How Do I Manage VPS Server? – Here’s the Easy Way!

Most new Singaporean VPS users often ask – how do I manage VPS server?

And that’s obvious because with a bunch of freedom and features, comes great responsibility. Especially when you’re using an unmanaged VPS! 

How Do I Manage VPS Server?

From control panel to basic tools installation – you need to take care of everything as you’re the controller of your own VPN arena.

If you’re not a developer and still wants to manage a VPS server on your own, then thank me later because I’m gonna teach you some tactics that would help you manage your VPS easily.

What Can I Run On VPS?

Before telling you the art of VPS management, I would like to equip you with crucial knowledge that is needed to use your Singapore VPS.

Okay, so the thing is – your unmanaged VPS server is not limited to hosting a website. Yes, it can do much more!

Here’s what a VPS server can run:

Self-Host Applications on Your VPS Server

On a VPS server, you can self-host all of your projects without taking help from SaaS (software as a service) alternatives. If you have ever used such services, you must be aware of the fact that these software charge hefty monthly fees.

There are so many good open-source applications that can do your work for free in a better way.

Have you ever heard of Dropbox? Well, it can be replaced by NextCloud. From CRM to account apps – you can host almost everything on your VPS server.

Launch Your Own Game Server with VPS

Ever wondered you can even host games on a VPS server? Although it looks like, why would someone spend money on building a gaming server, right?

You may not know this but people are earning millions on a Minecraft gaming server.

And guess what? Game hosting is not only limited to Minecraft. There are other games like Rust, Counter Strike, ARK, and you name it.

A good Minecraft server owner makes as much as a YouTuber Does!

Create a Backup Server on VPS to Preserve Important Data

Working online is no joke!  You may lose all of your important documents or let’s say business data in one go. To not fall in such a booby trap, you must keep a backup on a VPS.

Although there are ways like an external hard drive, CDs, or USB, you can’t access them from any corner of the world.

Run A Mail Server On VPS

Here comes another cost that you can cut on a Singapore VPS server. What if I tell you that you can host your company’s own email server on an open-source mail server?

What I like the most about these open-source email servers is – there are loads of these and they’re not as technical as people think. 

How Can We Start A VPS Server?

Starting a VPS server is absolutely effortless. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Learn a secure way to log into your VPS (most people prefer via secure SSH)
  2. Update your server
  3. Create a new user and modify its privileges
  4. Enable public-key authentication
  5. Set up a firewall for your VPS

What is VPS Bandwidth?

The amount of data your website can transfer to your users in a given amount of time is called VPS bandwidth. In other words, we can say that a bandwidth is nothing but calculated gigabyte, which web hosting companies offer to their customers.

If we look at it from a simple approach, it’s like the diameter of a pipeline!  

The more VPS bandwidth you will have, the more you media you can have on your server. More importantly, there would be less chances of crashing.

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