Seriously Good Hosting – Hostgator VPS Review Singapore 2021

Hostgator VPS is the most reliable VPS web hosting provider in Singapore because:

  • Its uptime guarantee sets the category’s standard,
  • They have an honest, helpful and insightful customer support team who will look after every issue for you,
  • And they are backed by the dependability and high-end hardware which the massive corporation EIG can offer.
Hostgator VPS Review Singapore

EIG has just completed the massive overall and update of all server technologies at Hostgator.

During this Hostgator VPS Review for online business in Singapore (can be also used anywhere else), you will see why VPS hosting is so much better than shared hosting, how it is not cloud hosting, and why we choose Hostgator as one of the top web hosting companies online today!

VPS hosting from Hostgator is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants the benefits of VPS, without the hassle of constantly having to tinker with the server panel (so very little effort on your part), or as we like to say here at eASEAN…

Hostgator VPS is perfect for the set-it-and-forget-it entrepreneur… you’re super busy, every minute is precious, you don't need to waste minutes worrying about what’s going on with your virtual private server.

If you are more of a hands-on user then you might find our breakdown of the best 5 Cheapest VPS Singapore Service Providers better suited to your business style.

Hostgator sells its plans as managed and semi-managed packages (rather than unmanaged hosting plans as well). Within this offering, there are three different plans:

  • The introductory is the very aptly named the Snappy 2000,
  • The intermediary is called the Snappy 4000,
  • And the high end plan is the Snappy 8000, all great VPS web hosting solutions.

The server is managed by the team at Hostgator, but that does not mean website owners don’t have access to the server, if you have a skilled developer (in your team) they can get root account access/admin rights.

They can add their different bespoke configuration, have unlimited MySQL databases, amazing resources, etc, they just won’t have to worry about the management of the server (doing stuff like monitoring, maintenance, and routine security checks)

hostgator vps review best prices for SG
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In analyzing why Hostgator has such reliable web hosting services we will conduct a deep dive into these 5 key areas of investigation:

  1. Performance: hardware / features / reliability,
  2. Ease of Use: migration / panels,
  3. Security: protocols / back ups,
  4. Customer Service: access / attitude,
  5. Price: ranges / contract duration / money back guarantee.
Hostgator 5 point criteria for VPS hosting in SG

Hostgator VPS Performance Review

It’s all about reliability, awesome uptime, steady constant load time performance (without being the fastest in the world) but strong and category competitive across all areas of performance tech, which helps bring this hosting company to the top of hosting providers.

1. Hardware

As we said EIG has just completed an overhaul in this area…


Plans offer 2 Core CPUs up to 4 Core CPUs. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit (as you know) and it’s the brains of your server, but (as you also already know) it’s the ‘core’ which does all the work (and so the CPU is made up of a number of cores) so the more cores you have the more tasks your server can perform at any one time.

We would always recommend at least 2 Cores for a simple site, so if you’re scaling up, and your site’s offering is becoming more complex (and you’re dealing with a lot of traffic) you will need at least 4 Cores, which Hostgator’s top-end plan provides.

Plans are run on either Linux CentOS 7 or Windows Server 2012 R2 which are great servers, however, they don’t pack the same power as A2’s Lightspeed Turbo servers.


All plans now come with SSD storage … moving away HDD means Hostgator now performs better and faster (because SSD consumes a lot less power than HDD)


We generally say you need at least 2GB of RAM (Random Access Memory) to run a basic site. So when you look at their plans, they start at 2GB and then move up to 4GB and 8GB for the intermediary and higher-end plans. Remember more RAM means better performance and increased speed.

Each plan

Also comes with unmetered bandwidth and 2 dedicated IP addresses, meaning improved security, the ability to run your own email address (who wants to send their customer an email from a Gmail address) as well as improved SEO.

2. Features

Hostgator has kept their plans tight, placing the right amount of features for different business types, everything in there will be used and beneficial to site performance.

  1. Email: unlimited on all plans
  2. Transfers: unlimited on all plans
  3. Databases: all plans are run on MySQL, and MS SQL (for Windows)
  4. SSL certificates: Free and easy to enable SSL on all plans
  5. Free marketing add-ons ($200 of Google ad credits)

3. Reliability

This is its major selling point, like pretty much every hosting provider they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but from our tests, they were hitting 100% uptime most months, and with 100% uptime you have every opportunity to convert traffic into sales.

Hostgator partners with multiple bandwidth companies and all its data centers are equipped with backup generators, meaning if you are a website owner, your data is in safe hands.

Obviously, their investment in their infrastructure overall is paying off.

Ease of use for Hostgator SG

Being the most reliable for users, it also needs to be easy to use. And of course, it is, both in terms of migrating over and the control panels it uses, as well as offering their very handy website builder.

customer testimonial for VPS hostgator in Singapore

1. Migration

Hostgator offers free content migration for new customers and inter-server migration between HostGator servers. With VPS Hosting you will get unlimited website migration (so if you have 50 websites they will migrate them over for you) as well as unlimited cPanel migration.

2. Panels

Hostgator offers WHM or Web Host Manager which enables you to manage multiple cPanels all at once. Initially, it felt a little complicated but once you realize it’s just an extended version of cPanel which is probably the most intuitive easy-to-use control panel out there, you realize it’s simple.

3. Developer friendly

Hostgator plans come with their website builder, which includes 100+ website templates, in fact, you don’t need to be much of a developer to use this awesome easy to use drag and drop tool.

Security Of VPS Hostgator

Hostgator have placed really reliable security protocols in place. All plans will come with centralized DDos Protection meaning all plans are properly reinforced… offering high scale capacity, instant attack detection, and mitigation.

All plans come with weekly offsite backups so your site’s data is backed up at one of their external server farms. They offer WAF (web application firewall) to filter spam and suspicious traffic. There is also the ability to configure custom security where you can filter out IP addresses and geo-restrict locations. They also deploy CodeGuard to clean all malicious code.

Finally, they offer the ability to deploy/create manual and scheduled backups.

Hostgator’s Customer Service Review Singapore

Hostgator have one of the best customer services teams in the industry (anyone backed by the might EIG will have a huge knowledge base to work from)

1. Access

24/7/365 on the phone, live chat, social, as well as probably the most comprehensive “knowledge base” libraries out there.

2. Attitude

We love dealing with their team, they have a great can-do attitude, backed up with impeccable knowledge, wrapped up in a good personality.

3. Location

The team is predominantly based in the USA, which means they may lack a little local Singaporean understanding, but we really can’t fault them, they are a seriously good operation.

Price of Hostgator Plans

1. Price Ranges for Packages

  1. Prices start at $19.95, a massive discount of 75% OFF,
  2. Moving to $29.95 (again, best deals with 75% off) and finally,
  3. Their premium Snappy 8000 comes in at $39.95 (again massive 75% discounts).

Clicking on the links in this article will bring you to the exact offers you are looking for with all coupon codes already included.

Considering the flexible managed nature of these plans, the infrastructure updates, and all the features they offer, these plans are some of the best value in this category.

2. Duration

These are introductory offers and are based on signing on a 3-year plan. Going with the 3-year offer you get a massive 66% off the usual monthly option.

3. Money Back Guarantee

HG offers one of the best money-back guarantees, giving you 45 days to test out their plans to see if they work.

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Hostgator VPS Review eASEAN Pick for Singapore

We love the Snappy 8000 here at eASEAN. While definitely the costliest option coming from Hostgator (compared to the rest of the category, this is a value option). But as always with our recommendations it’s not about price, it’s about what you get for that price from the hosts we recommend.

Hostgator recommended vps plan for online business in singapore

The Snappy 8000 is packed with all the additional features you would expect like unlimited storage/databases, free SSL certs, $200 of Google Ad coupons, etc.

But it’s Hostgator’s Snappy 8000’s main features which really stand out… 4Core CPU, 240GB SSD, and 8GB RAM, with that you’re going to have a super-powerful, ultra-reliable plan. And if you’re a set-it-and-forget-it entrepreneur you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have a beast of a service backing up your online operation.

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On another note, sure, you can run your WordPress hosting in VPS and get unlimited domains to add to your account, but you won’t get a free domain name… BUT, you are now at a stage where you are focusing on your business growth, and small elements like this don’t make the bottom line for you, good quality Hostgator VPS for your online business in Singapore will.

We hope you like this Hostgator VPS Hosting Review for Singapore, if you did, let us know in the comments below.

Simon Tang

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