Day 1:

Finding Your Money Making Niche Market!

This is where most people fail!

But it's SUPER SIMPLE once you follow me step by step!

The Quick 5 Minute Exercise

Ok, so grab a paper and pen and write down:

  • 3 Things you are good at.
  • 3 Things you enjoy,
  • 3 Things you would like to learn about!

Here are mine in case you are a bit stuck: 

So once you have that, pick the one that makes most sense to you!

And let's go and find your niche domain name!

Finding Your Domain Name

It's so simple:

  • Go to
  • Enter your chosen niche (like tennis, or meditation)
  • Pick your domain name from the list of available domains.

And next, you are going to set up your first website.

Getting Your Website Online

It's so simple:

  • Go to A2 Hosting
  • Choose your package
  • Fill in your details, as shown in the video.
  • Go to your email address and wait for the email once you have setup your account.
  • Click the link and be brought to your New Affiliate Website.

Tomorrow You Will

  • Create your first Logo for your website,
  • Make your site look cool, with a free theme,
  • Post your first Affiliate Post.

If You Can't Wait Until Tomorrow...

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