Is Cloud Hosting Cheaper Than VPS Hosting?


Are you in a business expanding phase and trying to know – is cloud hosting cheaper than VPS hosting or not?

Is Cloud Hosting Cheaper Than VPS Hosting

My guess is you have gotten to the end of your shared hosting plan because that is obvious! No one relies on a shared hosting for a very long time.

As people grow their business, they lookout for something fast and flexible. After all, who likes downtimes after ranking top of the search engine? Not me, that’s for sure.

Let me tell you whether it’s cheap or not.

More importantly, which one is better for your Singaporean business.

What is Better VPS or Cloud?

Both types of web hosting services are pretty similar. The difference between them is hard to notice. But still, there is some stuff that we can knockdown.

Let me give an overview and pros & cons list of both.

VPS Hosting Overview

VPS hosting means one physical server, split into various other small servers, so you get a specified set of VPS resources so no one else on that server can affect you.

That’s how VPS hosting works. As compared to Shared hosting, a VPS server gives you more space and less interference.

Not as expensive as Cloud serversAlthough it’s scalable, at some point, that ends!
Can be customized to a great extentOnly one type of operating system can be used in each physical server
Incredibly secure for your businessIf physical server ever fails, all VPS servers on that network would terribly fail
It has super-fast performance because of less number of users 

Cloud Hosting Overview

Cloud hosting is one of the most powerful web hosting services you can get for your Singaporean business. When you have cloud hosting, you tap into multiple servers instead of one.

If one server won’t work, your site would be active on the cluster. Isn’t that great?

Such a distributed approach is outstanding and can save you from miserable downtimes.

Really great uptime and high availabilityIt’s Pricey!
Amazing scalability and flexibilitySteep learning curve
Quick migration 
Backup & disaster recovery 
Impeccable performance 

VPS vs Cloud Hosting – Which is Better for You?

Both web hosting are great for Singaporean businesses and way better than a Shared hosting plan.

If we look at them, we wouldn’t be able to find a lot of difference. So, what’s the difference between Singapore VPS and Cloud hosting?

As far as I know, when it comes to scaling, Cloud is way better than VPS hosting and it opens up various opportunities for your business.

Although VPS is also considered great for scaling up, at some point, it may lack resources and may go down more than a Cloud server.

What is VPS in Cloud?

VPS is nothing but a virtual private server or we can say Private Cloud, which is based on such servers that are built on the basis of virtualization mechanisms.

What is VPS in Cloud?

To understand VPS better, you can see the picture of a pizza in your mind. When you slice out one pizza slice out of the whole, that becomes VPS. Haha!

Final Thoughts!

In my opinion, both VPS and Cloud hosting solutions are great for those who want to expand further from a shared hosting plan.

But yes, before you expand, make sure to analyze your needs.

A VPS hosting is mostly used by small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who want to build around 10 websites on a single server.

On the other hand, cloud hosting is used by mid and large-sized companies. We can also say that it’s used by those entrepreneurs who can lose a great amount of money if downtime occurs.

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