Traffic Methods Contd

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website, if you don't have it, then you don't make sales, and that is final.

FREE: Medium &

But traffic is also the most expensive thing to acquire, and don't listen to anyone that says there are free traffic methods, because there aren't. There is either Paid for in TIME, or Paid for in Sweat!
The 2 strategies are both Paid for in Sweat, but actually they aren't as sweaty as others and make use of what you have already created to:

1. Bring you in traffic

2. Keep traffic coming back for more...

They are the beauties of (a content publishing platform), and (a push notification plugin).

Both serve different traffic purposes, but both are well needed. Get them set up, and enjoy the traffic benefits!

You can access them both below:

Here is the Medium Article I showed you.


Here is Subscribers.

Go check them out, get stuck in, and let me know how they go...