How To Find eCommerce Niche Ideas

So, after you have completed your initial research, we are going to want to look into how to find the best eCommerce Niche ideas for your new e-commerce Startup.

Here’s how:

A great place to start is Aliexpress, in the collections section, where there are stacks of products and ideas just waiting for you to take advantage of. Search here for some great ideas: Aliexpress Collections

how to find ecommerce niche ideas

Now some of these might seem crazy, or mad, or strange, but you know what, there is a market for pretty much every single niche/hobby that I have mentioned above!

So, write down your top 5 niches from the list above:

How do you find the best ecommerce niche?

To start with answer these questions:

  • Is there one of these niches you really love?
  • Does one niche give you a good gut feeling?
  • Does one of them just stand out to you?


Go To

We are going to use Google Trends to find out what is a good niche product to sell online, and also how to find trending niches. Search your 5 Niches here, make sure there are a good amount of searches, and a pattern that is going up, like:

what is a good niche product to sell online

What can you see from the search?

Does the pattern go up or down?

Is the trend positive or negative?

  1. Niche 1 (Example): Left-handed golfers
  2. Niche 2 (Example): German Shephard owners
  3. Niche 3 (Example): Diabetes sufferers
  4. Niche 4 (Example): Laboratory professor
  5. Niche 5 (Example): Kids football coach

So once you have got all the data, it’s time to identify the best ecommerce niches you are going to focus on. It’s crunch time, well in so much that it is a great place to get started.

Identify The Best Ecommerce Niches

Please remember, this is only the beginning of your ecommerce niche selection, to test it.

It might work and it might not, but the most important thing is that you understand how to choose a niche and innovative niche ideas for your e-commerce business.

The thing is:

Most eCommerce Entrepreneurs go through many different niches before they hit the real money making one.

What is your chosen ecommerce niche?



Once you have that niche down, let’s go to Google Alerts to set up Keyword Alerts to set up an alert to ensure you know what is going on in your industry.

research google alerts niche

Then enter your chosen Niche where you see the “my brand” in the image.

ecommerce domain research leandomain

You can set how often you receive these alerts, but I believe the best is to get them every day and scan them to keep up to date with your industry.

Niche Domain Name Research

Next what you will want to do is choose a really cool domain name, something that stands out, and something that is related to your niche. My favorite place to get domain name suggestions is LeanDomainSearch the coolest domain finder I know.


Let’s imagine your niche was “pets”.

Simply enter “pets” or your own keyword into the domain name generator box, click search, and await for the magic to happen.

ecommerce niche domain name research

The results for “pets” brought back over 2000 domain name suggestions that you could use. Now filter through and find the one that best suits YOU.

Go on…

Once you have chosen your domain name for your e-commerce store it is time to go to I like to choose these as they connect really easily to Shopify and make the whole process very easy.

Go to to register your domain name:

buying a niche domain name on godaddy

If this is your first time registering a domain, you can look for a coupon code to get the best deal on the domain:

It’s cool:

Sometimes you can get the domain for as little as $0.99.

So what now?

So get started with this section on how to find ecommerce niche ideas, and if you need more help, contact usand I can point you in the right direction.

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