Shopify Research For Southeast Asia eCommerce

Now, this is quite a big section, so take your time, and understand that Shopify Research For Southeast Asian eCommerce will take time and effort.

Southeast Asia eCommerce Market Statistics

So first off, what is Shopify?

Shopify is almost like the e-commerce version of WordPress and is the best eCommerce platform to get started, especially in the ASEAN region and what is happening with the ASEAN digital integration initiative.

Shopify and WordPress

It has loads of marketing apps that can help you, that can be integrated into your store, and it’s going to save you so much time on marketing responsibilities…

Shopify App Marketplace Store

The great thing about Shopify is that you can pretty much sell anything, be it a physical product, or a digital product…

Or even where you act as a middleman, and this is called Dropshipping.

shopify Dropshipping business model

So what I want you to do now is to have a look at other stores that are actually on the Shopify platform.

Finding eCommerce Stores On Google

So, we’re going to go to Google and look for eCommerce stores by doing a simple search – I’m going to type in “

This will give us an idea of the amount of Shopify stores that there are, but also the kind of products that people are selling…

So, we are in

Shopify Research For Southeast Asia

I like using to research, but no matter where you are in the ASEAN region, or whichever country you are in, just use your normal…

So what I want you to do is to type in “” and click search.

Okay, so what this will tell us is the number of Shopify pages 14 million searches or sites associated with

shopify stores online

The thing with Shopify is if there is a niche market already that you can sell to, well then you create a store to fit that…

I’m trying to give you an idea of Niches, no matter what you search for on Google…

Shopify Research Helps Find Interesting Niches

Even go for something like Russian dolls!

google niche research shopify

There are actual shelves for Russian Dolls being sold in the shops…

Shopify Niche Research

Russian dolls from the Royal Hospital Chelsea, so wow, it’s obviously based in London so we will add it to cart, and let’s go and check our cart now…

They are charging very little for this, and because we will be getting those products from the likes of AliExpress and we will be Drop Shipping them…

dropshipping aliexpress

Acting almost like a middleman where we never touch the products,

But we create the store, we find the market and we get the products delivered to them.

If you do your initial Shopify Research, when you get to Aliexpress your work will be so much easier, and you will have direction picking the best products.

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