Choosing The Best Minecraft Hosting in Malaysia

I took the best Minecraft server hosting and put them through the toughest tests to find out which one worked the best for Minecraft players in Malaysia, so pay attention… as I also found out something that is going to have you looking somewhere else.

Our Top Recommendations Are: (Read Below)

1. Hostinger Malaysia

Hostinger Minecraft Malaysia
Shockbyte Malaysia
Apex Hosting Malaysia
Hosting A Minecraft Server In Malaysia

To start with, every single one of the Top 3 Minecraft Hosting Server For Malaysia (only 3, we did our research!) supplies below as standard:

  • Provide fast performance, with great processors,
  • Excellent uptime and,
  • Helpful support, with live chat to answer your questions, when you need them answered,
  • And obviously, keeping within a reasonable price.

What Is Minecraft?

Ok, so I think we both know what Minecraft is by now, the beautifully simple yet complex game world that has captured the attention of raving fans worldwide.

Either grabbing Minecraft in its vanilla basic setting or one of the many delightfully fun custom creations, one this is sure...

Looking at hosting a Minecraft server in Malaysia is a little bit different than hosting a website, and comes with its own complexities and also benefits.

Geographic Location When Hosting A Minecraft Server Matters

Every player that plays in the wonderful world of Minecraft uses a physical hosting server machine somewhere around the world to get online.

This machine stores all of the relevant information each player needs to play, and the more players in your group, it means the more of those server hosting machines you need to play, it’s that simple. More players equal more servers.

Minecraft server hosting prices Malaysia

If you are looking at hosting Minecraft in Malaysia the best place you could choose is Malaysia, obviously. But unfortunately, Malaysia doesn't have very many hosting servers capable of running the power needed for Minecraft game playing.

The top solution to this is to choose a Singapore Minecraft Server as it is your best bet for location and quality hosting service.

As pretty much the most important thing you need to know when hosting a Minecraft server is the location of that server as that plays a vital role in the quality of your gameplay.

RECOMMENDED Top 3 For Hosting A Minecraft Server In Malaysia 

Let's get stuck into the best hosting for a Malaysian Minecraft player.

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  • Deal

Hostinger Malaysia

Hostinger Malaysia comes in at the top of the Minecraft servers when it comes to your hosting needs. What we love...

This host company offers hosting plans specifically catering towards Minecraft, which means that they optimize their hosting environment to ensure top rated performance for your Minecraft gameplay.

Hostinger Minecraft Malaysia
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hostinger minecraft testimonial
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Shockbyte Malaysia

Shockbyte for Malaysian Minecraft Gameplay comes in at #2, and with good reason, Shockbyte absolutely rocks, a real gem when it comes to hosting server rental.

Main Focus:
Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Rust – with plans in 2021 to support more titles.

The choice is very easy and they lay out all their plans nicely, and easy to choose. Recommended is to purchase quarterly, for extra savings.

Discount 25% On First Payment

Shockbyte Malaysia
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Apex Hosting 

We love Apex hosting, and many of our clients think it is the best hosting company around for their Minecraft dedicated hosting servers.

This is down to their excellent support for Minecraft, with a super easy to use control panel, handy tutorials and super quick set up of your servers (a mere 5 minutes).Plus their live chat rocks!

Discount 25% Off First Invoice: Code: HOLIDAY

Apex Hosting Malaysia
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Apex Hosting Testimonial

Why Location Is Important In Hosting A Minecraft Server

A lot of gamers, while setting up their online playing servers, should be asking why they should invest in hosting servers for Minecraft in their own country or a really close location.

You see, as a Minecraft player and potential server hosting entrepreneur many factors come into play for server location.

  1. The farther the location of your host server, the slower your Minecraft gameplay.
    It is super important for your Minecraft world to load fast.
  2. In fact, several studies reveal that almost 75% of the Minecraft players expect super-fast game loading speeds within 1 second.
  3. Minecraft users are likely to get frustrated and abandon gameplay when the servers are slow to respond to aspects happening in the game.

If you think about it from the Minecraft player’s perspective, you will understand why 80% of people decide to look for new servers when they have had a bad experience with the current server setup.

The thing is, when hosting a Minecraft server there is a huge array of host server choices for game players and server hosting entrepreneurs – especially when you put the right cash on the table.

By allowing your Minecraft worlds to lag back in performance, you will be giving potential Minecraft players an easy chance to walk away.

The Secret To Super-fast Hosting For Malaysian Minecraft Players?

It’s this simple, you and your business or fellow Minecraft players need to host your servers geographically close to your player base, so if you are reading this from Malaysia, which I think you are, then you would choose a location like Singapore.

What happens when you do this is...

  • Basically, the closeness of the location of your hosting servers decreases the number of loops your Minecraft playing information has to pass through,
  • This means that it loads super quick and makes gameplay seamless.

Let’s take PC Community as an example. Their servers are so huge and are packed full of Minecraft players from all over the world, if you tried to put that amount of player traffic onto one server your Minecraft hosting would crash almost instantly.

Now think what would happen if PC Community’s servers were really far from their target players. That would increase their downtime and slow their speeds, making them lose their players by the thousands quickly.

Does Minecraft Hosting Server Location Mean More Expense?

Potentially it can, but we live in a world where we are lucky enough to have a great selection on servers to choose from that what is available can fit most budgets.

Another way to look at it is as such… The location of your Minecraft hosting server has an impact on how much you spend.

Many Minecraft hosting server companies look to locate in cheaper locations like India and Bangladesh just to lower their costs, but this is bad for you especially in Malaysia.

This does not mean these countries provide Minecraft hosting servers that are any worse than those found in other parts of the world or Malaysia, but as you understand the costs of things like technology, machinery and labor are cheaper in these developing nations.

You can cut the costs of your Minecraft server by hosting in these countries, but be aware that although while they are cheap, they are potentially far away from your target Minecraft Malaysian players.

While the short term solution of cost savings on hosting Minecraft servers here is appealing, the long term negative effects and profit loss due to poor performance and lag time will start to lose you customers.

Having your hosting server for Minecraft close to your players and Malay target market is key, to a long-running mine craft business, happy players and smooth game playing.

Minecraft Hosting Server Location Malaysia Conclusion

In conclusion, let me say one thing again. When choosing your Minecraft hosting server location for Malaysia.

  1. Make sure that you pick a hosting server that is close to your target playing audience.
  2. Your customers, friends, game-playing buddies are the most important asset for your Minecraft hosting business, and one that over time when looked after properly, turns into a great, happy, and lucrative business.

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