Finding Products & Free Content

One of the best ways to actually create reviews is to go to YouTube, and search for a video that has lots of views and lots of likes, related to your topic.

3 Steps To Free Proven Content

1. Look for a video that's about 7 to 10 minutes long,

2. Listen to what they're actually saying,

3. and then write your review from that content.

(so easy and because people have shown an interest in it, it is already proven to be searched).

A good idea is to find a person in your niche that is an expert, and they will be using all of the specific keywords that people will be using to search for those niche products.

So here's an example of a product review. I took from YouTube and then adapted to my own website. You don't have to be a product expert to actually make commissions with affiliate products.

The good thing is that with a lot of products that you can promote, will give you content to use, along with also the stuff you make yourself.

NOTE: You can be lazy with this free content that the product owner gives you, or you can be smart, and take the content and adapt it and make it so much better.
And here is a live example of how I do this...

Keyterm: Survival

Product: Final Survival Plan

Payout: $88.82

I recommend going for products that actually have this free content to start as it gives you a great Point to start marketing with ease.

Do you find a video that you can use for your first article?