How to Make A Landing Page in Asia – 2 Most Effective & Easy Ways!

Are you struggling to know how to make a landing page for conversion? 

I must say – you’re struggling for the right thing.

The best landing page marketing strategy makes it easy for us to collect the most valuable assets from our customers:

  • Email,
  • Phone number,
  • Social media accounts,
  • Money,
  • Time, etc. 
how to make a landing page using clickfunnels

I don’t know how many how to make a landing page type blogs you have read.

What I know is – once you finish reading my good landing page design tips, you will end up making a great landing page for your ASEAN business. 

But before setting up a landing page, we need to understand the basics. Here we go! 

Importance of A Landing Page in Digital Marketing

Landing pages can pave a good way to the end goal. And yes, that applies to customers as well. 

As soon as users get on your website, they get the idea of what’s actually going on. 

If they don’t, they’re probably seeing a low-quality landing page. Anyway, I will tell you what makes a good landing page in 2020. 

On An Average, An eCommerce Landing Page Gives 2.8% of Conversion Rate

For now, let me tell you why a landing page is important for Southeast Asia websites. 

Some users in Southeast Asia are not technical enough as technology hasn’t yet fully evolved in areas like Timor Leste, Brunei, and Cambodia. A landing page makes things easily navigable for them. 

To be more precise…

  • Landing pages give customers an impactful first impression.
  • Landing pages used in Southeast Asia build the foundation of trust and represent the class of many brands. 
  • Shiny incentives and offers bring more potential contacts for email marketing. 
  • The right CTA (call-to-action) can bring leads as well as sales. 
  • Most importantly, landing pages in Southeast Asia can help us discover the conversion leakage. If something is not right, we can figure it out. 

What Makes A Good Landing Page in 2020?

Creating landing pages in Southeast Asia is easy as well as tough. It depends on how you perceive it. If you ask me, I would say – it’s an art. 

Do you know that most musicians make melodies in their mind? Yes, they don’t let the musical instrument decide their outcome.

According to Unbounce Marketing…

Industries Like Business Consulting, Real Estate, Travel, Credit & Lending, Higher Education, and Health Get the Highest Conversion Rate

When you want to make a converting landing page for an online business, you need to think like a musician. 

Have an idea in your mind and put it on your page. Don’t let any tool define your marketing skills. 

Now that you got the basic principle of landing page creation, it’s time to understand what makes a good landing page. 

Have An End Goal in Mind 

Don’t start from the beginning, start from the end. That’s the way to know how to make a landing page in Asia and generate sales like a pro.  

Once you have an end goal in mind, things will become easier to structure. In that case, more understanding will make the process seamless. 

“To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination.” – Stephen R. Covey

Make An Irresistible Offer 

Be it design or discount, once visitors hop on your landing page, your work is to get a hold on them. Aren’t you wondering how to make a landing page in ASEAN that much catchy? 

Look! To get a hold on them, make sure to be as relatable as possible. 

In addition, your representation should look like a great hierarchy. This way, they will be able to get everything in chunks. As you know, no one loves overloaded stuff 😉 

According to Microsoft, the Average Human Being Now Has An Attention Span of 8 Seconds

Never Forget to Put A CTA While Making Your First Landing Page

Have you ever thought about what makes a good CTA? How many CTAs should be on a landing page? 

One simple answer to these 2 most important questions about CTA is: Your CTA should be emotional as well as logical. 

In other words, learn how to make a landing page CTA compelling while being human… so that you can get an action from your visitors. 

As a matter of fact, you can test multiple CTAs as well. 

CreateDebate Says, Making CTAs Look Like Buttons Once Created Almost 45% Boost in Their Clicks

Arrange A Killer Copy to Make A Profitable Landing Page 

As I said, when visitors come in, you need to keep a hold on them. I am talking about it twice so that you can know – a copy is as important as knowing how to make a landing page design.

Either write a great copy yourself or hire a professional copywriter. 

Believe me, putting a poor write up on your landing page is the last thing you want. 

The first line of your copy should invite the reader and establish a connection. 

2 Ways and 2 Tools to Make A Successful and Best Landing Page in Asia

Out of more than 10 landing page builders for WordPress, I have filtered ClickFunnels and Instapage. Although both are totally different, they can help you achieve your end goal. Let’s see what they can do and what’s up with them! 

ClickFunnels Landing Page Builder Review

Do you know what is Clickfunnels funnel builder?2 well-known entrepreneurs, Todd Dickerson and Russel Brunson together established ClickFunnels in 2012. Since then, the company has been leading world’s as well as Asia’s digital marketing companies. 

Here’s What Does ClickFunnels Do: 

  • Teaches you how to make a landing page for affiliate marketing, webinars, selling your own products, and other marketing tactics. 
  • Make a shopping cart to conduct more business  
  • Make members area 
  • Get a chance to be a part of its affiliate systems 
  • Grow an email list for marketing in your niche
  • Sell paid content of various types 
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ClickFunnels Pros and Cons – One of the Best Landing Page Makers for Southeast Asian Businesses

ClickFunnels Pros

  • Comes with easy drag-and-drop features, which makes it suitable for beginners 
  • CSS Code addition feature makes it good for expert level page builders
  • All-in-one marketing solution
  • Impressive data tracking features that can tell you how to make a landing page
  • Integrates well with WordPress and other membership sites
  • Responsive support team is always there to sort things out 
  • Built-in email marketing and A/B split testing 
  • 14-day free trial 
  • Moneyback guarantee

ClickFunnels Cons

  • ClickFunnels basic plan is limited to 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 payment gateways, and 3 domains
  • Basic Standard Plan is priced at $97, which is a bit expensive. (worth considering though) 
  • Not easy to embed ClickFunnels pages in Squarespace 

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost? 

If you’re bootstrapping your business, a $97 basic plan would be more than enough. No one creates more than 20 funnels in the beginning.

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

Although the basic plan seems expensive, you can use it to get a huge return on investment. Besides, their video course can give you an extensive knowledge on how to make a landing page in Southeast Asia.

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Instapage Landing Page Builder Review for WordPress 2020 

From eBay to Vimeo – Instapage has worked with many popular Southeast Asia companies and increased their revenue to a surprising extent. 

Although it seems unbelievable, Instapage claims to give customers up to 400% more from their digital ad spend. 

However, it can be possible. No doubt! Technology has done things that we never thought about.

Here’s What Does Instapage Do: 

  • Creates brand relevant, mobile-responsive, and converting landing pages
  • A/B, multivariate, and detailed heatmaps testing features give an in-depth perspective
  • Real-time visual on-page collaboration with other teammates 
  • AMP & Thor rendering, which make fast landing pages
  • Easy campaign management 
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Pros and Cons of Instapage – Southeast Asia Digital Marketing Companion

Instapage Pros 

  • Drag and drop landing page creation 
  • Get advanced features such as Page Creation & Migration, Global Blocks, AMP, and Instablock 
  • Amazing widgets for countdown timers, CTA buttons, spacing, etc. 
  • More than 200 templates are available
  • Fast and friendly support, which can anytime teach you how to make a landing page

Instapage Cons 

  • Sometimes, updates can mess up with your landing pages 
  • HTML export is not possible for your landing pages
  • Advanced customers take time to understand the UI. There’s too much to discover! 
  • Only 24 hours moneyback guarantee
  • To connect an Instapage landing page with WordPress, you have to paste a token separately. Not easy though! 

How Much Does Instapage Cost? 

Did you think ClickFunnels is expensive? Think again! The basic plan of Instapage begins at $149 per month. 

How much does Instapage cost?

If we talk about enterprise plans, they don’t even reveal the price. You have to contact the company. 

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ClickFunnels Tutorial for Beginners: How to Make Landing A Page in ClickFunnels 

  1. First of all, login and go to the dashboard. From there, hit the “Add New” button to make a new funnel in ClickFunnels. 
How to make a landing page in ClickFunnels
  1. ClickFunnels will give you two options: Cookbook and Classic.  
ClickFunnels cookbook vs classic which is better for making a landing page in Asia

Cookbook is made for beginners and classic is for pro ones.

I am going to explain Cookbook because it will help us know how to make a landing page in Classic mode as well. 

  1. Once you click on Cookbook, ClickFunnels interface will ask for your goal. Remember that end goal thing? 
how to choose ClickFunnels templates for conversion

Select the most suitable template and make yourself comfortable. 

  1. I chose the reverse squeeze page builder for WordPress template. See! There’s also a video and funnel map, which can help you understand how to make a landing page. 
How to Make A Squeeze Page Funnel in ClickFunnels

By the way, you don’t need that video because you’re reading my landing page making tutorial 😉 

  1. If you scroll a little on the same page, you will see many templates for the 2nd step.

Choose the free section and select any template. In case, if you prefer something unique, you can checkout all available ClickFunnels templates for sale.

Still, all those are related to your interest. It doesn’t matter whether you buy ClickFunnels templates or go with free ones. 

Either buy clickfunnels templates or get free ones to setup a landing page

To illustrate well, I picked a blank template. 

  1. Here comes the main section of ClickFunnels. I don’t know what others call it… For me, it’s the main one because many things happen here!  
Choosing ClickFunnels templates for a landing page

From the left side, you can add new steps.

From the right, you can pick a template for that step. It’s up you! Think what you can input. Have an idea in mind. As I said, don’t rely on the instrument. 

  1. After template selection and finalising steps, you need to design both steps one by one. In this ClickFunnels tutorial, I am going to pick one for explanation.  
Understanding ClickFunnels steps and editing a landing page

I selected “Reverse Squeeze Page Builder for WordPress Template” step and clicked on “Edit Page” 

  1. Ta da! Everything is there. All you need is editing. 
How to Customize a Landing Page in ClickFunnels

Isn’t it easy? Just click and edit. To be honest, even a 6th grade student can design a landing page using ClickFunnels. 

  1. After changing everything to your needs, hit the save button. That’s it… You have designed your funnel. 
How to Save A Landing Page in ClickFunnels
  1. Wait a minute, aren’t you wondering what happened with the Classic Funnel Builder option? Okay, here’s what it is about. Select the classic option and move forward. 
ClickFunnels classic builder funnel review
  1. Just like Cookbook, the Classic Funnel building process will also ask for your end goal. If your end goal fits within those 3, that’s great. If you want something else, select a custom funnel. 
How to create a custom funnel in ClickFunnels

So, I am going with custom. 

  1. Name your funnel and click on “Build Funnel” 
choosing asean funnel for business on ClickFunnels
  1. Boom! We’re back to the same place. Can you see that there’s no difference between Cookbook and Classic. It’s just a difference of guide.
ClickFunnels classic and cookbook feature comparison

In Cookbook, they give you an end goal. In Classic, you know what to do. 

How to Integrate ClickFunnels with WordPress

To integrate ClickFunnels with WordPress, you need to follow these steps. 

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and hover over to the plugin section to add a new plugin. 
how to integrate ClickFunnels with WordPress
  1. Click on the “Install Now” button. 
how to add ClickFunnels plugin in WordPress
  1. Once installation gets done, activate the plugin. 
how to add ClickFunnels plugin in WordPress
  1. Go to settings of your ClickFunnels plugin. 
Where is ClickFunnels settings in WordPress
  1. If you’re a ClickFunnels user, you must have an active account email. Your job is to find an authentication token. 
ClickFunnels WordPress Api connection
  1. To find an authentication token, take your mouse pointer to the account and an “account details” drop down menu will popup. 
how to find WordPress API key

In that “account details” section, you will find the WordPress API key. Copy that! 

  1. Go back to where you were and paste the key. Make sure to save settings! 
clickfunnels wordpress api connection 700X488
  1. Now move to the general settings and make your page display method “Download & Display” (Highly Recommended) 
What is ClickFunnels download and display feature?
  1. Choose Page Type, Funnel, and Step accordingly. 
how to publish ClickFunnels pages in WordPress

Note: The page you have created earlier will be seen in the “Choose Funnel” option. Same is with steps! 

how to create a custom URL in ClickFunnels

Make a beautiful and SEO compatible custom slug for your landing page. 

Done it all? Save it and take a deep breath. Now you finally know how to publish ClickFunnels to WordPress. 

How to Make A Landing Page in Instapage 

  1. Let’s start with the dashboard first. As you can see, it’s neat and clean.
how to make a landing page in Instapage

So, you can click on create a new page and select your preferred page type. 

how to create a new page in instapage 700X430

I chose a standard page to illustrate easily in this Instapage landing page tutorial. 

  1. There you can see Instapage landing page templates. On the top bar, there are categories as well. 
Instapage landing page templates
  1. Once you hover over any template, you will see a preview button. Leverage it to save time. 
Choosing Instapage Squeeze page template
  1. After previewing, if you like the template, click on the edit page. 
how to customize Instapage template for WordPress
  1. It will ask for a page name. Enter something memorable so that you can keep a check later. 
how to create a new landing page in Instapage using templates
  1. Now we need to do what we did on ClickFunnels. 
how to edit a landing page in Instapage in Southeast Asia

Change everything to your needs!

  1. Here’s the deal. Instead of saving it, exit and it will be automatically saved. I know you must be wondering – what difference does it make? 
how to save Instapage landing page easily
  1. Can you see that publish button on top? If you wouldn’t exit, you couldn’t see it. Don’t click on it yet. Instead, open WordPress in another tab. 
how to publish Instapage landing page to WordPress

Time to integrate WordPress with Instapage!

Here’s How to Integrate Instapage with WordPress 

Don’t you know how to install an instapage WordPress plugin? Here’s the trick… 

  1. Login to WordPress and hover your mouse towards the plugin. There you will see an “add new” option. 
How to add Instapage plugin to WordPress
  1. Search “Instapage” in the box and install Instapage from that “Install Now” button. 
how to integrate Instapage with WordPress
  1. An option for activation will pop up. If not, go to Plugins > installed plugins
how to activate Instapage plugin in WordPress
  1. Go to Instapage settings. As you can see, there is a login section. Enter your account details there and connect it. Easy! 
Where is Instapage plugin settings in WordPress
  1. After login, select all and connect to WordPress. 
how to connect instapage to wordpress 700X341
  1. Go back to the landing page you created and hit the publish button. 
Instapage landing page creation
  1. Instapage will show you various options again. Select WordPress! 
instapage integration options in 2020 700X291
  1. Something will stop you, which is good. Press “Don’t Have WordPress Admin Access?” link text. 
don't have WordPress admin access Instapage
  1. Don’t worry! It’s okay… Nothing is technical here. Copy that CMS token from the given button. 
How to generate Instapage CMS token
  1. Go back to the login section of your Instapage plugin and paste the token and click on “Add Token” 
how to add CMS token in Instapage plugin in WordPress
  1. Follow steps 5 and 6 again. 
  1. A green indicator will tell you that everything is going well. 
How to push page to WordPress in Instapage

Go ahead and click on “Push Page to WordPress”

If it is added successfully, you will get a message like this: 

Publishing Instapage landing page in WordPress
  1. Select your sub-account, landing page, page type, and slug. 
how to add Instapage landing page in WordPress

Wondering where your landing page went? Well, it’s in the landing page option.

Hit the publish button and that’s all. You have successfully done Instapage WordPress integration and publishing. 

Which Landing Page Builder is Best – ClickFunnels or Instapage? 

In terms of price, interface, marketing, and all different perspectives, ClickFunnels takes the cake. It’s more than a landing page builder. Its features start to make miracles where Instapage features end. 

You can grab a 14 Day free trial of Clickfunnels here.

And the same for Instapage right here.

I have presented everything in detail. The rest is up to you! 

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