Can I Host My Website for Free? – 5 Free Best Web Hosts Included!

Almost every beginner asks at some point – Can I host my website for free?

Why won’t you?

After all, the majority of hosting services can appear not that cheap. In the beginning, no one likes to pay a fixed sum on a monthly basis.

Hosting a website for free is possible because there are many services out there that are giving away free web hosting.


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As you know, nothing comes for free and there’s a catch for everything. I’ll get into that catch after showing you these 5 best free web hosting services.

Get Lifetime Free Hosting from Blogger

Blogger is powered by Google. It was created in 1999. I must say – when there were no website builders like WordPress, everyone used to rely on Blogger.

Blogger is a free host and comes with its domain name, which is like –

In terms of SEO, Blogger is not that great. Although you can rank pages using Blogger, you can’t do the best onpage and technical SEO on it.

What I like the most about Blogger is – it can let you add .com domain name for free.

WordPress Has Brought A New Era While Providing Free Host

WordPress has been there since 2003. In today’s world, almost 40% of websites are utilizing WordPress.

The real WordPress, which is self-hosted is

If you want to get the free web hosting from WordPress, you need to sign up for

Just like blogger, WordPress would also give you its free domain name, which looks like –

In terms of SEO, WordPress is just like Blogger, not as good and competitive to premium website hosting!

You won’t be able to install plugins or connect a custom domain without paying for the subscription.

Weebly – Something New!

Weebly was in the game since 2006 and has made a great impact for those who don’t like technical stuff.

When it comes to site building on Weebly, you can do it feasible with its drag and drop feature.

As of now, Weebly is offering free 500 MB storage with some annoying ads.

And as usual, your domain is gonna be like this:

To connect a custom domain, you have to pay a subscription fee.

000webhost – Providing Free Web Hosting Across the Globe!

000webhost is the greatest alternative for learning stuff. Literally, without spending any money, you can get a premium-like web hosting service.

As you can connect a .com domain to Blogger, the same goes with 000webhost.

On 000webhost, you can even install and connect your domain. It would be the same as premium hosting.

Currently, 000webhost is offering 300 MB storage. Apart from this, you can expect a bandwidth of 3 GB only.

What About GoDaddy – Is GoDaddy Free As Well?

If you have been searching for a good web hosting and domain name, you must have heard the name GoDaddy.

Now the question is – Is it possible to make a website on GoDaddy?

Well, just like other website builders, GoDaddy functions in the exact same way.

On its free plan, you can get a free web hosting and subdomain name, which would look like:

GoDaddy can be an effective solution for website development because it’s affordable and easy to use.

Is It Safe to Host A Website on Free Hosting?

Professionally speaking, it’s the worst idea you can have for your business.

A free web hosting is vulnerable to hack attempts. More importantly, it lacks most of the features that are religiously required for the website development.

In my opinion, the most affordable and easy way to setup a website professionally is Bluehost.

You can get hosting at $3.95 with a Free domain name. In that amount, you can compete in the major leagues.

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