Our SEO Service In Cambodia – 7 Steps To More Sales!

If you are looking for information on how to choose the best SEO service in Cambodia, then this is the information you need to know.

While we offer the service here and hope that you choose us for your SEO needs, I want to first give you the knowledge you need to be able to decide who is the right Cambodian SEO Service for your business.

looking for the best seo service in Cambodia

With this knowledge, you will be able to ask the right questions and know what type of answers to get also.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies that say they good SEO, but then do a lot of things that actually hurt your website, instead of help it.

Why Do You Need A Good Quality SEO Service?

SEO for your Cambodian business contains the following:

  1. Doing a complete audit to see what needs to be done,
  2. Setting a step by step plan to complete it,
  3. Completing every single point on that plan.

That is the only way that you win with SEO in Cambodia, or anywhere for that matter.

If your SEO Service in Cambodia does not initially talk about these things, then you should immediately leave, you are wasting your time.

That is the only way that you beat your competition on the search engines in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, or in Southeast Asia.

If you do this, and follow the steps that are needed to make your online business presence a success…

What Businesses Can benefit From SEO?

  1. Small businesses and startups
  2. SaaS and online service companies.
  3. Niche companies.
  4. Locally exclusive companies.
  5. Medical professionals.
  6. Legal professionals.
  7. Maintenance professionals.
  8. Restaurants and bars.
  9. Competing Brands
  10. Schools

Every part of your business, both online and offline will benefit from finding a great SEO service in Cambodia.


Before you even think about getting a SEO company in Cambodia to work with you…

You, your business, and your team must understand that SEO is not a few tricks and tips…

What Proper SEO Can Achieve

Search Engine Optimization when done correctly by a proper SEO company, following the exact steps that need to be applied to your online business…

Will bring you in:

  • New traffic/Visitors, 
  • Leads, 
  • Clients, 
  • Increased Revenue, 
  • and Business Growth.

And hopefully many position #1 rankings. That all begins with understanding that your business or online presence needs.

Cambodian SEO company #1 ranking

Plan Your Online Business SEO

And the first step that any professional SEO service in Cambodia should do is the SEO Audit.

Step 1: SEO Audit

What we do:
There are 2 types of audits that we need to complete in order to ensure we get started correctly for your Khmer business.

Audit 1: The Technical Audit

This looks at how your website performs online, and looks at things like:

  • If your XML sitemaps exist,
  • If you have an SSL installed,
  • How fast your website is.

During the technical audit, our team of Cambodian SEO experts look at every single aspect of your website and how they affect your SEO performance on the search engines.

One of the most important things to look at is Site Speed. Did you ever go onto a website and it takes too long to load?

Yep, you just leave it…
And have lost a potential customer.

Big and heavy elements, like videos on your homepage, can cause this. This can sometimes be caused by your web design in Cambodia not understanding how important SEO is.

And what do the search engines see?

People who are not interested in what it is you provide. And you get a thing called a “High Bounce Rate”.

Meaning people don’t believe your website is even relevant to them, based on the fact it doesn’t load quickly. (this is such an important factor… first impressions last).

NOTE: A good technical audit is not an overnight thing.

Depending on how many issues your website has, it could potentially take a few weeks to do a full in-depth audit.

After the technical audit is complete, we have to complete a proper SERP Content Audit.

Audit 2: Conducting a Content Audit

Again, depending on how large your website is, this can take quite a while.
The main thing a good SEO Service in Cambdoia should be looking for is…

How good your content is, and can we…

  • Delete it (if it is bad for your site)
  • Rewrite it (if it has potential)
  • Or repurpose it (if it’s good but not converting)

Our word:

When your SEO service in Cambodia goes through both of these processes, the technical audit and the content audit is going to give your Cambodian business the map you need to follow to rank well in the search engines.

It is about creating a great foundation for your website, to start growing it in the best possible way, and outrank your competition locally in Phnom Penh, nationally in Cambodia, and regionally in Southeast Asia.

The next step we do for you is…

Step 2: Update Your Websites Technical SEO

What we do:
This section is the pure Technical side of SEO, and a must for any properly functioning website. The thing is, if you think your SEO Service in Cambodia has to just fix a few things and that is it…

You are wrong!

Everything must work in harmony together. Imagine your SEO like the foundations of a house.

You need:

  • The foundations,
  • Plumbing for your house,
  • The electrics,
  • Plus of course the walls and roof.

So everything is crucially important, and if your SEO Service doesn’t know this, thne they are not doing their job correctly.

We look at these technical website elements:

  • Index status.
  • Crawl budget.
  • Crawl errors.
  • Internal links.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Site/page speed.
  • Redirects.
  • Broken links.
  • HTTPS.
  • AMP.

Our word:

Getting these annoying tech fixes in place works wonders for your onsite conversions, your bottom line.

If your current SEO service in Cambodia does not do this, then you should find an SEO company that does.

After this section has been complete we then look at the keyword research side of your business…

Step 3: We complete Keyword Research

What we do:

If you don’t know what you want to rank for (show up in the Google SERPs), how can you rank for it?

You can’t.

Part of your SEO Service should include proper keyword research.

Keyword research is finding out exactly how your potential customers are searching for what it is that you are offering.

A good qualuty SEO service in Cambodia should listen to you, and research your customers and competition, and then see what the search engines are telling us they want to see.

If you look closely enough, Google tells you everything you need to get to the #1 spot.

Our word:

A good SEO service in Cambodia will find the keywords that for you as a company are the most valuable to your business.

Then they will use their SEO optimization skills to craft the perfectly targeted content that gets you in front of your customers…When they are searching for you.

It’s this simple.

If someone is looking for what you offer and they can’t find you:

Then they will buy from your competition.

Step 4: Make Sure You Are Location Optimized

What we do:

Are you a local business?

Are you based in Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap or Sihanoukville?

Do you offer your product or service at a specific locally throughout Cambodia…
If this is you, at a minimum…

You need to ensure that you get all your business information correct for the search engines to index.

NAP Credentials

That’s where we create your NAP(name/address/phone number) for your Cambodian business consistency.

Once you have your NAP in place, any good SEO service in Cambodia will then get You indexed in as many local directories relevant to what it is you offer.

Then claim your Google My Business listing and go through the process of GMB optimization.

You should also look at the best hosting in Cambodia or the ASEAN region that you should use.

PS: My favorite is called A2 Hosting. They have their servers located in Singapore and are super fast and cost as little as $2.99 per month.

Our word:

A good seo service in Cambodia will make your business search engine compliant. You will be rewarded because you are relevant. You will speak to your customers when they need you, 24 hours a day.

The better we create your local listings for you, the better you will rank, the more conversions you will make, no matter what your business is.

Step 5: Update Your Content Strategy

What we do:

Content is crucial to any digital marketing in Cambodia, and worth paying extra for.

If you pay $100 for a post and it brings in $1,500 then that expense is worth it! Don’t treat content as something a non-professional can create, this is where most businesses fall down.

The different types of content we create for you are:

  • Your Foundational Content
  • FAQ Content
  • Product/Service content.

Basically, all the content a good SEO service in Cambodia should create for You does this…

  1. Make your potential customers’ user experience brilliant! We do this by focusing on creating content Your customers want…
  2. Can read and consume easily…
  3. And bring them through the buying cycle in the best possible way.

Our word:

A good SEO Service in Cambodia will create perfectly optimized content with the intention of turning your visitors into customers.

They will do this by making each and every section of your content understandable, exciting, educational… And easy to show what you offer.

The payoff for our great content:
Increases leads and Increased Conversions.

Step 6: Creative Content Writing & Editing

What we do:

As an extension to working out what content your SEO service will need to create…

We work with you to find out who it is you target persona, who is your audience, what makes them tick…

We then, with the help of you create “buyer personas” (unless you have these already)…

Creating Your Buyer Persona

Who are your customers, where are they from? Are they Khmer, or maybe regional in the ASEAN?
Plus a whole lot more demographics and psychographic information.
And create all of your content to engage with these people…

And the best part is… Google absolutely loves when your business does this.

Plus it increases your conversion.

Our word:

Your Cambodian SEO Service should create content for your business that:

  • Demonstrates what it is you do in the best,
  • In the most authoritative way,
  • Helping to build trust and credibility for your brand,
  • And thoroughly edit and proofread your content multiple times to ensure everything ticks our extensive checklist of optimizations.

Without this, you potentially allow your better prepared Cambodian or International competitors to steal your customers.

Next we look at SEO ranking…

Step 7: Our Cambodian SEO Service Ranks Your Website

What we do:

Ok, so Google is a beast, and it’s hard to control what they will do with their system and algorithm.

But you can control or understand what they want, and give them the best of that.

That is about knowing how Google’s algorithm works…So when a good SEO service in Cambodia does their work they should take this all on board, but there are no guarantees.

Although here is how we look at it.

Be #1 at all of the things I mentioned above…

  • Know who your target audience is,
  • What content they are looking for,
  • And give it to them.

Make their journey through your website fun and enjoyable.

Sounds like we could do that?

Of course!

What You Need To Do Now

So, this is what we do for you, this is our SEO service in Cambodia.

The process that we follow to bring you to the top of the Cambodian search engines.

But it is a plan, and any SEO plan when conducted properly does take ongoing work to make this a success. Let’s make this plan…

And help you and your business achieve and smash their goals.

If this is what you are looking for, then get in touch now!

What are SEO services?

SEO Services in Cambodia is the focused strategy that is used to get a website to the top of the search results for a chosen keyword or keyword phrase.
The SEO service is the list of tasks that are carried out by the Search Engine Optimization company including:

1. Keyword research
2. Competitive analysis
3. Content creation
4. technical SEO
5. Offpage SEO

When you are looking for a good SEO service in Cambodia, make sure they have a properly laid out plan of attack they can show you for your business.

Does SEO work anymore?

Yes, SEO works extremely well, and always will as long as we have the ever-evolving search engines that we do SEO on.

51% Of website traffic comes from organic search results that are dependant on SEO.

40% of online revenue comes from organic search results also. So, does SEO work anymore? Yes, very much so, the statistics speak for themselves.

How do I know my SEO is working?

There are a few good ways to know if your SEO is working or not.
The first thing you need to do is:
1. Know where you are now. You can find this out by looking in your Google Analytics and Google Search console.
2. If you do not have these set up, then that is the first step.
3. Set them up and then wait a few days for them to start gathering data.
4. Look at where you are in them, the traffic you are getting etc.
5. Set up something like SerpFox.com to keep an eye in the rankings you are looking to achieve.
6. Start doing more SEO and see if your stats and positions change.

If this happens, your SEO is working, let’s hope in a good way though.

Is SEO a one time thing?

No, SEO is not a one time thing. It is something that you need to do on a continual basis.
There are certain elements of SEO that only need to be done every few months (hopefully), like:
Technical SEO, and website updates.

But, content creation, backlinking and outreach should be an ongoing part of your SEO work, and it should be built into your marketing budget just like any other marketing activity.

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