting
  1. Select the .com extension and click on the green button to move forward. 
the right way to pick a domain name for an asean website
  1. Checkout to complete the transaction. 
Is A2 Hosting Good in Myanmar?
  1. Fill all the necessary information. 
A2 Hosting registration in Myanmar
  1. The site will redirect to the dashboard. Hit the “cPanel login” button and complete the installation by clicking on “WordPress A2 Optimized.”
A2 Hosting 1 Click WordPress Installation
  1. Install A2 Hosting on Quick Install mode.  
How to Install A2 Hosting on WordPress in Myanmar
  1. Create a strong username and password, which can help you login to Southeast Asia website. 
How to Create a username and password on A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting review
  1. Congrats! You have successfully installed your web hosting. Now you can log in by putting the URL of your website like this: 
How to log in to WordPress website in Myanmar
  1. In the appearance section, you will find “themes.” Go ahead and customize the website the best you can. It’s easy! No coding is needed! 
How to Change Theme of a WordPress website in Myanmar
  1. To convert your WordPress website into an online store for branding in Asia, you need WooCommerce, which is absolutely free. 
How to Install WooCommerce on WordPress

Once you search WooCommerce in the plugins section of your WordPress panel, you will be able to find it. You can install it in one click. No issue! 

Wait a minute! Do you know how to use WooCommerce? Here’s an amazing tutorial for you. 

Make A Store on Shopify Myanmar

Shopify is an advanced way to start an online business in Myanmar as well as across the globe. It operates in more than 170 countries. Along with this, 600K merchants are on Shopify. 

Although Shopify is a bit more expensive than WooCommerce, it offers you more features and scalability. 

As compared to WordPress, the process of making a Shopify store is different. In that case, you can read our free Shopify tutorial from here

Shopify review

How to Sell Digital Products in Myanmar 

Digital Product selling is as easy as selling physical products. There’s not much difference between the two. 

By the way, all the below-mentioned methods won’t only help you sell your own digital goods, you can also sell affiliate products. 

Start A Blog in Myanmar 

You can easily start a blog in Myanmar because you have already learned it. In order to make a blog in Myanmar, you need to set up a WordPress website. After that, you can pick a theme that can convert your website into a blog. 

An average Blogger Can Earn $100-$10,000 per month.

Now listen! Most beginners start a blog without proper SEO optimization. As a result, they don’t get any visitors, which ultimately results in failure. Probably, this is the reason why most first blogs don’t get success. 

Now the question is – how would you do SEO optimization? 

In the Asian e-marketing world, phrases and words are called keywords. To rank on top, you need such a keyword finder, which can tell you about the competition. 

From my perspective, Semrush is the best among all keyword tools. It has 19.8 billion keywords and 5 million users. Don’t you think there’s a reason for such huge numbers? 

Why keyword research is important to kick start an online business in Myanmar?
How to use Semrush as a beginner

Once you click on the “keyword magic tool,” a list of keywords will be displayed. Yes, real users are searching for those keywords on Google. 

I usually note down low KD% keywords so that I can stuff them later in my blog posts.  

To get the most out of your keywords, you should use Yoast SEO. 

Is it a Good to Start an Online Business in Myanmar with Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO catches your mistakes like a mentor. Do you want a Yoast tutorial? Read it here

Make A YouTube Channel in South East Asia

YouTube is the 2nd most searched engine in the world. Why won’t it bring sales?

Just like blogging, YouTube also needs proper SEO optimization. Being a beginner, it’s enough to upload quality videos because audience retention matters a lot.

If your YouTube video has a good audience retention, your video will get viral.

Go for Myanmar Instagram Marketing

Most people take Instagram for granted. Some even believe that the Instagram hashtag strategy is dead. Beware! Don’t be a part of this group 😉

Instagram hashtag strategy is still working well. If you want to get business out of it, you need to pitch prospects on a regular basis. More importantly, you need to be specific about your goals. 

How to Start an Online Business in myanmar using Instagram

Can you see views in the above image? Those people can convert into customers.

If you post consistently for 6-12 months, you will get loyal fans. Just don’t forget to put niche-specific hashtags in every post 🙂 

Are You Ready to Start an Online Business in Myanmar? Here’s A Little Summarization That Can Keep Your Journey Clutter-Free! 

  1. Watch and learn from top Myanmar online businesses
  1. Choose an Idea to Start Your Next Online Business in Myanmar 
  1. Do the research 
  1. Make a website, blog, YouTube Channel, Instagram page or Shopify store. Have a USP (unique selling point) for your business. 
  1. Voila! You have just opened your first online shop. 

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