How to Start an Online Business in Malaysia 2021


Are you tired of your 9-5 job or studies? Probably, that’s why you searched – “how to start an online business in Malaysia?” 

I don’t know why you searched about it but I am glad you did it. In a couple of minutes, you’re going to learn some unveiled tactics and secrets of digital gurus. 

how to start an online business in Malaysia

Believe me, if you ever take the below-mentioned information from digital experts, they will charge a hefty fee saying, “we’re about to show secret home-based business opportunities in Malaysia or Southeast Asia.”

Online Business Opportunity in Malaysia: 2020 and Beyond

The e-commerce trends in Malaysia are about to go on a peak. Currently, the eCommerce market of Malaysia is in the 36th position across the globe. 

Why and how to start an online business in Malaysia

Surprisingly, the value of Malaysia’s eCommerce market is $4,179m in 2020.

The fashion niche has alone brought $1,206m in 2020. And guess what? It’s the largest segment of the Malaysian eCommerce market. 

Now think about other niches for instance. Yes, there’s a lot of space. No one has explored them so far. 

Is it A Good Idea to Start an Online Business in Malaysia?

Most beginners take Malaysia online business ideas for granted. 

Some people believe that an online business is as easy as pie. To grow an ASEAN business online, they just need a little information and a good amount of money. In reality, you have to work as hard as you would for an offline business in the Southeastern Asia region.

On the other hand, some people believe that anyone can hack their bank accounts and steal their money. 

Let me clear the clutter! I have been working online since 2018 without any hacking issues. Do you know how is it possible? Well, I am using a premium antivirus. 

If we talk about the easiness of online business, it’s the same as offline business. To pull money out of it, you have to put effort and time. 

“No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change the World” – Robin Williams

What Do We Need to Start an Online Business in Malaysia?

Whenever you think about starting an online business in Malaysia, you should ask yourself these questions: 

  • How much money do I have? Is it more than $1000?
  • Do I possess basic computer skills?  
  • What’s my ASEAN business idea? 
  • Is my research done? 
  • How much competition is there? 
  • What about my competitors? 
  • What top online businesses in Malaysia are doing?

All these questions will help you start a seamless journey. In my opinion, you should answer these honestly! 

Most Promising Online Business Opportunity in Malaysia

Although the Southeast Asia eCommerce market has not yet fully evolved in Malaysia, there are a bunch of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs like you. Let me uncover the peel of opportunity onion layer by layer! 

Start a Southeast Asia eCommerce

eCommerce is one of the most popular and simplest online businesses. Perhaps, you must be already aware of it. 

Currently, there are two ways to start an online business in Malaysia. First, you can utilize the readymade marketplaces like Amazon. Second, you can set up your own Southeast Asia website

Alibaba and AliExpress are the Biggest Player in the Southeast Asian B2B Market

Sell Your Own Digital Products in Malaysia 

eCommerce products don’t give you a high margin. Do you know why?

When you buy products from a supplier, you have to pay him. And out of that, you decide the margin. When you create your own digital products, it either comes for free or you only pay for 1 unit.

Once the product is made, you can make as many units as you want for branding in Asia.

At some point, you will realize that digital products can give 100% margin. 

The downside of selling your own digital products is – it takes time to build one unit of it. Along with this, you need some sort of specialization.

Let’s say you are making a book of recipes. Would you be able to make it spectacular without having any knowledge about it? 

Alex Becker Makes $3 Million Every Year By Selling Digital Products Only

Leverage the Model of a Dropshipping Business

If you don’t have enough budget to buy or make products, you can leverage the model of a dropshipping business. 

In a Malaysia dropshipping business, you simply use other business’s products. Let’s say, you have built a website by putting product images of any other company. 

If you get the order, you can buy it at the same time.

Many people are into dropshipping due to the flexibility of investment. You don’t need thousands of dollars. The investment amount depends on the product’s price. 

Malaysian eCommerce Market is Expected to Reach $5,5995m by 2024.

Get Your Hands on Affiliate Marketing in Southeast Asia

In an affiliate marketing business, you can make money by selling someone else’s products. It is the easiest way to start an online business in Malaysia.

I must say – it’s easier than dropshipping. You don’t need to worry about delivery and other 100 things. As an affiliate marketer, you just need to make a Southeast Asia website and sales. 

As you’re earning commissions only, you can’t earn as big as you can from dropshipping. 

Is Amazon Available in Malaysia? 

Unfortunately, Amazon is not completely available in Malaysia.

If a user from Malaysia wants to buy something from Amazon, he needs to pay around 45 MYR for shipping, which is of course a big deal. 

If you choose Amazon to sell your products, it won’t be a good choice. 

Amazon is excellent for affiliate marketing. You can freely sell your products in Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and other 6 Southeast Asia countries without any limitation or worry.

Amazon Gives 2-5% Commission on Every Sale

3 Ways to Setup An Online Business Company in Malaysia 

Setting up a top online business in Malaysia is not rocket science. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tech-savvy person or not – as long as you know some basic computer skills like copy and paste, you can do it.

Split the Work and Use Pre-Made Southeast Asia eCommerce Marketplaces

As I said earlier, Amazon is not a good option because of its poor service in Southeast Asia cities. So what now? Is it the end of the world? No way! 

You can still use many Southeast Asia eCommerce marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, PG Mall, Lelong, GoShop, Hermo, Zalora, etc. 

When you use these marketplaces, you don’t need to worry about courier and website management. Everything will be managed by the marketplace and its team. 

What you won’t like about these marketplaces is their fee policy. On every sale, you need to give a cut to your marketplace, which is heart-wrenching. 

“If You Don’t Build Your Dreams, Someone Else Will Hire You to Build Theirs” – Ambani

WordPress + WooCommerce 

WordPress and WooCommerce give you an affordable way to build a private store. All you need is a good ASEAN web hosting and compelling domain name. 

If you’re worried about web hosting, then don’t! 

Many entrepreneurs in Malaysia are using A2 Hosting. 

Now some of you must be thinking that A2 Hosting is expensive. The truth is – it isn’t expensive at all. You can get it at $2.99, which is super affordable. 

In case, if you want to try advanced plans, here’s a helping chart. 

A2 Hosting plans for starting an online business in Malaysia

Have you chosen a plan? Great! 

Let’s turn A2 Hosting into a fully functional WordPress website. 

Setting Up Your ASEAN Website With A2 Hosting

  1. Find a suitable domain name. Just make sure to make it memorable and relatable to your online business. 
How to choose a domain name tp start an online business in Malaysia

If you already have a good domain name, you may click on “I will use my existing domain” button to connect it. 

  1. Select your domain name and click on that green “continue” button. 
how to sign up on A2 Hosting in Malaysia
  1. If you choose the monthly plan, you will have to pay more. When I was in your position, I took the yearly plan to save a good amount of money. But still, it all depends on your budget.
Is A2 Hosting good in Malaysia?
  1. Once you feel satisfied, you can checkout and fill all the necessary details on the next page. 
A2 Hosting signup form
  1. Now you will be logged into your dashboard. Visit “cPanel Login.” section. 
How to install WordPress on A2 Hosting in Malaysia
  1. Click on “WordPress A2 Optimized” to make an amazing Asian e-marketing WordPress website. 
A2 Hosting WorPress Installation Malaysia
  1. Do the quick installation.
A2 hosting quick wordpress installation
  1. Make your own username and password so that next time you can log in with the same credentials. Once you finish doing so, click on the blue “install” button. 
A2 Hosting username and password creation
  1. A2 Hosting has been successfully installed. Now you can log in to your website by entering the following URL on your browser:
how to sign into wordpress
  1. When you log in, you need to click on “appearance.” From there, you can find a theme using the search box. 
how to change WordPress theme in Malaysia

Once you find a suitable theme, install it. 

  1. Now that you have established a good website. It’s time to install a free plugin called WooCommerce. It can turn your website into a stunning eCommerce store. 
How to install WooCommerce on WordPress in Malaysia

Go to the plugins section and type WooCommerce in the search box. Complete the installation by clicking on the “install now” button. 

Note: If you want to start a blog for affiliate marketing business in Malaysia, you don’t need to install WooCommerce plugin. Just install a suitable theme and you’re good to go! 

Here’s the Best Way to Start An Online Business in Malaysia: Utilize the Benefits of Shopify!

Almost every professional Southeast Asian business leader uses Shopify. More than 100,000 merchants are making sales on it. Do you know why? 

Actually, it comes with some of the most promising features. It offers you what WooCommerce can not provide. For example, WooCommerce’s scalability has no match to Shopify. 

If you are curious about setting up a store on Shopify, here’s an easy Shopify tutorial, which can help you set up a shopify store in Malaysia.  


How to Get Traffic for an Online eCommerce Business in Malaysia 

You should be thankful for living in such an amazing era because there are numerous ways to advertising and marketing in asia. Wanna discover? Alright! 

Get Into SEA Facebook Groups

When I first discovered Facebook groups, I was glad enough to throw a wonderful party to my neighbors. Just kidding! 

Once you make a Facebook group, you need to work in the beginning to create an audience. After a while, people will generate the content. You don’t need to do anything! 

Apart from this, you can join other Facebook groups to get visitors.

Is Malaysia Instagram Traffic Good?

Of course, Malaysia Instagram traffic is good. If you continuously upload 5-8 pics on Instagram for a year, you can bring consistent streams of customers from it every month. 

Before uploading any post, you should keep in mind that every post on Instagram is like a blog post. If you won’t put different hashtags, you won’t rank anywhere! 

Team Up and Make An Amazing Southeast Asian Network

Networking plays an important role in an online business.

If you talk to people on a daily basis, opportunities will knock at your door without a prior notice. What if someone asks you for a collaboration? What if you get an affordable influencer for the promotion? Anything may happen! 

“Little droplets make the mighty ocean” – Julia Carney

Go for Asian e-marketing Digital Ads 

Malaysia is highly equipped with great stuff. It has almost every ad platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google AdWords, YouTube. 

But hold on a second… 

In the beginning, it’s not a good idea to try paid digital ads. Just like ranking blogs with proper SEO, it’s also a skill, which should be mastered! 

It’s not enough to learn how functions of digital ads work. If you don’t know how the Southeast Asia digital marketing actually works, you won’t be able to bring any sales out of your investment. 

Are You Ready to Start an Online Business in Malaysia? Here’s A Summarization to Keep You Focused! 

  1. Pick a suitable online business model
  2. Research the market to find hidden gems 
  3. Build and customize an online store or blog 
  4. Install the necessary plugins 
  5. In the end, drive visitors to get sales in Malaysia

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