Shopify Cambodia – Can Your Business Use It?

When doing e-commerce in Cambodia,  it can be a little bit tricky, because a lot of the international payment gateways do not function with Shopify Cambodia…

But there are always multiple ways around it.

Shopify Cambodia
Can your online business use Shopify in Cambodia?

This payment gateway issue with Shopify causes many businesses in Cambodia problems.

Lots of my clients who have been with previous agencies have seen this problem with getting started with their Shopify Cambodia website.

Shopify n Cambodia getting started
You can use Shopify in Cambodia but it can be a bit technical to get it started!
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Before you get stuck in and invest a large amount of money and time and effort in building your Shopify store for Cambodia…

Let’s look at what options most people think they have.

I have read on other people’s websites they are saying there is no way for a Shopify Cambodia store to operate here.

And with good reason,  most people look at problems as things that they cannot overcome as a digital entrepreneur myself…

One of the main jobs is solving problems that other people cannot. 

How to start Shopify in Cambodia

Shopify in Cambodia for businesses is an inconvenience when it comes to choosing a payment Gateway,


If your business thinks a little bit outside the box then owning and operating a fully functional Shopify store in Cambodia can be a reality.

Payment Gateways for Shopify Cambodia

If we look at the marketplace now in Cambodia we can see that there are no payment gateways to get funds from Shopify to a bank in Cambodia.

If you are using a different e-commerce platform in Cambodia,  like WordPress, with woocommerce, or Magento…

Then the options are open for you, but they are not as good as Shopify to be honest.

wordpress and magento ecommerce
Both of these are alternative options to Shopify in Cambodia

Available payment gateways that currently operate in Cambodia include:

eCommerce Payment Gateways Cambodia

  • ABA Bank PayWay
  • Acleda Bank
  • Cathay United Bank
ABA Payway Cambodia for eCommerce
You cannot use ABA Payway with your Shopify eCommerce store in Cambodia


These local operators for some reason have decided not to create an application integration with Shopify,  but I would imagine that it is coming very soon.

Shopify Payment Options Cambodia

The available payment Integrations for stores in Shopify include:

  • BitPay
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • dLocal
  • Splitit Monthly Payments
Accepting bit payments in Cambodia with Shopify
Accepting bit payments in Cambodia with Shopify

But that is if you look at it in a traditional way.

As with anything in business,  let’s look second-level-down thinking. 

The question I had to ask myself was…

How can I use Shopify in Cambodia if none of the real global payment gateways work here?

And the answer was simple,  glared at me straight in the face…

Let’s use a simple  2-Step integration.

Want to find out how I do this,  get in contact now!

contact us now shopify questions

I think the most important thing about the way we have figured it out about using international payment gateways in Cambodia…

Is that it is not only open to registered businesses in Cambodia, but open to Freelancers, design, Developers, and anyone who can use this ecommerce system.

Shopify small business Cambodia
Shopify is perfect for Cambodian Small Business, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers
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International Payment Gateways Cambodia

What about International Payment Gateways in Cambodia

As you have probably heard PayPal will not connect to your Cambodian bank account!

And that is a shame, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t use it.

using paypal with shopify khmer
There is a way that you can use PayPal to accept Shopify payments from Cambodia

The real problem is that Stripe does not work in Cambodia,  which is an absolutely fantastic payment service.

How To Use Shopify in Cambodia

A traditional solution is to set up your bank outside Cambodia!

Then internationally transfer phones back into your Cambodian Bank,  but this can have some issues.

How To Use Shopify with money transfers
International Money Transfers into Cambodia

If you do have a bank outside of Cambodia,  then use it…

Maybe not, get in contact with us now,  and we will help you through the process.

But, find out some more information about Shopify Cambodia, continue reading below.

Shopify Cambodia – Perfect For Startups

We love Shopify for its real ease of use…

And as a startup, you want to make things as simple as possible when it comes to running your business, and also keep costs low.

Along with the cost of the Shopify eCommerce online platform you also have some small costs associated with:

Domain Name (Godaddy)$5.95
Shopify $29 – $299
A Logo$5 or even for free
TimeAs much as you can commit to research, analysis, and scaling

All in, you could get your first Cambodian Shopify eCommerce store set up today, within 20 minutes…

Sign up for a new domain name with and get a logo for about $15 – $20 from the likes of

How long to set up payments for Shopify in Cambodia

It is the payment section that takes about 1 week to set up for you, but after that it is all easy to use.

After that only if you like what you are doing, you would begin to pay from $29 a month for the store.

Its such good value to get your first online business started from scratch.

As I mentioned, Shopify is my choice…

As it is the easiest to use, even for non-techy users, and has the most functionality to help you make ongoing online sales.

Shopify Pricing Plans

I recommend starting with the $29 – $79 pricing plans, they give you everything you need. Get it here.

The $79 plan is by far much better, allowing you to add extra workers to your plan…

And also extra marketing functionality like Abandoned Cart Emails, which are so important when making sales.

shopify pricing plans Cambodia for small business
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If yu are still unsure, drop me a message, no matter which country you are in. We can help you if you are looking for the best eCommerce Platform Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, plus the whole of Southeast Asia… Contact us Now!

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    • It’s a bit tricky in Cambodia, but you can set up Paypal and connect it to your Payoneer account to get your money transferred to your Paypal account, it’s a bit tricky, but the only way at present you can get your money out using Shopify.

    • Yes, you can do this, but you need to first set up a Payoneer account that gives you a free bank account. Then you can connect that to your Paypal account.


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