The Best MC Server Hosting Review – Hostinger Minecraft

Once you have finished, you will know what makes Hostinger Minecraft server hosting so good, and why it’s so damn affordable. 

hostinger minecraft server singapore

More importantly, you can utilize the measures I’ve taken to find a different, not albeit better Minecraft server hosting company in Asia and Singapore. If possible! 

Hostinger Minecraft Server Review

Hostinger has been one of the most affordable Minecraft server hosting services since 2004. As of now, it operates in more than 170 countries across the globe, so it’s a pretty big deal. 

Nowadays, Hostinger is mostly used by new bloggers and Minecraft server owners due to it’s great affordable mc packages.

Minecraft Hostinger server hosting has 29 million satisfied customers across the globe.

What’s Included In This Hostinger Minecraft Server Review?

Before getting into the actual meat and potatoes, I would like to let you know what this Hostinger Minecraft server review is about. 

Here’s what it is about: 

  • Pros and Cons of Hostinger Minecraft Server hosting in Singapore and Asia,
  • How much a Hostinger Minecraft server costs,
  • How to set up your Minecraft Server for Singapore and compatibility finding,
  • Is Hostinger a good Minecraft Server for Singapore and Asia?

Pros of Hostinger Minecraft Server

  • Instant Minecraft server setup 
  • Web or FTP file access 
  • Free MySQL
  • DDoS protection 
  • Multicraft panel to setup Minecraft server easily 
  • Mobile app 
  • 99.99% uptime SLA 
  • Full-time Minecraft specific support team 
  • PCI-DSS compliant 
  • Dual-CPU hardware technology
  • 30 days Minecraft server hosting moneyback guarantee 
  • Partnership Program to make money as an affiliate on your server

Cons of Hostinger Minecraft Server

  • A variety of plans often confuse users 
  • No phone support 
  • Must log in to have a live chat with customer service

How Much Does Minecraft Server Hosting Cost? 

With such amazing features, who wouldn’t wonder how much does Hostinger costs?

Hostinger MC Server Pricing singapore

The plans might be a bit confusing for a new Minecraft owner. If you want to break through the confusion, first think about how many players will play on your server.

Once you have the answer in mind, then use this little RAM formula to help yourself: 

Minecraft RAM Formula:

  • 2 GB – 10 Players 
  • 3 GB – 15 Players 
  • 4 GB – 25 Players
  • 6 GB – 40 Players
  • 8 GB – More than 90 Players

If you select your plan based on the above metric, Hostinger Minecraft server lagging issues will never tease your eyeballs. 

To be more precise, I can say that you can start with an $8.95/month Alex plan. If you’re a pro and there are more players, you can start with a $12.95/month Villager plan.

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Hostinger Minecraft Server Setup Compatibility 

In my opinion, it’s super easy to set up Hostinger Minecraft server hosting for your Singapore or Asian business. But still, I’ve laid out everything so, you can decide whether it’s easy or not. 

  1. Choose a Minecraft server that perfectly fits well within your needs. For me, the Villager plan is enough! 
Hostinger Minecraft Village Plan
  1. As you can see, there are multiple discount offers. You may get something different. So, pay attention before checking out. 
Hostinger MC server discount offers
  1. Once you complete the order, you will get a thank you message. From there, you need to set up a Minecraft server. Hit the “Set Up Your Order” button. 
  1. Now give your server a great name. In location, you need to choose the one that is near to you as well as your players. 
How to configure Hostinger Minecraft server in Singapore and Asia

And yes, don’t forget to put a strong password. Now move forward by clicking on the “Setup” button. 

  1. After that, continue to the control panel. 
  1. Here’s the real deal. Don’t worry; nothing is complicated here except the dashboard. I am showing you the easiest way to bypass all of that annoying stuff. 
Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting Review of Dashboard

Note: Make sure you have a domain name. If you don’t have one, get one either from Hostinger or GoDaddy. Just remember! It would be easier to take the Hostinger domain. 

  1. From here, I’m assuming that you have a domain name. So, go ahead and click on start building. 
How to build Minecraft Singapore server Hostinger

A little window like this will pop up. 

How to Start Minecraft Server on Hostinger

On a scale of 1-10, how sure are you about starting your own Minecraft server? Just kidding! 

Just say yes and wait for proper execution. 

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If your server status is running and green, you need to copy your SSH IP from there and paste it on Godaddy. 

how to connect Hostinger Minecraft server to a domain name

Have you copied it? Great! 

Now head over to the Hostinger’s DNS settings and paste your IP in A records like this: 

how to point Hostinger Minecraft server to a domain name

It may take some time to get into the records. So, don’t worry if it doesn’t work, it will work eventually. 

  1. In my Hostinger Minecraft server review, I’ve talked about multicraft features in pros of it. Now is the time to leverage it. 
how to login to Hostinger Multicraft Singapore Minecraft vps server

Once you hit the login details button, another small window will pop up. 

How to get Hostinger multicraft login details

Click on the URL, and you will be redirected to the main login section where you can create a Minecraft server without command. 

Just right there, can you see the multicraft? Isn’t it amazing? 

Hostinger Multicraft login

Select Login and enter your username and password. Wait a minute! Are you wondering about your username and password? 

Well, your username is admin, and the password is in your notepad.

Just check your notepad section!

Copy your password from there and paste it to the multicraft login section. 

  1. Finally, we’re inside the multicraft panel of the Hostinger Singapore Minecraft Server Hosting region. It’s time to create a Minecraft Singapore hosting server. (This is our location, you choose yours)
how to create Hostinger Minecraft game server from Multicraft
  1. Give your server a name, enter player limit in slots, and paste the IP you used to connect your domain name. 
how to create a new server in Hostinger Minecraft server hosting

That’s it, now click on the blue “create” button. 

Hostinger Minecraft Singapore server building

And voila! Everything is auto-filled for you. But still, there is one more thing that requires your attention. 

  1. Select the Jar section and choose which version do you want to run. If you don’t have any idea, proceed with the default one and click on start. 
Choosing Singapore Hostinger Minecraft game version
  1. After clicking on the start, you need to visit the console section from the left side menu. If it gets done, you will see the exact same status. 
Hostinger Singapore Minecraft server console
  1. Launch Minecraft and put your domain name or IP address. And then, click on “done.” 
how to launch your own minecraft server game in Hostinger
  1. Join the server once it gets ready and you’re in the game. Go ahead and nail it. 
how to play Minecraft server in Hostinger

Let’s Talk About Hostinger Minecraft Server Locations

As of now, Hostinger Minecraft servers are located in Singapore, Lithuania, Netherlands, US, and UK. 

If you want to prevent higher latency and lag issues, you should aim for the nearest location. So as you are most likely located in Singapore, then choose the Minecraft server hosting Singapore for best results.

Do you know Hostinger Minecraft server hosting is good for travelers?

What I like the most about the Hostinger Minecraft server is – you can change your location whenever you want. If you’re on a trip, you can select the nearest location.

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If you enjoyed this Hostinger Minecraft server hosting Singapore and Asia review then drop us a comment and let us know.


Is Hostinger Good for Minecraft Server?

I’ve compared the 5 cheap Minecraft hosting servers – the fact is – nothing is as easy and affordable as Hostinger.

If you ask me to rate it out of 10, I would give it 9. The other 1 rating goes to that after logging in live chat annoying barrier.

However, that isn’t a big reason to hate the Hostinger Minecraft server.

Is Hostinger Safe?

Yes, Hostinger is super safe and has an amazing Trustscore of 4.4 on Trustpilot, which is amazing considering that is from a 2304 reviews.
So, yes, Hostinger is safe, and is a definite option for your minecraft hosting.

How Is Hostinger So Cheap?

One of the main reasons that Hostinger is so cheap is that they use their own in-house control panel for their client’s admin operations, they call it the H-Panel. Whereas other hosting companies use a 3rd Party control panel called C-Panel, hence they cut costs this way, not having to pay ever-escalating service fees to CPanel.

Is Hostinger Reliable?

Yes it is very much reliable, in terms of excellent speed for all of your hosting needs. They have been investing heavily into their infrastructure and seem to have overcome their small issues with uptime that hampered them over the previous year.

Should You Use A Free Minecraft Server?

While you can use a free server to host your Minecraft game playing it is Not recommended. Minecraft is a very testing game and requires some really good quality server hosting to enable smooth play.
If you are really looking for a-close-to free Minecraft server, I would recommend looking at a Hostinger Minecraft Server, as these are inexpensive and a good quality VPS hosting plan packed full of the required resources you need.

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