PWA Program Review 2021 – Partner With Anthony Training

If you have ever felt that there had to be an easier way to get started online, then pay attention… as starting out with Affiliate Marketing and making a full-time income doesn’t have to be a minefield anymore, even if you have never really done any work online.

partner with anthony review

The best thing for anyone new to this type of online income generation is to partner up with someone who knows the ropes, the ins, and outs, and has done it before, that’s where the Partner with Anthony Program comes into play.

Partner With Anthony Review Overview

Over the years of working online I have tried many affiliate programs, some good and some bad.

Some, unfortunately, pay very little money and take lots of work. And believe me, that’s not the type of program you are after.

Why would you waste time promoting low commission products, the answer is, you wouldn’t, it sucks!

So, today what I’m going to do it bring you through this Partner With Anthony Review as best as I can…

Give you the ups and the downs and also, if you stay with me to the end, show you how you can even get started as quickly as today for less than a Big Mac Burger.

partner with anthony program vs a big mac cost
What would you rather do this evening? Eat A Big Mac or Make Some Money?

What is Partner With Anthony (PWA)?

It’s actually pretty neat, and I wish I had this available to me when I started out online as it is perfect for beginners to the online world.

The reason being is it takes you by the hand and brings you step by step through its lessons…

But, here is the part I love:

Anthony explains the reason behind why he tells you to do things, so it’s not just a do this, do that training, you learn how and why you are doing things…

Which makes you a much better online business owner.

And the best part of the Partner With Anthony Program is that you simply follow along with the video instruction, put it into place easily and then you can start making recurring income payments each and every month.

This is a complete beginners course and is going to give you the base you need to start making a solid monthly income.

Who is PWA Program For?

  1. People who are looking to start their own business, perhaps you have tried before and failed, if so this is perfect.
  2. Those who are looking for a secondary income while keeping their full time job,
  3. Those who want to completely get rid of their 9-5, who could blame you? 
  4. Those who are looking to make this online business world their freedom business,
  5. People who are looking to create a permission marketing empire, this is the start of it.
  6. And most importantly, those who are looking to make high commissions from their affiliate sales.

Another thing I love about this program is that as a new person to the online world it can get daunting, and having a trusted person like Anthony Morrison guiding you is key to the beginning of your success.


You get to actually partner with him and make sales using his systems, which are PROVEN to convert into sales…

Meaning long-term financial goals being reached and continual passive income… so good!

Who is Anthony Morrison?

He’s just a normal guy who has done extraordinary things, probably why I like him so much, apart from his awesome training that is…

I have grown to like Anthony Morrison over the years, hearing how he got started online and why, helping his parents out of financial strife, and teaching himself everything online, and scaling his business to over $50M in earnings.

What isn’t to like about that?

He is also a published author of the Hidden Millionaire, which has sold over a million copies and spoken around the world about what he has achieved and help people do the same.

He is one of the guys that has put in the hard work to earn his stripes and has been rewarded handsomely for it, with even the likes of CNN picking up about him.

Why I like this PWA Program

So what happens when you get inside the Partner with Anthony Program, and why do I like it…

Again, I loved how this was done…

  1. You get an email with your login details to your PWA Dashboard,
    a. This is where you can start your training.
  2. You get an email with your login details to your Affiliate Dashboard,
    a. This is where you get your affiliate links to start promoting his products and making money.
PWA Welcome email series
Another email will come with your PWA passwords so you can log in and get started.

Now, what is so cool about the Anthony Morrison Training, it comes with the section to start advertising his programs straight away and potentially making money from the start, I love this, and you will too…

You get these links like shown in the image, they are your affiliate links.

Anthony Morrison affiliate program

You can place those links anywhere…this is why the PWA program rocks!


Because most training and tutorials don’t do this, they make you purchase more upsells and down sells before you get your affiliate links to promote.

And these links are so important, as this is what is going to GET YOU PAID.

You see, if you don’t know what an affiliate link is, this is what it is…

  1. It is your own unique referral link to his program.
  2. If you give someone the link and they click on it and buy one of his programs you get paid!

Pretty cool, eh?

So that means, in 5 minutes from now…

  1. You could go into his program for $7 or $97 whichever one you choose,
  2. You could grab your OWN UNIQUE affiliate link straightaway,
  3. And then you could go to your closest 5 mates, who you know would love this program…
  4. Give them the link, explain what it is,
  5. And if one of them signs up, you get a commission for the sale…

Basically, you pretty much make your money back straight away. That is how affiliate marketing works, simple!

And, the more you do this, the more you make!

That is the great thing about affiliate marketing, if you share your link everywhere you possibly can (along with some good content, like this), people will click the link and when they sign up, you make sale after sale after sale

I do love affiliate marketing, you will too!

So, back to the dashboard of Partner With Anthony.

Inside Partner With Anthony Program

What you will see first off is the course you just signed up for, which is the PWA.

partner with anthony program dashboard

Below that you will also see all of his other programs, his traffic ones, which you have to pay extra for, which for anyone new is perfect. My recommendation, start with the one you are most familiar with.

anthony morrison pwa training courses

So, if you like Facebook, choose the Fan Page Domination, etc…

It’s super easy to get started once you get inside the dashboard, just click on the PWA Partnetr With Anthony image box and you will be brought into the training videos.

Morrison education portal

I love how this is set up, Anthony Morrison really thought about the best way to make the information go in, a lesson each day, not too much, just enough for you to learn and do…

There are 30 sessions of training in total in PWA, with a new one being released every day. I know you might want to get stuck in straight away, but having done this kind of thing for years, this really is the best way to build a long-term sustainable income machine.

Also, if you do want to get all the training at once, which I don’t recommend, there is a way, which we will get into in a moment…

After you have completed each of the sessions you will have to mark that you have completed them, this is a good way to know and keep track of your journey.

PWA training system

In total there are about 100 lessons, pretty much all you need to get started and making a full-time income using affiliate marketing.

** Join Partner With Anthony **

Partner With Anthony Review

The reason I chose this course to review is simple, it’s just very good. I only review really good courses that I actually use, that’s why you won’t find many course reviews on this website.

The Partner With Anthony program is perfect if you are new to this world. As I mentioned above, if I had known about this when I started out I would have made a lot of money sooner than I did…

pwa whiteboard lessons
Easy to follow whiteboard lessons inside Profit With Anthony

PWA just lays out everything in a very matter-of-fact way that enables you to start from ZERO and grow job-quitting money within a respectable amount of time.

Of course that depends on how much effort you put into it…

Because, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

Why I Recommend PWA?

And the reason I say it’s so cool is that you automatically become an affiliate of the PWA system, which enables you to promote it to other people who you think would benefit from it and actually earn 50% commission for every person who you refer to the program.


You get commissions from the tools that the people will use too, which soon starts to add up to a very nice continual affiliate revenue.

The more people you get on board, the more your income grows, it’s that simple.


Because of the way that the PWA system is set up, they do all of the heavy lifting for you, meaning:

  1. All you have to do is get people to the signup page,
  2. Where you collect and grow your email list,
  3. And they pretty much do the rest, from…

Converting those people into buyers and then upselling them throughout the lifetime with Partner With Anthony.

When making money with PWA some ways to make it stand out above others.

Ways To Make Money With PWA

I have made money with 2 methods.

  1. Search engine optimization, or SEO.
  2. Email Solo Ads

Using SEO to Make Sales

SEO is about writing content filled with targeted keywords, and looking to appear in Google and the other search engines for those keywords when someone searches for them.

In this case, I wrote about PWA, using keywords like:

Partner With Anthony Review and Anthony Morrison Affiliate Program, and when someone came to search for those keywords they found content that I had written.

how to use SEO to make money with PWA
You can create content around this keyword to make money with PWA.

Make sure you do SEO for the correct keyword though, as there are many Profit with Anthony alternative keywords.

Email Solo Ads

This is a paid way of getting visitors to your offers but is a very clever way of getting qualified buyers to see the offers you are promoting, while also building your email list.

You simply order from an email solo ad vendor how many clicks to your offer you want, and they send you the traffic.

using solo ads with PWA

Learning how to use these email solo ads for profit is covered excellently in PWA, and he brings you through the best steps for choosing vendors along with the best ones to choose, which helps immiensly.

Now, email solo ads and SEO are just 2 of the traffic strategies you can do to make sales, but there are so many more including:

  • Facebook, posts and ads
  • Twitter posting
  • Pinterest posting
  • Instagram, videos, posts, ads

There are so many ways to get visitors to your offers, but Email and SEO are probably the easiest to start and can make you some serious cash, as seen from my results.

You can check out some cool ways to drive traffic here…

Results from the PWA Program

What I love about the way Anthony does affiliate marketing is he focuses on affiliate commissions that have recurring payments.

That means you don’t get paid only once, but each and every month as long as the customers stay with the program…

And Anthony helps with keeping these people on board, by making them money, so you always win… so cool.

Partner with Anthony program commissions
There are so many ways to earn with PWA

I can’t wait for you to get stuck in, this guy really cares about your success, and that is seen by how he helps you focus on growing your own mindset for success.

And here is the key…

He shows you the strategies, step by step how to make money, but the most important thing he teaches is the mindset of the wealthy and starts turning you into this… it’s so awesome, and 100% needed.

One of the recurring income tools he sets up for you is Clickfunnels which you see from above.

What is Clickfunnels?

This is a great tool that allows you to make sales funnels for your website, and it has an awesome affiliate program with recurring income potential.

With the help of PWA from Anthony Morrison I have been able to start making some serious cash with Clickfunnels, with the help of the training inside of PWA.


Getresponse is another tool that gives affiliate commission and recurring too. Well, it has 2 options to choose from, a one-time fee or a recurring commission.

It starts out as a free trial, and once that free trial period is over the person gets charged.

Once they get charged, you make a commission, and if you have chosen the recurring commission element, then you make the commission again and again.

Student Results From PWA

But don’t only take my results as word, have a look at other people’s results who have been doing it also.

The cool thing about the profit with Anthony Morrison program is that there are actually 1000’s of students making money with the system… each making commissions every month.

partner with anthony testimonial 2

There is seriously big money to be made in Affiliate Marketing, and Anthony Morrison is one of the best around, and especially one of the best at teaching new people how to make money, and some serious money at that.

One of the programs that he teaches you how to use has made him over $1M… ye, I want that kind of money too lol…over $100k per month recurring commissions would do

anthony morrison affiliate earnings

WIll I get it? I hope, and I hope for you too.

testimonials partner with anthony 3

When it comes to affiliate marketing Anthony has made over $1m from promoting Clickfunnels which is one of the products he teaches you how to promote in his training videos.

button instant access to pwa now

Do you get anything else with PWA?

Yes, there are loads of cool Bonuses For You.

Well 3 to start with.

  • Secret BONUS 1: Copy & Paste Done-For-You Funnel – this is Anthony’s top converting funnel with great optin rates for email addresses (value $197).
  • Secret BONUS 2: A digital copy of his book “The Hidden Millionaire” which sold over 1,000,000 copies (Value $19.99).
  • Secret BONUS 3: Weekly Live training where Anthony teaches you how to build your business FREE (Value $99 Per Month).

And that is just the start…

The training alone is just so super good, I was actually shocked when I started doing them, and you get access to them straight away, in total there will be about 100 video lessons, that bring you from a complete novice with no income to making your first $5000 online.

success profit with anthony

These are transferrable marketing skills also, so no matter what you learn in the PWA you can transfer it into any future businesses that you may have.

So what does PWA Cost?

I again was shocked as normally something of this value gets priced around $997, or even higher. But no…

This PWA program, where Anthony Morrison teaches you and guides you by the hand to partner with him, costs just $7 a month, costing less than the price of a Big Mac, shame on your Ronald!

It’s super easy to get started and sign up with the Partner with Anthony Program.

How to Get Started With PWA?

Just click on the link here, and you will be brought to the signup page video.

It will bring you through more infomration if you need it.

It also gives you 2 options.

Before I said it was $7 a month, but you can also get a lifetime access for just $97, which gives you instant access bonus of all of the live trainings immediately.

There is nothing holding you back from earning a killer part-time income using the PWA system, and while you can make a full-time income, you do have to do some work to make it happen, so, please…

If you think this is just a push-button and you start making money then this probably is not the training for you.

What Happens Now?

Click the button here…

button instant access to pwa now

Once you sign up you will be brought through to the education platform where you can access all of your training.

You will also get a few emails that give you login details and you will also get your commission dashboard, where you can start earning money immediately by promoting some of Anthonys Offers.

pwa welcome email

Partner WIth Anthony Program Conclusion

The PWA system is pretty much the best affiliate marketing training that I have found for beginners on the market today.

It takes you by the hand, and turns you from a complete novice into an earning affiliate, making potentially thousands of dollars per month, and all for $7 a month or $97 lifetime.

Now while the price os super low, word is the price is going to jump pretty soon up to $197, not quite sure it is true, but a rumor I heard.

But, there is no time like the present, see you on the inside and lets make some cash!

button instant access to pwa now
5 star rating pwa easean


Is Anthony Morrison PWA legit?

Yes Anthony Morrisons PWA is legit, and it is probably one of the best affiliate marketing training courses that I have found online for complete beginners to actually start making an income online. Really a good program.

What does Anthony Morrison teach?

Anthony Morrison teaches how to make money online through affiliate marketing. His training courses are renowned for being in-depth, easy to understand and loved by many.

What is Morrison publishing?

Morrison Publishing is the company owned by Anthony and Adrian Morrison teaching all things related to income creation and online business.

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