How to Start an Online Business in Timor Leste – An Underground Guide!


Are you struggling to start an online business in Timor Leste? Why won’t you? After all, the digital arena has not yet fully evolved in Timor Leste. 

I’m glad you arrived here because Timor Leste’s online businesses are growing day by day like any other Southeast Asian nation. If you look at it from a trader’s perspective, the online businesses are representing the bull market. 

How to Start an Online Business in Timor Leste

Whatever, your struggle ends here because I am about to give you premium advice for free.

Are you interested to know? Of course, you are! Who doesn’t like free things? I love them, haha! 

Why Should We Start an Online Business in Timor Leste? 

As I said earlier, the Southeast Asia digital marketing is on the bull mode at the moment. If you enter now, you will see a huge return on investment in the upcoming years. 

Now you must be thinking – I am repeating things here! Well, I am not repeating anything at all. I am spitting solid facts here. Wanna see them? Alright! Check it out. 

Statistics That Can Inspire to Start an Online Business in Timor Leste

Only 515K internet users are there. Don’t you think that the no. of internet users will increase in 5 years? 

Such statistics convey two things here. First, the market is unsaturated. Second, you can take all the benefits of being early in the game.

Important Things to Consider Before Starting an Online Business in Timor Leste? 

Before starting an online business in Timor Leste, you need to pay attention to a few things that I have mentioned below. If you skip this section, you may fail at the later stage of your ASEAN business. 

Do We Need Skills to Start an Online Business in Timor Leste? 

In an online business, it doesn’t matter whether you have a degree or not. But without skills, it’s literally impossible to climb the ladder of success. 

It’s surprising to note that digital skills can be easily built. In fact, if you’re ready to read everything till the very end, you will be able to equip yourself with enough skills. 

I am sure your skills will make all of your business opportunities in Timor-Leste visible.

“Schooling Doesn’t Assure Employment But Skill Does” – Amit Kalantri

Is it Possible to Make Money without Money in Timor Leste? 

To be honest, it’s not possible to make money without money even after being a good Southeast Asian business leader.

At least, you need a good internet connection, domain name, and hosting, which may cost you around $6-$10 per month. 

If someone is telling you a way to start an online business in Timor Leste without investment, he or she must be fooling you into a trap.

Do You Have Any Specific Idea to Start an Online Business in Timor Leste? 

What would you sell in ASEAN? Do you have any end goal? Before making a Southeast Asia website, you need to be clear and concise about your goals. 

I’m saying so because when you pick the domain name and theme of the website, you need to act in accordance with your business. 

“If A Claim is Worth Making, Make it With the Most Specific Way” – Claude Chopkins

What Your Competitors Are Doing? 

You must have heard people saying, “your competition is with yourself only.” From my point of view, such advice is useless! 

Competitors can be strong as well as weak. Your work is to learn from their mistakes and virtues. If you ignore them, you won’t be able to do the best among the competitors of ASEAN member states. 

Profitable Online Business Opportunities in Timor-Leste 

If you are looking in the right place, you must have already found a lot of online business opportunities in Timor Leste. In case, if you have not found anything profitable, don’t worry! 

Let me show you the best online business opportunities available in Timor Leste. 

How to Start a Freelance Business in Timor Leste 

If you lack resources, freelancing is the most economical way of starting an online business in Timor Leste. As a matter of fact, many Asia digital marketing entrepreneurs start their journey as a freelancer. 

Just make sure to master a particular skill. Otherwise, clients won’t stay for long. 

Once you start making money as a freelancer, you can reinvest that money to build something more robust. 

Depending on the Skill, A Freelancer Can Earn $100-$10,000 Per Month

Sell Your Digital Products in Timor Leste 

If you possess knowledge in any field, you can create digital products around it. For example, if you have a hunk body, you can create a course or ebook, which can help people in bodybuilding. 

Whatever, once people see stunning pictures of you, they would be more than happy to pay for your ASEAN digital hub. 

Digital products can give you such margins, which you can’t even imagine.

Probably, that’s why Warren Buffet Said…

The Best Investment You Can Make is In Yourself

Become An Affiliate Marketer in Timor Leste 

Affiliate marketing is another economical way to start an online business in Timor Leste.

Without investing money into product building, you can sell someone else’ products and earn a commission from it. 

If you have enough resources to survive for 12 months, you should pick affiliate marketing over freelancing. 

Being an affiliate marketer in Asia continent, you can earn more than a freelancer. 

Start a Dropshipping Business in Timor Leste 

Dropshipping is pretty much the same as affiliate marketing. The only difference is – Instead of commission, you can decide your own margin. 

Although Dropshipping is more profitable than affiliate marketing in Asia, it requires intensive knowledge and skills. 

As a Dropshipper, you need to take care of communication, research, content, promotion, management, etc. 

Almost Every Online Business Takes 1-12 Months for Success

Start an eCommerce Store in Timor Leste 

A Southeast Asia eCommerce store can give a huge profit. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of investment and patience. 

You will have to stock products at the wholesale price. And to be honest, sales are not guaranteed in the first month. 

To get sales, your eCommerce store needs 3-12 months of e-marketing in Asia. Nothing is fixed! It all depends on your research and skills. 

How to Setup an Online Business in Timor Leste – Make Your Unique Selling Point! 

You can’t start an online business in Timor Leste without a unique selling point. If you do business without it, you will end up hurting your reputation.

To make your online business authentic, you can try out the following methods. 

Build A Shopify Store in Timor Leste

If you want to build the best eCommerce or Dropshipping store in Timor Leste, you should rely on Shopify. 

Almost 500,000 merchants are using Shopify across the globe as well as ASEAN member states. As a matter of fact, Shopify is available in 175 countries including Timor Leste.  

Do you know why Shopify is available everywhere? Actually, the fact is – Shopify has extensive payment gateway alternatives. 

I know that you don’t know how to make a shopify store in Timor. That’s why I have written a separate Shopify tutorial for you. 

button get shopify now

Make A Southeast Asia Website with WordPress and WooCommerce 

WordPress is one of the best platforms for store and site-building. Some of you must be already aware of it. 

If you can’t afford Shopify, WooCommerce and WordPress can do the same work. However, the features will be limited. Don’t worry, that would be enough for a beginner like you. 

Here’s what you need to setup a WordPress website. 

Choose A Good ASEAN Web Hosting and Domain Name 

In Timor Leste, it’s not that easy to find a good web hosting. As you know, the country is still developing. Whatever, we should say thanks to Bluehost. It gives you an opportunity to choose a world-class web hosting for $3.95/month. 

Best Bluehost web hosting plans to start an online business in Timor Leste
button get bluehost here

What are you waiting for? Select the $3.95/month plan. Nothing is more affordable than this basic plan. 

After plan selection, a screen will pop up asking for a domain name. Go ahead and think about a memorable and classy domain name. 

How to choose a domain name before starting an online business in Timor Leste

Fill the Basic Information 

Fill in all the basic details like first name, email, phone, address, etc. Once you finish submitting the basic information, you will be asked for extra packages. 

How to register on Bluehost in Timor Leste

If you care about any of the extra services, you may choose it. If you don’t, you may skip it. A lot of people don’t take extras 🙂 

How to get discount on bluehost plans in Timor Leste

Provide your card details for completion of the transaction. 

how to buy web hosting in Timor Leste using Bluehost

Install WordPress on Bluehost 

Before WordPress installation, you need to create a strong password for your cPanel. 

how to create a new username and password on Bluehost in Timor Leste

Bluehost has built the simplest cPanel. You just need to click on “install WordPress” to make an Asia digital marketing website. 

How to install wordpress on Bluehost in Timor Leste

After installation, you need to change the credentials so that you can sign in later. 

how to change credentials on Bluehost in Timor Leste

If you want to sign in to your WordPress panel, you need to search the URL of your domain like this:

How to login to a WordPress website in Timor Leste

Install A WordPress Theme to Challenge Other Southeast Asia Empires

Believe it or not! Appearance matters a lot. Along with an attractive domain name, you need a wonderful WordPress theme for your blog. Here’s how you can change the theme of your S.E Asia WordPress website

  1. Go to appearance and select “themes.” 
  2. Pick a catchy theme for your WordPress website 
  3. Click on the “install now” button. 
How to install a theme on WordPress in Timor Leste

Note: If you wish to start a blog, you can set it up the same way. Always remember! The design will decide whether it’s a blog or website. 

Turn Your WordPress Site into Southeast Asia eCommerce Store with WooCommerce 

An eCommerce store needs many features that a simple WordPress website can’t provide. In that case, I would recommend a free plugin, which is known as WooCommerce. 

How to install WooCommerce on a WordPress website in Timor Leste

To find WooCommerce, you can go to the plugin section from the menu. Just like WordPress, you can install this in a single click. 

Start a Timor Leste YouTube Channel

Who on earth has said that there are no online business opportunities in Timor Leste, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Brunei? Yes, the second most popular search engine of the world can help you start an online business in all ASEAN countries.  

If you don’t like writing blog posts, you can make compelling videos in SEA. And guess what? In 3-12 months, you can make a good business without a huge investment. 

I love YouTube’s flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an affiliate marketer or an eCommerce business owner, you can sell almost everything. 

Most importantly, Timor Leste YouTube can integrate with Shopify as well. 

Team Albe is the Most Popular YouTuber in Timor Leste

How to Promote An Online Business in Timor Leste 

You’re not living in the 1st generation of the Southeastern digital era. The traffic won’t come your way automatically, you have to bring it on your own. 

Do you want to discover the best ways of traffic generation in Timor Leste? Alright! Let me show you. 

Do the Search Engine Optimization of Your ASEAN Business

Search Engine Optimization is the best way for traffic generation in Timor Leste. You may not be aware of this, but search engines always send high-quality traffic. 

Indeed SEO takes effort and time, the good thing is – anyone can do it. I have seen people doing SEO who can barely read English. 

If you want to learn how SEO works, you can grab our blogging tutorial

Whenever I compare social media with search engine, a quote from Tom Pick comes in my mind:

Social May Be Sexy, But Search Engine Still Pays the Bill

Get into Timor Leste Facebook Groups 

Facebook groups are a great place to market yourself. You can get in the middle of the crowd and make people notice you. 

Once they start noticing you, you can be friends with them and turn them into customers. 

In the first month, you may not get any customers because pitching takes time. If you get lucky, you may get customers in the very first month. 

So, don’t feel frustrated if you don’t get any leads in the beginning. Your pitching will get better with time! 

Utilize Quora for Traffic Generation in Timor Leste 

If you have not heard about Quora before, you haven’t found the goldmine yet.

Quora Has More Than 300 Million Active Users

Being an online business owner, you can leverage those 300 million active users to your advantage. 

Quora is a Q&A website. If you want loyal customers from there, you need to solve real problems and guide them to visit your unique selling point. 

Are You Ready to Start an Online Business in Timor Leste? Okay, keep the summary! 

  1. Understand the importance of starting an online business in Timor Leste 
  2. Consider the most important things 
  3. Research the market and go with the most suitable opportunity
  4. Build your unique selling point 
  5. Promote! 

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