How to Write Your First Blog Post in Asia – Here’s the Easiest Way!


Most people don’t even consider the question – “how to write your first blog post in Asia.” As a matter of fact, most paper writers believe that they can write great blog posts for the internet as well. 

Unfortunately, an article for the internet is way different than a paper one. On paper, people read because they’re readers. On the internet, people read because they want a fast solution. 

how to write your first blog post asia

If you think industry jargon and difficult words make you the best content writer or blogger in Southeast Asia, you need to change your perception.

That’s not how great blog posts are written for Southeast Asia eCommere market.

Are you ready to take our free blog article writing tutorial?

Okay, whatever you’re doing, push it aside because what you’re going to see is rare like a forest owl 🙂 

Why Your First Blog Post Should Be As Engaging As Possible?

Since the very beginning of time, humans have strived for a reason. Without a proper reason, we don’t even bother with something. 

To help you write your first blog post as engaging as possible, I need to fill you with enough motivation first. Otherwise, you will take every tactic for granted. 

When You Know How to Write An Amazing First Blog Post

You Can Get Amazing Bounce Rate to Your Website 

Bounce rate is nothing but the percentage of visitors who literally did nothing on your blog or website, basically, they just came to your site and left (bounced) off.

Some novice Southeast Asia website owners can even become happy when they see a high bounce rate, not realising what it is about.

Writing your first blog post as engaging as possible will give low bounce rate

The bitter truth is – the average bounce rate in Southeast Asia blog or website is 41-55 percent.

Anything that goes above 70 percent is less than average, actually pretty bad.

If you want to get the best bounce rate, you should aim for 26-40 percent. 

If your content is engaging and relevant enough, readers will care. They will even find your other blog posts, which will eventually result in less bounce rate. 

Great Blog Posts Drive Recurring Visitors 

When you write great blog posts in SEA, you give your readers what they exactly wanted. Do you know what else it means?

Well, if you have helped them in any way, they would be more than happy to read your blog posts.

In other words, they will start picturing you as their superman. 

According to Orbit Media, an average blog post length is 1236 words.

Generate Leads and Loyal Customers

Do you want loyal customers for your ASEAN business? Learn to write a great blog post! 

When you have a low bounce rate and lots of recurring visitors, your readers get to see what you offer them.

Yes, your marvelous writing can keep them hooked for your best offers. 

After reading our full blog article writing tutorial, your content will become as craving as the next favorite episode of Netflix. 

While reading your blog posts, they will end up buying. I assume you want that to happen, right? 

Content Marketing Institute states that content marketing drives 3X more leads than paid search advertising.

Your Website or Blog Becomes Authoritative in Terms of Google 

I don’t know why people say, “Content Is King.” 

Seriously! In the game of chess, a queen is the most powerful piece. Maybe, no one told them the right metaphor. 

Anyway, instead of considering content as the king, you should start treating it like a queen. If you do that, anyone would die to see her (content).

If we talk about the real deal, Google prefers your website over others because it prefers good detailed information.

Popular blogs will mention your name when you create great content, which will make your Southeast Asia website great in Google’s eyes. 

Content is Not King, it’s QUEEN!

Here’s How to Write Your First Blog Post in Your Pajamas – Step by Step Blog Article Writing Tutorial 

Here comes the real creme. I know you have waited so long to see my Asian content writing strategy. Don’t worry, I am just about to reveal them. 

Step 1. Have An End Goal for Your Blog Post

Blog article writing is a long process. If you want to know how to write your first blog post, you need to know what your end goal is. 

An end goal equips you with focus.

Once you start, you won’t take a breath without completing your write up. In other words, you won’t procrastinate because everything will become clearly visible. 

It also makes your article well-structured and easily readable.

“What do I want to achieve with my first blog post?” 

And guess what? That’s a good start for conducting a perfect branding in Asia. 

Understand the Importance of Outlining Your First Blog Post

Almost everything in the world has a basic structure.

Writers Who Write Without An Outline Are Outdated

What are the benefits of Good blog post outline?

  • An Outline Improves the Structure of Your Blog Post
  • An Outline Can Help You Write A Catchy Heading and Intro 
  • A Great Blog Post Outline Keeps Readers Hooked

It’s a fact that people who don’t read often leave the page in the middle. A good outline makes them feel that they’re just going to get an answer to their problem. 

Along with logic, the world works on feelings. If you’re a good content writer, you can take advantage of their feelings. 

A good Southeast Asian buisness leader always seeks such answers that benefit them as well as the reader. 

How to Write Your First Blog Post Outline Easily

The best way to know how to write your first blog post outline….

Take a look at the outlines of your competitors.

A good thing about an outline is – you can mix multiple (competitor) outlines into one. No one could sue you for copying it. Haha! 

A Perfect Blog Title Contains 11-14 Words

In case, if you want to stay original, I would recommend you to research and mindmap top e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia related to your niche That way, you can create an original outline for your blog post. 

Here’s a perfect example of how to write your first blog post outline. This uses a free tool called Dynalist that I use for all of my blog outlines.

Creating your first blog post outline using Dynalist

How To Come Up with Ideas for Your First Blog Post 

In order to write your first blog post, you should look for great ideas.

Most new writers find it tough to get ideas for their first blog post. Look! I don’t know whether you are in such a group or not, you should understand that it’s too easy to find ideas. 

Leverage Google for Your Research Your Blog Post

Do you think you’re a Google pro? Think again! I also used to think the same unless my mentor told me the real way. 

There are basically 3 ways to research on Google. 

  1. Make Google Auto Suggest Your Best Friend 
How to use Google Auto Suggest to find keywords for your first blog post

Can you see how many ideas are there? For publication, for an exam, and on LinkedIn. Wait a minute! This isn’t the end. If you want more ideas, you can write it like this: 

How to write a great article a… 

How to write a great article b…

How to write a great article c…

How to write a great article d…

Keep the keyword there and keep changing alphabets from a to z. In a few minutes, Google will give you more than 100 ideas. 

Along with this, you can try variations. If you get to Z, you can again start with another keyword like this:

How to write your first blog post A…

How to write your first blog post B…

And so on…

  1. Google Related Terms Will Let You Know How to Write Your First Blog Post

Simply scroll to the bottom of the Google page. You know what those keywords mean? All those are highly searched related terms.

If you can find a different topic using those related search results, you’re good to go. 

Write first blog post by researching Google related terms

You can use the first method to find more related search results. Although it will take hours, you will find such ASEAN topics that most people can’t think about. 

  1. Apply the Old School Method

In schools, teachers always teach us to find what, how, when, and where about the topic. In the Southeast Asia digital marketing sphere, you can apply that old school formula with a little twist. 

Here are our easy formulas. 

Main keyword + what to write first blog post

Main keyword + how to write first blog post

Main keyword + when to write first blog post

Main keyword + where to write first blog post

Find topics for your first blog post using Google QWERTY method

Once you start doing so, you will get multiple auto-suggestions from Google, which will be meaningful.

How to Write Your First Blog Post By Researching on Quora

Quora is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in Asia. What I like the most about Quora is its ability to make things really clear. 

Quora is a question and answer website. People ask questions on Quora looking to get real answers. So, if they’re expecting real answers, it means they are asking real questions as well. 

To leverage Quora for research, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Search your keyword on quora and autosuggestion will come up. Like always, pull your notepad out. 
How to use quora for niche research

Can you see those multiple questions? Select any one from it. 

  1. Once you click enter on the desired question, you will see more related questions on the right side of it. 
Find first blog post ideas on Quora
  1. Some questions are hidden in answers. You should read all of them to get new concepts regarding your idea. 
how to use Quora for content keyword research in 2020

Just look at that guy, Arialdo, he mentioned something related to timeboxing, which we didn’t know at all. 

How to Write Your First Blog Post By Researching On YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the ASEAN economy and across the globe. Why wouldn’t it give you blog post ideas? Here’s how you can get blog ideas from YouTube videos. 

  1. Do you remember that A, B, C, D autosuggest method that we discussed earlier? Great, that’s what you need to use on YouTube as well. 
Use autosuggest to find ideas for first blog post
  1. After taking a look at all auto suggestions, you need to search for the first keyword. Do you know why? If you go lower, you will pick unpopular ideas that are not a part of Asia eCommerce growth. 
Search content ideas on YouTube in 2020

Now see! Multiple videos are out there. Unfortunately, they all are representing the same idea. What would you do? Alright! Here’s what you can do… 

  1. What you wanna do is click on every video and see their suggested videos. 
generate first blog post ideas from YouTube suggested videos

Some videos will be relevant and some won’t. Your task is to note down the main idea from the title of every relevant suggested video.  

By now, with the help of YouTube, Google, and Quora, you can research ideas for upcoming months.

By the way, I usually put my keywords and topics on Google sheets because it’s free and amazing 🙂 

Writing Your First Blog Post – Do’s and Don’ts

If you really want to know how to write your first blog post in the most awesome possible way, please keep in mind that writing is not always about what you do.

Sometimes, it’s also about what you don’t. But hey! Don’t worry, let me show you both. 

Writing A Great Blog Post – Things To Avoid

Don’t Do Copy and Paste Blogging

Copy and paste blogging in SE Asia is absolutely bad for your website’s rankings. You can read 10 different blog posts and write a blog post in your own words. If you rewrite a single blog post, you will end up not being trusted by Google. 

Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals 

Do you think you can pull off 5,000 words in a single day?

Think twice because quality always dominates quantity. More importantly, you will get burned out. And if that happens, you won’t be able to write other posts as well at least for a few days. 

Goals Have to Be Realistic and FlexibleShannon Miller

Avoid Long Paragraphs to Write A Good Blog post

Let me make it clear again. No one loves to read a large chunk of texts. You have to give your readers a break. If you don’t, they won’t read till your call-to-action.

As a result, you won’t be able to achieve your end goal. 

Look at how this blog post is set out. Write 1 – 3 sentences and then click enter. White space rules!

Don’t Edit While Writing 

If you have been seeing blog writing tutorials, you must have heard that it’s absolutely wrong to edit while writing. 

There’s a saying.. 

“Write in the fastest possible way and edit in the slowest” 

When you edit while writing, you kill your own ideas. Always remember! Drafting is tougher than editing. 

Things To DO When Writing A Great Blog Post 

Be Relatable and Informative 

No one would call you an expert unless you become relatable and informative. Almost anyone can write but only a few are relatable and informative. 

The only way to become relatable and informative is intensive research. 

Research can help you get pain points as well as important statistics. That’s how Asia Times do it.

Relatable Things Are the Most Attractive Ones – Me

Sprinkle Important Keywords Inside Your Blog Post 

Before writing a blog post, you should keep a list of most important keywords with you. 

Gone were the days when good-quality content used to rank in Southeast Asian regions without proper on-page SEO optimization. 

Nowadays, you need to sprinkle important keywords throughout the post. 

One more thing – never forget to put crucial keywords in your H Tags. This practice makes Google see your aim. 

1-2% of the Total Word Count Should Be Keywords

Drive Visitors to Other Blog Posts 

If visitors are coming on your Southeast Asia blog, you should strive to keep them for the longest possible period. As you know, it will do nothing but give profit and SEO improvement. 

To drive visitors to other blog posts, you need to have a structured content plan. Your blog posts should be relatable with each other. 

Get in the shoes and find what else they would search related to your main topic. 

Make Your Blog Relatable to the Culture 

Did I tell you to be relatable before?

Of course, I did… But, answer this:

Have you thought about being relatable to the culture of your audience? 

I can bet that…

99% Of You Didn’t Think Of Being Relatable To The Culture

To be honest, if you’re not connected to the culture, you can’t build a loyal customer base. 

Let alone the countries of different subcontinents.

If we talk about all 11 ASEAN or Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Brunei, etc, you will find various cultures on the same continent. 

Let me tell you… 

Why is it Important to Make Blog Posts Culture Related

Without Cultural Research, You Will Never Know What Turned Your Customers Off

If we talk about Thailand, there is a high likelihood that you have heard they do not like change very much.

On the other hand, a majority of Singaporeans don’t have any problem with changes. They always welcome new changes. 

Let’s suppose: 

Your target audience exists in both countries, and you want to bring out a 2.0 version of your product? 

If you bring new products and discontinue the previous ones, you will lose customers from Thailand. If you don’t, you will lose profits. 

What would you do? 

In that case, what you can do is not talk about change, and you can keep Thais and Singaporeans together with harmony.

People in both ASEAN countries love to interact in a harmonious way. They’re really nice and friendly.

Happy Asian Businesswoman

You can make them feel that the products of Version 2.0 are just like the previous ones. There’s just something extra. 

Instead of writing discontinue, you can leave the decision up to them. If they like, they would shift their focus to it. 

In the end, you will save your brand reputation because a sudden change can turn off the whole Thailand. 

Now imagine! If you were in that situation, how would you cope with it? It would definitely create a setback for your business. 

This is just a very simple example.

But, the same may happen with your blog posts as well. And if you have a business website, it will happen for sure. 

Increase Conversion Rate of Your Blog Posts 

If your target audience belongs to elders of Thailand and you’re young, you will have to be respectful and pleasant in your writing. If you try to be frank and sarcastic, they won’t bother to buy anything from you. 

According to Wordstream, 2-5% Blog Conversion Rate is Considered As Good

Surprisingly, if you take a look at Cambodia, you will find that people are in love with jokes. In Cambodia, you can cut a deal with your best joke. Isn’t it amazing? Oh god! I am going to open an online store in Cambodia soon 😛

You Can Make the Right Blog and Increase Engagement By 300%

People in Indonesia don’t like fights and alcohol. What would happen if you write a blog post around these 2 things? Of course, no one would appreciate it. 

Just like Cambodia, people in Indonesia are funny and nice. If you want them to engage with your content, try to add those qualities to your web content. 

How to Write Your First Blog Post in Accordance with the Culture 

If you are not part of the culture…

Research as much as you can.

Google the do’s and don’ts of the country you’re targeting within Asia. Try to identify good habits and bad habits.

Be aware of their communication styles of your Southeast Asian audience. 

In addition to this, make some new friends on social media. A little conversation with them will help you know a lot of it. 

And yes, don’t forget to read blog posts of your competitors. 

How to Write Your First Blog Post And Rank it with Proper On-Page SEO

It’s not enough to know how to write your first blog post, you also need some SEO tactics.

In the do’s and don’ts section of writing your first blog post, I mentioned some SEO aspects. Now is the time to get into its roots. 

2 Best Keyword Research Tools for Your First Blog Post 

Before we get into the details, I would like to tell you that there’s a difference between topic research and keyword research. 

When we do keyword research, we consider various factors such:

  • Volume/per month,
  • Difficulty level,
  • And the cost per click.

However, there are other metrics as well. 

Ironically, we can still use all those keywords that we discovered while researching our niche. Those keywords are most searched and relevant to the niche. 

Without any further ado, let me give an overview of my 2 best keyword research tools, which can also let you know how to write your first blog post with proper SEO. 

#1 – Free Way to Do Research Keywords for Your First Blog Post Using Ubersuggest 

One of the greatest bloggers, Neil Patel made a free tool for keyword research, which is known as Ubersuggest

how to do keyword research for your first blog post idea

To research keywords, you just need to enter your main idea in the search box and that’s it. In a couple of seconds, Ubersuggest will show you a bunch of keywords. 

Find first blog post ideas using ubersuggest free keyword research tool

Along with this, Ubersuggest can also tell keywords of your ASEAN business competitors. Trick is simple! Instead of adding an idea there, you can put the domain of your competitor. 

how to steal competitors blog post ideas using ubersuggest

While researching keywords, I would advise you to keep the most important keywords on a notepad. This way, you can stuff these keywords easily in your first blog post. 

Ubersuggest keyword research tutorial for beginners

#2 – Free Way to Do Research Keywords for Your First Blog Post Using Semrush 

If we compare it to Ubersuggest, it appears that Semrush has a much better database. Perhaps, that’s why it’s used by the Southeast Asia top digital marketers. 

how to research keywords for first blog post using semrush

The user interface of both tools is pretty same. If you click on the “keyword magic tool,” you will get a search box on the top. From there, you can either search your idea or competitor’s domain name. 

Generated button

Install Yoast SEO to Rank Your First Blog Post 

Yoast is like an SEO mentor for every S.E Asia blogger.

It has a special color indicator, which helps keep you on the right path. If things are going well, it will show green bullet points. It works on the ‘traffic lights system’.

In the below image, some things are going right and some are not. 

how to write SEO optimized content with Yoast SEO plugin

If you know how to install a plugin on WordPress, that’s great. If not, then hover over to plugin section and click on “add new.” 

how to install a plugin in WordPress easily in 2020

Once you click on “add new” 

how to install yoast seo plugin for free

Just right there, you can see the plugin, “Yoast SEO.” Don’t worry, it’s a free one. Hit the “install now” button and it will be automatically shown. 

On a previous note:

Have you made a list of keywords for your first blog post? Hold for a while and pick your primary keyword from that list. 

A primary keyword is the main focus keyphrase. It’s something that we truly want to rank. For example, look at the Yoast SEO focus keyphrase box. 

how to use Yoast SEO plugin to write your first blog post

Keep following Yoast and your on-page SEO will be alright. 

So now you know exactly what you need to do to write your first culturally relevant blog post for Asia, let’s do a quick recap so you can get started right now!

Writing Your First Blog Post In Asia – Checklist

  1. Start with an end goal in mind
  2. Do niche research and have a proper content plan using our best 3 methods. 
  3. Do some keyword and culture research and make a list. 
  4. Draw an outline. 
  5. Keep the do’s and don’ts in mind and start writing in the fastest possible way. 
  6. Once finished writing, edit your first draft as slow as possible. 
  7. Install Yoast SEO and optimize your content. 
  8. Congrats! Hit the “Publish Now” button. 

If you haven’t started your own blog yet, then make sure you check out our how to start a blog tutorial right here.


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