How to Make Passive Income in Asia – The Legitimate Way!

Have you ever dreamed of being financially free in the Southeast Asia economy? If yes, you must have also thought about many ideas on how to make passive income. 

For me, I do it because I love to travel the world and spend my time in exotic places, for you, your passive income generation desire might be something else…

What is it that you really want passive income for?

passive income generation ideas 2020 freedom
Bora Bora, my next destination. What about you?

There’s no doubt that almost everyone desires multiple passive income streams on the Asia continent as well as across the globe. Unfortunately, most people can’t make it. Do you know why? 

Some of you may say that you don’t know how to make passive income, it’s a s simple as this, which I will show you in a moment… 

But… There are multiple reasons. Wanna know? Alright! 

Why Most People Don’t Make Passive Income in Asia 

If everyone was able to have passive income sources, the world would be really rich.

The fact is – most think it’s not as easy to make passive income in Asia. That’s all… No statistics are needed! 

People Don’t Get the Meaning of Passive Income. 

Do you think passive income is something that comes without working? YOu would be WRONG about this! 

Passive income is something that comes from hard work, dedication and setting up systems thats produce income for you, without you being involved.

People who are earning passive income right now have ground enough to make that happen. 

People Are Not Ready to Leave Their Comfort Zone

Most people live 9-5. When they come home and feel tired, they don’t bother to work on something additional (this is fatal).

They themselves don’t get the idea that they’re living in a loop. 

As a result, even after years, they realize that nothing has been achieved so far.

People Believe in Get Rich Quick Schemes 

Just like you, at some point in life, many people thought about how to make passive income in Asia. Do you know what they did? Yes, they began to sell Get Rich Quick Schemes, which eventually made them rich.  

Of course, that’s how the world works. Sadly, if you get into the same business, there’s no security and respect. 

Do everything you can but never sell or fall for Get Rich Quick Schemes. Nothing comes out from there! 

Get Rich Quick Schemes Will Plunge Your Focus in the Wrong Direction

Why Do You Want To Make Passive Income

Without a proper reason, You Will Keep Asking: How to Make Passive Income in Asia 

The journey is going to be a long one. If you want to stay motivated until the very end, you need to have a strong reason. 

If you’re fond of watching top Asian motivational speakers, you must have also heard them saying the same. 

Passive income builds like compound interest. Whatever you’re doing now, it can get big anytime. The only condition is – you need to keep going. 

“He Who Has a Why to Live for Can Bear Almost Any How” – Friedrich Nietzsche

What Do You Need to Make Passive Income in Asia? 

Wanna know how to make passive income in Asia? Well, you need a good skill set. As a chef needs ingredients, you need skills. 

Now the question is – what skills do you need to make passive income in SE Asia? Okay, let’s have a look. 

Improve Your English to Make Passive Income in Asia 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger or freelancer, as long as you have good English skills, you’re good to go because it’s a bridge language. 

If you know English, you can sell your products and services to the people of any nation. Most importantly, people will never take you for granted. They will always act seriously while doing business with you. 

With good English skills, you can easily sell in Thailand, Vietnam, Timor Leste, Brunei, Singapore, and other ASEAN nations.

Note: The above statement is not meant to offend, and unfortunately learning English does help, especially when related to digital online work.

“Learning Another Language is Like Becoming Another Person” – Haruki Murakami

Learn Search Engine Optimization 

To have a passive income in Southeast Asia, you need a legit business. Along with a good business, you also need a stellar website. 

how to make passive income in Asia with the help of SEO

And once you make a website in Southeast Asia, you need proper SEO optimization. Without implementing good SEO tactics, your website will never pop up in Google search results. 

SEO, or search engine optimization is the ability to rank your websites high on the search engines for your chosen keywords, like shown in the above image.

If your website doesn’t rank on Google, you won’t get free visitors to come to your site.  

Most passive income earners in Southeast Asia know SEO. If you want to get in the major league, you should practice it as well. 

Learn Graphic Designing 

Although this seems a bit out of the topic, it can save you a lot of time and money as well. Nowadays, a graphic designer in Asia charges up to $50 for a logo, which is a lot. What can we do? Graphic designing Asia is a bit expensive.

What if I tell you a way to do it for free without much hassle? 

Skills that can help you know how to make passive income in Asia

There’s a super easy and free tool called Canva. As a matter of fact, if you need to know more about it, here’s my Canva tutorial. Once you read it, you will be able to design your own logo and all Southeast Asia social media posts. 

Be Ready to Invest Part Of Your Income

To be honest, you can’t develop passive income in Asia without investing your precious time, efforts, and money.  

Have you heard that saying… “the more you learn, the more you earn“… it’s very true!

Those who tell you a way to make money in sleep since the very beginning are nothing but fraudsters. I would recommend you to stay away from such people. As I already told, passive success takes it all. 

Master Self-Belief and Patience 

Self-Confidence is the First Requisite To Great Undertakings – Samuel Johnson

Most passive income ideas seem like a joke to the people you know. If you’re working hard enough even on the weekend, your own friends might tell you that it’s not a good idea. 

I have seen some sparky people killing their dreams because their family didn’t support them. I want to tell you this now… You have to believe in yourself first. If you don’t, no one else will believe.

Top 5 Ways to Make Passive Income in Asia 

All these 5 passive income sources have been proven legit in all Southeast Asian regions as well as across the globe. 

Many millionaires have utilized these methods to build their career. You can do the same! 

Sell Your Own Digital Products 

Do you have a skill or hobby? Is there anything that you like to do in free time?  

Why don’t you make a product around that hobby? Once you get into the Southeast Asia online market and prove yourself as an expert, people will be more than happy to buy from you. 

If you can cook, you can make a recipe ebook or videos. If you can dance, you can sell video tutorials. 

I personally have made thousands of dollars per day selling information products, how to do things type courses. It’s not hard to do, and probably one of the best ways to make passive income.

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Own Digital Products

No Storage and Inventory Cost NeededHarder to Demonstrate Value
No ShippingCompetition is Getting Tougher Day By Day
FlexibilityIdeas Can Be Copied or Stolen
International Customer Base 
High Margin and Expansion 

Start Affiliate Marketing 

Want to know how to make passive income in Asia easily? Build an affiliate marketing business. 

If you think you don’t have enough time to make products or skills necessary, you can leverage big companies, and they can share a 50-90% profit with you. This is affiliate marketing.

Being an affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions from any type of product. It can be digital as well as physical. However, digital products always give the best margin. 

One of the best affiliate marketing training courses is called PWA, and you can check out my in-depth partner with Anthony review by going here.

By the way, affiliate marketing in Thailand is booming. If you’re from there, it’s the right time to start an affiliate marketing business.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Product Building is Not RequiredHarder to demonstrate value
Work with Any Business ModelCompetition is getting tough day by day
International Customer BaseDifficult to Track Conversions
No Geo-restrictionRequire Intensive Research
High margin and expansion 
Unlimited Earning Potential 

Start Dropshipping to Make Passive Income in ASEAN 

Although dropshipping is a little bit risky, it can help you make huge profits in SEA. Do you know why? 

If we talk about the definition of dropshipping, it may vary because business models are different. Some dropshippers sell products without having any inventory. As they get the order, they tell their supplier to deliver at a wholesale price. 

On the other hand, some dropshippers buy inventory in advance so that they can be sure about their stock. 

eCommerce products are usually inexpensive and you don’t need to put much effort into selling them. Unlike digital products, you don’t need to explain the value. Customers already know it.

 Pros and Cons of Starting A Dropshipping Business in Southeast Asia

Minimized Fulfillment ExpensesShipping can be Complicated
No Inventory ExpenseTough to Keep A Track on Inventory
Low Startup CostNeed to Take Care of Suppliers + Customers altogether
High Earning Potential 
Scalable and Flexible 

Start A T-Shirt Selling Business in Asia with Teespring

Teespring is one of the greatest platforms to answer your question: how to make passive income in Asia?

It can help you start an online T-shirt selling store with 0 startup costs. All you need is marketing costs. And guess what? You don’t need to worry about the material and machines needed for T-shirt printing. 

Start a T-shirt selling business in Asia with Teespring to make passive income

Teespring provides a good tool, which lets you design T-shirts. Once your design gets ready, you can put it on their website and that’s all. 

Whenever someone orders your T-shirt, they will stitch and deliver it. The catch is – they will take their commission for it, which isn’t much. 

What I like the most about it is flexibility. On Teespring, your only work would be designing and marketing T-shirts using a computer.

Pro Tip: Find a designer on Fiverr to get your designs done for super cheap.

Pros and Cons of Starting A T-Shirt Selling Business

No Need to Learn T-Shirt Priting SkillsTeespring Takes A Fee for T-Shirt Material, Priting and Shipping. (Reasonable Though!)
No Need to Buy Equipment Required for T-Shirt PritingCan’t Ship T-Shirts Internationally
Design Anything You Like without Worrying About Technical AspectsNeeds A Good Amount of Creativity
Make T-Shirt for Any Event in the Fastest Possible Way 

Be A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant 

Want to know how to make passive income in Asia with no money at all? Be a freelancer or virtual assistant!

Entrepreneurship is growing rapidly in the Southeast Asia digital marketing sphere. If you have any digital skills, you can leverage those to start an online freelancing or virtual assistance business. 

Being a freelancer in Asia, you can start with zero investment. There are many digital skills like:

  • Freelance writing 
  • Graphic designing 
  • Music production 
  • Data entry
  • Website development 
  • Website designing 
  • Transcription 

Once you start making money, you can hire other freelancers to make your freelance business passive. 

I hope you finally see the answer to how to make passive income in Asia with no money 🙂

Pros and Cons of Being A Freelancer in SEA

Start with No MoneyYou Have to Live Up to Your Words
Get As Many Projects As You Want Across the GlobeIn Beginning, it’s Tough to Handle Multiple Clients
Deliver Work in One ClickNo Bonuses or Sponorship
No Commutation 
Work with Whoever You Like 
Amazing Earning Potential in Southeast Asia 

What Do All Passive Income Sources Have in Common? 

All passive income sources have one thing in common – A Website! 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, or Timor Leste – Just take a look at every passive income business, you will realize that every passive income business has a website. 

Believe it or not! Some people fail at making passive income thinking that website building is expensive. They end up wondering how to make passive income in Asia without a website. Eventually, they decide to do it without a website, which doesn’t work out after all. 

In the 20th century, you need technology to back you up. 

Now, if you want to set up a website at an affordable price, do it on your own. It’s easy as pie! 

Here’s what you need to setup a website:

  • A domain name 
  • A web hosting 
  • $3 
  • Time 

Wanna know more? Read our post: How to Make A Blog tutorial

Note: Blogs and websites are built the same way. There’s just a difference of theme. 

Here’s Secret Sauce on How to Make Passive Income in Asia

Most of us start something new because motivation hits us from somewhere. Mostly, it comes from motivational speakers, parents, or teachers. 

So, what happens is… 

We start working with full enthusiasm. After that, in a couple of weeks or even days, we expect results. 

And that’s where reality strikes a heavy punch in the face. You don’t get results and you stop doing what you were doing. The end! Your curiosity towards how to make passive income in Asia stops for a while.

In some months, you start again with some motivation and stop. Yes, it’s a loop!

Now hold on a second and think… 

Has the same thing ever happened to you? If yes, you need to rethink the whole situation. The truth is – results were already taking place. They were too tiny to make a difference in your perception. 

Small results pile up and make a big difference. If you start working now, you need to keep going no matter what. That’s the only secret sauce to build a consistent passive income in Asia. 

Here’s A Summary On How to Make Passive Income in Asia

  1. Why can’t most people make passive income in Asia? 
  2. The true meaning of passive income 
  3. What do we need to make passive income in Asia 
  4. Top 5 ways to make passive income in Asia 
  5. What do all passive income sources have in common? 
  6. The secret sauce on how to make passive income in Asia.

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