Goal Setting For ASEAN eCommerce Websites


The Next Step that we’re going on to is probably the most important part of your new business, Goal Setting For eCommerce Websites.

It’s so important to get everything down correctly…

Goal Setting For southeast asian eCommerce Websites

Because no matter what type of business you are starting in the ASEAN Region, you have to know where you were going and also what you want to achieve.

If you don’t set the specific goals that you want to achieve, you won’t be able to make a plan on how to get there.

Goal Setting For eCommerce Websites

Knowing that you want to make a ton of money isn’t a goal, but saying that you want to make $50,000 this year is a specific goal.

It’s a number that you can work to, and it’s also something that you can work back from, which is so important when it comes to making a plan of attack.

What Are The Objectives Of eCommerce Websites?

Finding out the objectives of your ASEAN ecommerce website will be an exercise in thinking about what it is that you want.

And this differs from person to person, so grab your notebook or start typing into your phone, and start getting your head in thinking mode.

The Best Goal Setting App

If you are using your mobile phone, it is a good idea to use your simple note taker (I love this, and it’s where I keep my updated diary, every single day), or you can use an app, like Evernote.

Evernote web clipper

(Free / Web, Android, iOS)
Evernote is probably my favorite app that I use, and I think that you can forget all the others and just use this.

evernote Goal Setting For eCommerce

The great thing is that it syncs across all your devices, laptops, computers etc, and it is a perfect place where you can make a note of what is going on in your brain, save files, photos, websites and anything you need to remember.

Objectives Of Ecommerce

You first have to ask yourself:

Why are you learning to create a profitable eCommerce Business?

So take your time to answer this, I really want you to get this down…

You’re most likely sick and tired of working the same nine-to-five job, slaving over your computer or desk, working on machines, or answering to your boss who most likely has a power trip…

So, to start you really need to know why you are doing this.

Are you looking to get away from where you are now?

To live a new life? (something that you know you deserve)

Is it to break free from the constraints that this life has given you so far?

So, the next thing I need you to ask yourself is…

What specific e-commerce information do you want to know by the time you finish going through this website?

REMEMBER: You Are Spending Your Time On it. And Your Time Is Money!

Do you want to know how you can apply the information so can start making cash? – of course you do…

Lets go a bit deeper than this:

You must define your ecommerce website goals

What do you want to achieve?


What are your income goals for your e-commerce website?

Per month? Per year?

How much money you spend per month on living?

Do you want to make more than this or is this just so you can make some extra/spare cash?

What are your educational goals?

Do you want to know how to set up an online E-commerce store or how to sell products on Facebook?

How many people do you want to reach on Facebook?

Facebook is a e-commerce behomouth, and is only going to help you reach more and more ASEAN eCommerce customers as time goes on, and thats not to mention Instagram too (which is a perfect e-commerce platform)

Facebook Ecommerce Marketing ASEAN

REMEMBER: Goal setting matters, the numbers matter; because then you know where you are and where you need to get to…

And you can measure yourself to see if you’ve reached or not reach your goals.

eCommerce Goal Golden Rules

No matter what type of business you may have worked in over your life, you most likely have heard of the acronym SMART goals?

When we are creating our goals for anything in life, we must create them with this powerful strategy applied to them.

SMART stands for:

  • Specific.
  • Measurable.
  • Attainable.
  • Relevant.
  • Time Bound.

what are your Specific Goals

This means that you must ensure that you know exactly what the goal is. It has to be very very specific, as something that you are unsure of will not give you the direction you need to fulfill it. The more sure you know exactly what it is, the easier it will be for you to achieve it.

what are your Measurable Goals

If you cant measure it, how will you know if and when you have reached it?

You need numbers and dates, figures, actual success elements that can be measured. If your goal is to make a few thosand dollars extra a month, thats not good enough. You need to think more like this:

In 3 months time I will be making $5,000 per month with my online ecommerce business. In 6 months time I will be making $8,000 with my ecommerce business.

If you can’t measure it, you may reach it, but what actually is it? and is there a reason to celebrate?

do you have Attainable Goals

When you do set your goals, think about what is possible, if its to make $1,000,000 in the next 2 months, that might be classed are unattainable, but then again it may not be.

what are your Relevant Goals

Are the goals you are setting relevant to where you want to go in your life and bsuienss? If you start with them being relevant, then you are going in the right direction to achieveing them.

important Time-Bound Goals

As with anything in life and busienss you need to set deadlines of when you want to have achieved them, and your Goal Setting For eCommerce Websites is no different, this creates an urgency to get them completed, a drive inside of you and fingers crossed you migh teven achieve them quicker than planned.

But remember:

It’s not only money though guys, think about your life…

Setting Your Life Goals

Would your life change if you had success?

How would it change, how would your lifestyle change?

Would you travel more?

Would you eat at more fancy restaurants, live in a different neighborhood or even a city or country like I do?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to do something but you’ve never been able to do, maybe due to financial constraints?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to bring your family on holiday or visit America, or maybe even take flying lessons…

Get the specifics of what it is that you want, because these specifics are gold.

They’re almost like the fuel to your fire, and it’s this fire that will keep burning, even when things get hard for you, because believe me they do.

These are the things that will help you break through and get out of your comfort zone.

Basically write down how you want to make your life better, because you aren’t doing this just to make a website or just to make some extra cash.

I don’t think so anyway.

You’re doing this because something deep down inside you knows that your life is meant to be better.

I want you to write down year one and then year two.

Once you have your goals in place, I want you to keep them in your notepad.

Goal Setting For eCommerce Websites is important, so I hope you have specifically bought a notepad just for this new business adventure.

I want you to revisit them time and again to see where you are on your path to success they’ll help you keep on the right path.

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