It’s Cheap, But Is Hostinger VPS Hosting in Singapore Bad- eASEAN Review

Hostinger VPS represents the best virtual private server hosting option for the entrepreneur working on a tight budget in Singapore today. During this Hostinger VPS Hosting Review we will look at why it is important to know what they offer, and why (if you are on a shoestring) this is for you.

All web hosting plans are unmanaged, which enables Hostinger to start selling their plans from $3.95 (scaling up to $77.95).

These plans are perfect for the growing business that wants and need to benefit from the additional web-infrastructure VPS Hosting offers, but also needs to watch every cent and are only willing to pay for what the business needs at that moment.

Maybe the best way to say it is; Hostinger as a company offers VPS that has everything a new scaling business needs. Now if you are looking for other cheap vps servers in Singapore, you can check out our best 5 article via the link just there.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Review Singapore

Because what’s so good about Hostinger as a provider is that they have plans to help scale your growth every step of the way…

  • Each plan is built with the right amount of features,
  • Which help you graduate through their plans,
  • As your business gradually grows online,
  • And strengthening this is an ability to easily migrate and graduate up through their plans, always with fair pricing central to their offering.

Hostinger VPS Plans Are Unmanaged

You’re a solopreneur, you like to do things your own way, you’re a versatile operator… you get involved in every aspect of your business, you’re technologically and web-infrastructurally proficient, you’re comfortable working, managing, and updating a web host control panel, but you want to keep your budget tight and you can’t do dedicated hosting yet!

And this is essential as all VPS Hostinger web plans are unmanaged, meaning you will have:

  • Root access: to the entire hosting environment and resources, which you will be able to completely customize to suit your growing businesses needs, and,
  • Responsibility: to carry about all server maintenance.

To help you in your VPS Hosting journey, we will do a thorough deep dive in this Hostinger web hosting review for VPS users in Singapore, analyzing:

  • Performance: what are they offering in terms of hardware/features/reliability?
  • Ease of Use: how easy is it to migrate from other hosting plans / how easy is their control panels to use/do they offer developer-friendly solutions?
  • Security: what security protocols and software do they have in place / what backups do they offer?
  • Customer Service: how can you access their support team / when communicating with them what is their attitude like?
  • Price: from high to low what are their prices ranges to expect / how long are their contract durations / do they offer a money-back guarantee?

And at the end of the article, we will give you our top picks of the best web hosting services you could purchase.

Hostinger VPS Plans Are Unmanaged for SG rating

Performance Of Hostinger Virtual Private Servers

Overall we’re really really impressed with Hostinger in terms of performance, their load and reliability scores are right up there with the best in the category (A2Hosting) because they have invested significantly, both in terms of their hardware and the features they offer. Considering the affordable nature/budget/value of their plans, they offer serious levels of premium performance.


Hostinger Servers are fast, they’re very fast (maybe not quite as fast as A2’s Turbo, but right up there) because Hostinger uses the latest and very powerful Intel Xeon processors… meaning your websites will operate without any latency, which means Google will love you because your Core Web Vitals are in check and ultimately you offer your visitors the best possible experience.

In terms of vCPU, their plans offer 1-9 cores (as you graduate through their plans). We would always recommend at least 2 Cores for a simple WordPress-like site, so once you start to expand and scale up your operation both in terms of traffic and complexity of the site, Hostinger has vCPU Cores plans to suit your needs.

Dedicated IP4 & IP6:

Even the entry-level plan offers dedicated IP4 & IP6 and with a dedicated IP, all your scripts and extensions will work at lightning speed.


All plans come with SSD storage having upgraded from HDD in 2020… this means faster and better site and singular web page performance. Plans start with 20GB going all the way up to 250GB SSD storage. As a rule of thumb, a basic but busy site should look to get 40GB SSD storage.


This is your Random Access Memory, the memory that holds temporary data… such as scripts used to execute tasks. So the busier you get the more RAM you will need. Plans from Hostinger, offer 1GB RAM all the way up to 16 GB. If you’re a site that’s growing without being super busy (and you’re watching your budget) we recommend plans with at least 2GB RAM.


Hostinger packs each host plan with all the essentials and a few added extras which we have listed below…

Dedicated IP:

each plan come with a dedicated IP address,


from 1TB up to 12TB, 1TB is more than enough for a simple site, so as you grow and if you stay with Hostinger they will have your bandwidth covered,

Inode Limit:

so the number of files and folders you hold on the server. Plans offer from 1.3M TO 16M FILES, almost like unlimited storage nearly.

SSL certificates:

All plans come with SSL Certs

And so much more.

Local servers:

Continuing with this positive theme of performance, very important for all of us here in Singapore, Hostinger has one (of their seven) server locations based here in Singapore. So why is this important? It’s important because the data accessed from local servers means every search request for your site requires a shorter distance to travel around the world, faster load time, happy Google, and as a result (Strong Web Core Vitals) better SEO.


Here at eASEAN we take uptime guarantees from providers very seriously, because downtime means loss of business. Hostinger offers the industry-standard 99.9% uptime guarantee, and from all of our testing Hostinger never went below this threshold, scoring on average 99.96%, which is better than the category average (without being the best in the category)
You don’t get free google ads credit, or a free domain name, but you should already have these.

Ease of use:

Being the budget option does not mean putting out weak products which no one can use, Hostinger has thought of pretty much everything here, it’s probably the easiest platform environment we have worked with.


Hostinger offers free migration on all plans, and has a set of very easy-to-follow guides, which will walk you through every step of the process as you migrate from your old hosting provider over to Hostinger.


Hostinger uses their own bespoke built Hpanel, they had the confidence to modify the ubiquitous cPanel, and in fact, they have made a better version, the Hpanel is a lovely control panel, especially for all you “solopreneurs” out there, who love to do everything themselves, this is for you, the panel is really easy to navigate, and it really is intuitive, you will have mastered your hosting environment in 5 minutes max. You can also customize the whole experience, so your Hpanel is reflective of your operation.

Developer-friendly solutions:

All VPS Plans come with an auto-installer meaning to create sites is super easy (can even be used for WordPress hosting your sites), and the most popular web scripts and operating systems templates.

Website builder:

Hostinger owns the Zyro Website Builder, which is really easy to use (perfect for beginners) but also packed with lots of useful features like the AI Writer (which can auto-write content), the AI Heatmap, a Logo maker as well as a massive library of images you can use for free.


we don’t usually put scalability in this section, but on this occasion, because Hostinger has created the perfect stepping system with their plans, they make it super easy to graduate through their plans, with plans which reflect a scaling business’s needs.


Hostinger claims to have the most advanced security measures available today, and they might just have because all of Hostinger’s servers have advanced security modules (such as mod_security, Suhosin PHP hardening, PHP open_basedir protection, and others). Also, all VPS Plans are covered by RAID systems and they (also) offer daily back-ups, meaning all your data will be in the safest and secure hands possible.

Obviously, as well as the measures listed above, as you will have root access/admin rights, and because the Hpanel is so customizable, it’s very easy to add all your own security protocols and measures to further reinforce your site’s security.

Customer Service:

Really good customer support, but it’s not its strongest feature.


Even though they offer 24/7/365 support, they don’t offer phone support, and sometimes a friendly voice on the other side of the line is what we need when we need to be walked through an issue. They do offer live chat/ticket and email support.


The team is extremely knowledgeable and really helpful, no question too big / no problem too small attitude from everyone.
Location: They have a team-based here in Singapore, so you will have someone who better understands your needs and your local pressures.

Customer testimonial review for VPS Hostinger in Singapore


Their greatest strength is their confident pricing, awesome plans for the cut cost prices:


Starting at $3.95 per month running up to $77.99 across 9 different plans with increasing levels of features. As we have mentioned, the plans are packed correctly for different business needs, so you can graduate through their plans as your business scales, and you’ll know you’re paying the right price as you do.


There are 4 options here, you can pay by monthly / 12 monthly / 24 monthly / 48 monthly. With the 48 month plan you’ll obviously get the best deal… 55% cheaper than the monthly deal.

Money-Back Guarantee:

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, they’ll refund your payment, no issues, just a straight refund. That shows real confidence in their offering.

Our eASEAN Top Hostinger VPS Hosting Review Picks

While difficult to pick, as we feel the plans are perfect for different businesses as they scale, the plans are tailored really well to different scaling needs. However we had to choose one and we have gone with the VPS 2, we think it’s the perfect entry-level plan, it has all the right amount server and hardware quality, the right amount of features, and is priced at $8.95 per month (on the 48-month plan).

We look at this plan as the perfect launchpad for all you solopreneurs out there, who know their business is going to scale soon. With the VPS 2 plan, you can start your stepping stone through higher-performing hosting plans as your business needs it.

Hostinger VPS plan choice for Singapore by easean


Very very big fans of Hostinger, right up there with the best in category (maybe if they offered phone support in the future they might just become it). The prices are right, the plans are built correctly, and they have the infrastructure to enable your business growth.

If you start with Hostinger this year, we think you’ll be staying with them for a long time, click one of the links here and take your business to the next level.

Simon Tang

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