Easily Set Up Hosting Minecraft Server Without Port Forwarding

Setting up and hosting Minecraft server without port forwarding can be done, but it is a bit of a pain in the butt, but we have you sorted with this easy step-by-step process for setting up your hosting server at home, or wherever you are doing it.

Hosting Minecraft Server Without Port Forwarding
It’s easy to get started, and Hosting A Minecraft Server Without Port Forwarding, just follow along…

The good thing about potentially setting up the port forwarding is that you can allow your friends or game-playing buddies to access your Minecraft hosting without letting the whole internet know your home network address.

Also remember, if you are only playing at home, and don’t need to access the internet, then you don’t need to set up port forwarding either. So you can use your local IP address if you are only playing at home and don’t need to play on the internet.

And if you are not playing at home, but you are in a location where there is a unique public IP available, then you don’t need to set up port forwarding either.

If you are looking for hosting for your Minecraft gaming, which sorts all of the port forwarding issues out and is well worth it if you take your MC playing seriously, check out the best Singapore Minecraft server review here.

But, if this isn’t you, and hosting Minecraft server without port forwarding is the only way to go, then I outline a couple of ways that you get started below. Some are a little bit tricky, while others are super simple.

Using A VPN For Minecraft

There are a couple of things you need to get and download if you want to set up port forwarding, including:

  1. A VPN like Hamachi.
    What this does is create a Virtual Private Network over your public network like the Internet. When you get it downloaded, and set it up what they do is give you an extra IP address that will identify you in any virtual network you try to join.
  2. Once you have Hamachi or another VPN downloaded, you can then install it to make sure it is set up and running.
  3. Then you want to log in to Hamachi and create a network by clicking on the responding button.
  4. Create a recognizable name for your network and a good strong password.
  5. The next time you are looking to play Minecraft, then you just log in and look for the network that corresponds to the one you set up. Log in using your username and password.
  6. It will ask you to connect to your server, place your new IP address in there, you can get this by looking at your Hamachi settings.

    Now while this is only one way to start hosting Minecraft server without port forwarding, you can try some of the other ways that are available also.
  7. You can also make it extra secure by buying a different modem to allow yourself to log in on.
  8. Potentially your ISP will allow port forwarding, a simple way to find this out is to either:
    a. Give them a call,
    b. Or do a google search for: site:yourISPname.com “port forwarding”

Using An App Like Remote.it

Free For Personal Minecraft Use

There are also services like Remote.it, which enables you to download their application to your computer. Remote.it is super simple to set up, none of the Hamachi stuff, no new modems etc.

It gives you and anyone else you want to access your Minecraft set up and hosting Minecraft server without port forwarding, and it’s really easy to set up, no strange configurations to mess about with. Like I said before, you can download and use it free for personal use, which is excellent.

You can sign up for Remote by simply using your Google login credentials, and the best part is, they have loads of easy to use videos to get you started.

You can signup and get started here:

Or, you can check out this easy tutorial here.

Let me know how you get on, did you set up and start hosting Minecraft server without port forwarding?

Let me know in the comments below…

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