Mailchimp Tutorial for Beginners – Be an Automation King in ASEAN!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Thailand or Timor Leste – As long as you’re here, you’re going to learn the right way to do e-marketing in Asia.

Almost every Southeast Asian business leader is aware of Mailchimp. If you are not, you are fortunate to be here because I am going to give an easy step by step Asian e-marketing Mailchimp tutorial for beginners.

Mailchimp Can Integrate with More Than 300 Apps

I must say – Mailchimp and the Pawn piece in chess have a lot in common.

Both started as a weak player in the game and ended up as the strongest. Although the company was started as a side project, it has played its way to top across the globe as well as ASEAN.  

Anyway, enough talk!

Let tell me show you how Mailchimp can make YOU a marketing automation king in the Southeast Asia eCommerce market.

What Mailchimp Can Do for Your Southeast Asia website?

Here’s what you can expect from Mailchimp:

  • Capture emails of your prospects,
  • Pitch them whenever you want,
  • Get an easy-to-use interface,
  • Detailed Analytics can help you understand the current situations,
  • Anyone can start with a free plan,
  • Integrates well with almost every platform.
button get mailchimp from here 1

Mailchimp Signup Tutorial to Kickstart Your e-marketing in Asia

To setup your Mailchimp account, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Mailchimp’s official website from here and click on “sign up free” button.

Mailchimp tutorial for beginners with sign up discount

Step 2: Enter all the necessary details like email, username, and password. After that, click on the sign up button and wait for the confirmation mail.

Mailchimp tutorial for registration in 2020

Step 3: Once you get a confirmation mail, you need to click on the link to confirm.

Mailchimp tutorial for email verification

Step 4: After confirmation, you need to enter some crucial business details.

Mailchimp account details verification

Congrats! That’s all you need. Now you’re ready to follow up with this simple Mailchimp tutorial.

How to Integrate Mailchimp Plugin with WordPress to Skyrocket Your Southeast Asia Digital Advertising?

  1. First of all, install the Mailchimp plugin.
how to integrate Mailchimp plugin with WordPress
  1. Once you finish installing it, you will need to visit ‘extras,’ which is inside the ‘accounts’ section of your profile.
Mailchimp settings and tracking
Mailchimp API key generation method
  1. Click on ‘Create a Key’
how to create an API on Mailchimp
  1. Copy the API key and paste it inside the plugin section for integeration.
Mailchimp plugin installation for WordPress
  1. If you have placed a correct key, you will see a green ‘connected’ indicator.
how to enter Mailchimp API key into WordPress

Important Tutorial: How to Create and Embed an Opt-In Form with Mailchimp Plugin in Asia

It’s not easy to create or embed an opt-in form with a Mailchimp plugin. That’s why most Mailchimp tutorials discuss it only in a small manner. Don’t worry, let me show you the right way to do it.

Step 1: Once you are done with API connection, you need to go to the forms section.  

how to create an opt in form with Mailchimp

Step 2: As you can see the form preview, there’s no first and last name. To add first and last name, you have to click on “First Name” and “Last Name,” which is right below the “list fields” section. 

design Mailchimp sign up form

Step 3: A confirmation popup will appear. Click on “Add to form.”

how to create a leads and capture page using Mailchimp

Step 4: On the right side, you can see the form preview, which is not looking much great. The good thing is -you can change the appearance.

Mailchimp tutorial to make an email capturing form

Step 5: To change appearance, you need to visit the appearance section so that you can choose the most suitable form style. 

how to change appearance of email forms on Mailchimp

Step 6: I have chosen a light theme, which made the signup form more beautiful. Finally, it’s time to generate our shortcode so that we can place the form in the right place. 

Mailchimp form themes

Step 7: You need to copy the shortcode, which is available right below the “fields section.” 

edit forms using Mailchimp plugins

Step 8: Now open your favourite page or post and paste the shortcode by making a block. 

how to use shortcode on WordPress

Congrats! You have successfully learnt to embed Mailchimp code on your WordPress website.

Finally, Mailchimp Tutorial for Automation – How to Send Bulk Emails for e-Marketing in Asia

Sending bulk emails in Mailchimp is easier than embedding a code. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Go to the dashboard of your account and click on the “Create campaign” button. 
how to create a campaign on Mailchimp
  1. From these 3 options, hit on “create an email” icon.
email marketing with mailchimp
  1. Write a nice campaign name and begin.
how to create an email marketing campaign on Mailchimp
  1. Add recipients 
how to send bulk emails using mailchimp
  1. Now Select your favourite list.
how can I build an email list on Mailchimp
  1. Select your best Southeast Asia’s audience segment and personalize the “TO” field with “FNAME” merge tag. When you say hi along with customers’ names, they will feel like you have designed an email fore them particularly, which is a good thing for your marketing success. 
how to choose segments while sending emails on Mailchimp
  1. Fill all the basic remaining information like “from” “subject” and “content.” 
how to make the best subject for email marketing
  1. Once you fill it all, hit the “send” button. 
how to send marketing emails in one go

How Much Does Mailchimp Cost in Southeast Asian Nations?

Mailchimp has a specific plan for every Asia digital marketing needs. If you’re a total beginner, you may go with a free plan to learn it.

how much does Mailchimp cost?

However, I wouldn’t recommend you to go for Mailchimp’s free version because of its watermark issues.

Watermark makes a company look unprofessional. If you want to be a part of Southeast Asia eCommerce growth and look professional, $10-$15 per month Mailchimp’s plan is not a big deal.

As you can see above, there are two plans after the free version. One is available for $10 and the other is for $15.

Now the question is – which one is best?

From my perspective, $15 per month plan is a true value for your money.

button get mailchimp from here 1 1

How to Contact Mailchimp Support Team in SE Asia?

If you ever face any issues, you can contact the Mailchimp support team via email, live chat, or phone call.

What I like the most about Mailchimp is – it’s available across the Asia continent. If you’re from Thailand or Malaysia, you can have support. If you’re from Timor Leste or Laos, you still can have support. There’s no bias!

Although Mailchimp’s email support is a bit slow, you can go for live chat or phone call support to get a fast response.

Is Mailchimp Worth it for Your and Southeast Asia Development?

Of course, Mailchimp is worthy of your money, time, and efforts. It has the ability to automate your business so that you can generate more sales.

Most importantly, you can integrate easily with every Southeast Asia blog. You don’t have to be a technical person.

Now before leaving this page, tell me in the comments whether you liked my Mailchimp tutorial or not.

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