Build Your Website with WordPress



 How To Set Up Your Blog Correctly. 

You will learn, how to:

- How to add your store theme,

- Set up your blog plugins,

- Create a quick logo,

- Sign up for your first affiliate program,

- Write your first affiliate article.

Adding Your WordPress Website Theme GeneratePress

So let's get started with your theme:

The theme you want to use for your website is called GeneratePress.

You can choose the free or paid version. I have the paid version on this site.

You can grab the theme here.

Adding Your WordPress Plugins

After you have your theme installed, you want to add the plugins mentioned.

Just follow along in the video and you will see which ones you need to add.

Creating Your WordPress Logo

This is such a simple thing to do, and you can use a free tool called

There are so many free templates and logo ideas to choose from.

Canva quite possibly could become your best graphic design friend.

Your First Affiliate Program

Now, this is just an affiliate program that I am part of, and does not mean you have to use it yourself, or sell what I am selling. I simply used it as an example of something you could sell.

Clickfunnels is what is called a Funnel Building Software and is used by businesses online to create wonderful sales funnels to sell their products, or also sell affiliate programs.

ClickFunnels costs $97 a month, but you get a free 14 day trial to start it out. It makes making money with affiliate marketing so much easier as it is a really simple drag and drop builder that you can make all the different types of webpages you need to work as an affiliate marketer. You can grab a copy of it by clicking the button just here.

Adding Your First Affiliate Article

And now finally you get to add your first article to your new website.

Don't over think it, just follow the steps I have lined up and get it created and on your website.

If you are bad at writing, don't worry, you can use a really good service like iWriter to get your articles created, or you can use Google Voice to Text, which I'll show you in another video.