eCommerce Indonesia 2021

Indonesian eCommerce 2020 and Beyond

Today you are going to learn exactly how to create your own eCommerce Store for the best results in 2020 in Indonesia.

The fact is:

No matter how we look at it, eCommerce sites in Indonesia are here for the long run…

eCommerce Indonesia 2017 - 2022

And though the country may be in the early stages of its development when it comes to digital technology and creating top e-commerce sites…

This does not mean that it should hold you back from taking advantage of what ecommerce website infrastructure is currently in place!

News Flash:

Shopping online in Indonesia is here to stay.

You may have read the news;

Or seen the broadcasts about how the huge international players like Amazon and Alibaba are entering, or have entered the market,

And with good reason;

indonesia population 2019

Indonesia is huge!

By official reports, about 269 million people live in Indonesia, and it’s only going to get bigger.

And it will become more secure to purchase online, through e-commerce sites from all over the ASEAN and International regions.

And with great potential comes great investment...

Digital & eCommerce Investment In Indonesia

That investment is in the development of digital infrastructure to get that whopping 269 million people online, and literate in digital.

When we think about digital and top e-commerce sites in the ASEAN Region, Indonesia included, most of those residents are accessing the internet through mobile devices…

Good news:

This means that the world is at their fingertips now, like never before…

ASEAN eCommerce Mobile Growth Projections

According to a report from 2019 from We Are Social: (Slideshare Below)

  • There are 150 Million internet users in Indonesia, a 13% increase from January 2018
  • 130 million of them are social media users, meaning about 48% market penetration.

The numbers are quite astounding, even for things like a Minecraft Indonesia server, it means that people are online, playing games, shopping and they trust it.

But, the Indonesian e-commerce market has been very good for a few years, but…

This has been with top e-commerce brands emerging…

Which luckily for you has left a space for smaller Indonesian eCommerce sites to enter the market.

Digital eCommerce Infrastructure Helping Entrepreneurs & SME

This is where a platform like Shopify eCommerce comes into play.

But, that is not the problem with eCommerce websites in Indonesia:

The problem of most people in Indonesia is not understanding the potential of their home and regional markets, believing that it is only a space for large multinational organizations!

The large population of Indonesia alone is a massive benefit to those wanting to start up their own Indonesian eCommerce business

Good for you,

You don’t need to create these giant marketplaces that we see with these huge players in the market.

eCommerce Giant Lazada Indonesia
You don’t have to build an eCommerce Platform like Lazada to make money from the ASEAN

But these huge players are just what has been needed, and the knock-on effect from them helps you, the entrepreneur…

Why are they important?

These huge player’s that have entered the Indonesian market, bring with them – mass investment, which has already occurred and will continue.

That’s right,

They are funding the development of applications, logistics, digital infrastructure and many more digital initiatives that are sorely needed, especially to help your e-commerce sites…

News Media Scaremongers tell us that eCommerce is the playing ground of the massive corporations, but…

It’s not only about the top e-commerce players…

Here, right on your own doorstep, local players are using the power of eCommerce sites and Shopify to create extra income streams.

ecommerce store indonesia collettelola

Like this local Cakemaker Collette Lola who uses Shopify to make their eCommerce empire a reality.

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Why eCommerce In Indonesia In 2019?


As mentioned before…

Setting up an e-commerce site is an increasingly popular way of making money online, the rest of the world have been doing it for years…

And, the future looks healthy, internationally for creating your top ecommerce store…

retail ecommerce sales 2014 2021


It’s all well and good for people with huge bank accounts and loads of technical knowledge, you might be saying!

If you are interested in getting into the action and setting up your own e-commerce site:

You might not know where to begin, or even what to sell…

Get this:

That’s not going to be an issue, by the time you finish this report.

You will know exactly what to do to get your first eCommerce site business up and running…

Try out a free 14 day Trial With Shopify Now – NO OBLIGATIONS


The steps within this report will layout how to set up your own Indonesian E-commerce site, ready to start taking orders…

And bring in those much needed sales.

I suppose it’s all well and good for me to say that you can do this, but if you havent got an idea of what to sell, then how are you going to do it?

The Question I Get Asked The Most:

How Do I Decide What To Sell In My eCommerce Site?

Ok, so listen…

This is pretty much the first step that we want to get started with, becasue if you dont have a product, you pretty much don’t have a business.


Not all of us can be master creators like Collette Lola

There are a few different ways that you can start your own Indonesian eCommerce site.

The first being, asking yourself a simple question…

Do you have a passion for something, maybe something you have been interested in for a long time?

Maybe you love knitting, or Manga, or cooking…

I don’t know what you like, we all have things that we are interested in, and this might be your place to start.

shopify store niche idea manga
Some people follow their passion to create eCommerce Stores

Like this Manga-inspired eCommerce site, maybe you might like to do something like this? – There is a big Manga market in Indonesia.

So check this...

I think the following process is probably the best way to start your own Indonesian e-commerce adventure…

Simply find something that is already being sold, to start with, something you know something about, this could be in Indonesia or internationally, or even within the ASEAN Region, and MAKE YOUR OFFER BETTER…

Know that you could do a better job of marketing it;

Like I mentioned in the article I wrote about using Shopify to help you find Niche Ideas

We kind of kill two birds with one stone with this approach:

  1. You don’t have to research massively to find a successful product, and…
  2. You’re not testing a new product on the market, meaning people are already semi-aware of it…

And, as an added extra bonus, if you picked well, you already have a hungry market.

How Can Amazon Help Your eCommerce Business?

Well, Amazon are going help you find a product to sell on your ecommerce site.

I want you to go back to the first point that we made about the marketing of a passion.

In case you didn’t know,

It’s actually quite a good idea to create a top e-commerce site around something that you’re interested in already…

Or at least something that you know about.

Think about this for a moment,

Why do you think it’s important to Market something that you’re familiar with?

Because you’ve already got a connection with that product or that market

Which means that you’ll be able to write a better offer, which will sell to people in a much smoother way.

Basically what you going to be able to do is communicate what you want to sell to your target audience.

How Do You Find A Product To Sell?

So let’s start with something that I’m interested in, “Camping Chairs“… don’t ask me why!

Imagine we’re going to sell ‘camping chair’ related items on our new e-commerce site.

Where do you think might be a good place to start?

One of the first places that I’m going to go to when I’m researching products to sell is Amazon.

Pretty much the top e-commerce site in the world.

So, type in your keyword for what you are looking for, I mentioned camping chairs before.

If I press ‘enter’ now you will get a very very broad scope of all of the camping chair related products on Amazon.

A cool little thing that we can do here is, we can sort all of these products by average customer review. (you see that button in the top right hand corner?)

eCommerce Product Idea Amazon

Now, this is going to tell us which products are selling well and are getting great reviews.

Now you will want to scroll through the products and see if there is anything that looks good.

For me, I do like the look of these camping hammocks.

camping hammocks ecommerce products indonesia

So this is definitely something I can take a look at it.

From the information I read, these camping hammocks could have a lot of different uses…

They are lightweight, nylon, portable and they’re perfect for backpacking and camping.

So what do we know now?

Well, this automatically tells us that there are two target markets that we can actually Market to already

– the backpacking and camping customers.

The next step that we have to do is actually to look if we can find this product on a website like AliExpress as I showed you before.

Sourcing Products For Your eCommerce Site

A lot of us who got started out in eCommerce began by using a platform called Aliexpress.

This is part of the AliBaba group.

It’s a brilliant e-commerce site, with an amazing amount of products that you can sell on your own ASEAN Indonesian eCommerce store.

And, it’s so simple to use:

Simply type in the keyword of the product that you are trying to find, in the below example we used “Camping Hammocks”…

Aliexpress eCommerce Camping Hammocks

After entering your key term a list of different products that are related to your search term will appear.

Be careful thiugh,

Don’t expect the first product to be a correct fit, you’re actually going to have to do a little bit of research.

You should look through each one of the products to ensure that it meets your requirements.

And remember, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for.

If you don’t understand what you’re looking for…

Bad move…

If you attempt to get a good product there’s a high possibility that you will get overpriced, or even pick the wrong product.

At the top of the page here we can see a button called orders.

Now if we click on this button it will organize the list of products into the amount of orders that have been made.

You can do this also with Price and with the Newest product that has been uploaded.

aliexpress camping hammocks dropshipping

So you will want to make sure that each one of the hammocks that you are looking at is to the exact specifications that you actually want.


Once you have made a list of the suppliers or the dropshippers that you think are good,

You are going to want to do a little bit of further research into them.


This is to ensure that there are no problems with delivery or other elements that could cause problems for your buyers.

I always look out for the Badge to show that this is a quality seller, or supplier.

On the image below, you can see that they have been awarded the Top Brand Logo.

ecommerce dropshipping top brand finding

With a 98.2% Positive Feedback Rating, these guys definitely look like a potential supplier.


My advice once you have found a good supplier is to search down through their list of products to see what else they actually offer.

Take note of anything that looks great…

Getting Your Marketing Materials For Free

Do they have great pictures?

Or do they have videos that you might be able to use on your e-commerce site?

You might be able to adapt these to create good product videos…

The more assets that they have the better for you…

As it potentially means less design work on your part, saving you money.

These can be used for advertisements, on the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, and also when you are creating your e-commerce site listings on your Shopify Store.

How To Set Up Your First Indonesian eCommerce Site?

Once you have your dropshippers set up the next thing you are going to want to do is to set up your first Indonesian eCommerce site…


There just happens to be a cool website you may have heard of that may be just the right thing…

And the great thing about Amazon is investing in a 14 trillion rupiah (S$1.3 billion) move into Indonesia, to massively help the digital economy…

amazon entering indonesia ecommerce market

How Do You Sell On Amazon?

Knowing how to sell on Amazon is a brilliant way to get started with your eCommerce website journey, and one that I wholly recommend!

Though it is limited in what you can do as an eCommerce Entrepreneur, so I recommend you use Shopify to start.


Before we delve into how to set up your very first Shopify store, lets have a look at how to set up your first Amazon Store and start adding products to it.

setting up your amazon ecommerce store

The first thing you want to do is scroll down to the end of the page, and locate the section called “Make Money With Us

Then click, Sell on Amazon.

selling your products on amazon

There are 2 different routes you can go down when becoming a seller on Amazon, you can start as an ‘individual seller’.

But, thinking long term, and the growth of your eCommerce business, it would be more beneficial to become a ‘professional seller‘.

Click on the Start Selling button and set up your store.

Follow all of the information that Amazon gives you to set up your Indonesian Amazon store.

Once you have gone through and verified who you are (and your phone number), you can go about actually listing your first product – it’s pretty straightforward.

Set Up Amazon eCommerce Store Indonesia

Setting Up Payment Options For Indonesia

Now, because you are from Indonesia you will get paid via HyperWallet, so you will need to set this up, by connecting it to your Amazon account.

Hyperwallet Amazon Indonesia

Once you have gone through this part of the process (and only after, unfortunately) there are some great courses and tutorials that you can learn from…

learn how to start selling on amazon indonesia

But, for now…

The process is fairly straightforward…

Go to INVENTORY, then Add A Product

adding an amazon product

After that, fill in the details of your product. You will find help with this via Amazons training.

adding an amazon product setup

So, you can see how simple it is to get started on Amazon, and I think it is a great option…

But as I said, it lacks in certain elements that having your own eCommerce site can give you…


Before you even start thinking you need to be a hot shot developer, remember this is the modern world, and setting up your very own top e-commerce site is actually very straight forward.

How To Start Selling On Shopify

That’s because there is a player in the e-commerce platform marketplace called Shopify!

Over 800,000 ecommerce stores are created using this simple easy to use platform that has a great professional look and feel.

How To Start Selling With Shopify

Another great thing about using Shopify to set up your Indonesian eCommerce site is that you can start by getting a FREE 14 Day trial with no obligations at all…

Indonesia Shopify 14 Day Free Trial
Test Account on Shopify

You can try it, add products, and see how easy it is to use, and if you actually put in a bit of effort you should be able to start seeing a few sales coming in.

You can also look at how easy it is to add themes/templates to your store to change how it looks.

Shopify has a whole Theme Shop for you to look through, where you can test to see what your new store will look like.

Free Shopify Theme Indonesia

As easy as it is to set up your store you still might have some issues that you cannot overcome…

So there is a section called contact a ‘Shopify Expert’ that can help out…

But, along with the technical aspects of setting up your store, you must focus on how well you can write, or even speak…

Writing Without Writing On Google Text To Speech

ON A SIDE NOTE: Using Google Docs Voice To Text app inside of Google Docs is a brilliant way to create content if you don’t like writing.
1. Open a blank document
2. Click Tools >> Voice Typing
3. Then Click The Icon “Click To Speak

voice to text app

The reason that you want to be able to write well or to speak well is that you will have to create different types of content for your new e-commerce site, like:

  • About Us Page
  • Home Page
  • Product Pages & Descriptions – writing great product descriptions is very important, full of lots of benefits that the particular product offers, and maybe some cool insight into why the product is so good.
great ecommerce product description

When you first start out, you don’t and shouldn’t try to add hundreds of products to your store at first.

A few carefully chosen items is better to help you get the hang of it…

And, once you have these on your store you must start sending traffic to your product pages!

Shopify Marketing – Increasing eCommerce Website Traffic

It may sound like an obvious thing, but a lot of people think that if they just build their store they will automatically get people to visit, this couldnt be further from the truth...

You must actually go out onto the internet and find your potential buyers and bring them back to your store.

Believe me, when you start seeing people coming to your store and buying from you, it is worth every bit of effort that you have put in to your Shopify Marketing.

But, before you start to send those customers to your store you actually must know who they are…

So you must create what are called Buyer Personas, so I have added some questions below to help you get started…

defining customer avatar

Buyer Persona Questions

You can start off with a few simple questions once you know the product you are going to sell.

  • What are the demographics of your customers?
  • What makes them tick, make decisions?

These are just two broad questions, but they will start to give you some understanding into who it is that you want to target, and how to write for them…

For a more up in depth buyer persona template you can download it here for FREE:

Grab Your Free Buyer Persona Template Here

buyer persona

12 Buyer Personas for Online Retail Shoppers” from Artifacia.

The more information that you have about your target audience the better you will be able to sell to them…

So Let’s give it a go… and start answering those questions. After this we are going to start sending visitors to your ecommerce site.

How To Drive Traffic To Your eCommerce Site

One of the easiest ways that you can start getting people to come to your e-commerce site is by using Facebook Ads.

Facebook Marketing

It’s pretty straightforward to use the Facebook Ad platform, and can also be a really inexpensive way to get lots of visitors.

Indonesia still ranks in one of the lowest cost costs for Facebook ads in the world, so it is worth taking advantage of this while it lasts.

As the cost is sure to continue rising.

Only use Facebook Ads if you know exactly who you are targeting!

You should have a good idea if you have completed the information about your target audience that I mentioned above.

So, I hope you have filled in your buyer personas questionnaire that I gave you above?

If not, go back and do it…

Because I want you to have the best base for creating your Facebook ads to reach your potential buyers, as Facebook has some really cool targeting options.

facebook targeting options indonesia

There are loads of places that you can use for advertising your products,

But the best and easiest place to start with is Facebook, and you can get used to the process first.

There are of cousre other ways that you can get started…

And one of the easiest is by finding people with good followings in your chosen niche, and then getting in contact with them…

From there you strike a deal with them and get them to post about your store,

This can drive their audience to your e-commerce site and make money from it…

This is kind of an Influencer Marketing type of thing, have you heard of it?

Influencer Marketing

Maybe you know Abel Cantika, she is an influencer.

Now I’m not saying that she will do a shoutout for you or your brand, but you have the potential to ask her…

And if she likes your offer, then you could be onto something good, especially seeing as she has 700,000 followers.

indonesian instagram influencer abellyc

When asking some of these influencers, like Nabila Tarmuzi Alaydrus, approach them with kindness and don’t be too pushy about what you want.


You are dealing with humans, with emotions and bad days, so play it professionally, and you might just find what you are looking for.

indonesian instagram influencer nabilazirus

There are other ways that you can market your products, that I do recommend, but not at this moment.

One being Google Product Ads (I’m sure you have seen them)!

Especially if you have been searching for any specific products…

google shopping ads indonesia

They are a bit tough to set up…

But as you start to develop your e-commerce store in Indonesia they will be well worth getting involved with.

Targeted Web Traffic – How To Increase It!

And that is the million dollar question, one that isnt so tough to answer really…

The main thing you have to realize is that building your stores visitors is very important!


NOT every visitor will buy on the first time of visiting, so you have to get those customers back to your store who have shown interest…

But how?

Well, one great way is to use a simple marketing tactic called ‘Remarketing‘.

What Is Remarketing?

I think the simplest way of explaining this is as follows:

  1. Someone comes to your site and looks at a product they like, then they leave your site without buying it.
  2. Once they leave, you show that exact same person ads (on Facebook or other sites) for that product that they didnt buy, hoping they actually do.
  3. They buy, and you are happy

That is an overly simplified version of what remarketing is, but here is something that might mean more to you.

facebook remarketing
A Potential customer visits a webpage about shoes, then is shown Facebook Ad for the same shoes on Facebook.

Remarketing helps increase conversions on your site by 70% (those who have already visited).

– Now that’s a pretty good increase in my opinion.

So the remarketing is definitely a great way to increase sales…

And bring back customers who have shown interest in your website and products…

But what about people who have shown real-real interest, like they have added your products to their shopping basket?

What Is Cart Abandonment?

Well, it’s just what it sounds like, someone has added a product to their cart and then they abandoned it, or did not complete their purchase.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your product is bad, people abandon their cart for many different reasons…

From being:

  • Called to dinner,
  • to not having their credait card handy,
  • to even having to go to the toilet and forgetting what they were doing before…

The list of reasons goes on and on…

The solution is built into Shopify itself – it’s cart abandon emails.

These emails go out to people who plan on buying, put the products into their shopping cart, but don’t complete…

And it does it automatically!

Shopify Cart Abandonment Email Examples

It’s a great way to get these people back to your store…

And an even better way is to add a sweet discount to encourage the potential buyer to actually complete the transaction this time.

The lower priced item can be the final clincher that makes them complete the purchase…

How Do You Maximize ecommerce Orders?

Have you ever been to McDonalds?

Would you like fries with that?

Well, that’s McDonalds way of upselling you to make more money from you than if you only ordered a burger or drink.

It’s not only McDonald’s either…

Upselling is used by the biggest companies in the world…

upselling for your ecommerce store

Like Amazon, who give you the “Frequently Bought Together” option, with an easy “Add all three to cart” button.

Your main goal is to increase the amount of profit that you receive from each customer.

You do this by offering products that are related to what your customers are buying already.


All of these things are well and good to do, to add value to your orders, but people will still abandon their carts.

We should create ways to stop this, and this is called conversion rate optimization. Check out the top reasons for Cart Abandonment…

Reasons for cart abandonment

Conversion Rate Optimization

One way to increase the conversion rate of your store is by adding Free Shipping to your store.

It really works:

People also tend to buy more when offered (your upsells) if there is free shipping attached.

And I know from experience…

Seeing a whopping $50 (700000IDR) added to your bill for shipping is a sure fire way to get huge cart abandons.

Another generator of excessive cart abandonment is asking a customer to create an account…

With a whopping 37% of cart abandons.

Offering a free guest checkout is a much better option, and something that you should consider.

What’s Next?

In this report, we have gone through what is needed to set up a money-making eCommerce site on Shopify.

We can now take advantage of the growing market in Indonesia.

You can find your own products via Aliexpress, and also market them to get customers to come and buy from you within a really short space of time.

My advice now is to give it a go yourself…

Take a bit of time, and put in some effort to set up your very own Indonesian eCommerce Store and tap into the growing ASEAN market.

Grab Your Shopify 14 Day FREE Trial Here:

To great success with your new eCommerce website Empire!

PS: If you have already set up your store, what have you found to work? Please share any tips in the comment section.

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