Clickfunnels vs Shopify 2020 – A Clash of 2 Best Marketing Tools

Are you are stuck in the fierce ClickFunnels vs Shopify competition because you’re planning to start an amazing entrepreneurial journey? 

Clickfunnels vs Shopify 2020 review and comparison

If that’s the case, you must be uncertain about a lot of things. I totally understand that because I’ve been through the same multiple times. 

Believe me, such confusion just never goes away. Even if I solve your ClickFunnels vs Shopify confusion, you will get another. But I should say – that’s the fun of the entrepreneurial journey. 😀 

If there was no uncertainty, the game of business would be so easy and everyone would be able to do it. 

So you seem ready to solve today’s Shopify vs ClickFunnels riddle? Let’s get it. 

ClickFunnels vs Shopify – Let’s Have An Overview!

ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Builder Overview 

What is Clickfunnels? Well, ClickFunnels is a specifically made tool for sales funnels, which can be used for selling ecommerce products online. It was founded in 2014 by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. 

Clickfunnels eCommerce funnel builder review and comparison with Shopify

As of now, there’s no funnel building tool that can outcompete ClickFunnels templates and their funnel making process. (scientifically proven!)

ClickFunnels has brought a revolutionary change in internet marketing. Here are some facts about ClickFunnels that may blow up your mind: 

  • 136.5K entrepreneurs are using ClickFunnels 
  • $6.6 billion has been processed through ClickFunnels 
  • ClickFunnels users created 7.46 million funnels so far
  • ClickFunnels has more than 1.3 billion contacts of customers 
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Shopify eCommerce Builder Overview 

Shopify has been a wonderful Canadian startup since 2006. It was founded by Scott Lake, Tobias Lutke, and Daniel Weinand. 

Shopify eCommerce builder review and comparison with ClickFunnels

The irony is – the Shopify platform was itself an online store in 2006. They used to sell snowboards on Shopify. 

Later on, a series of fortunate events took place and they made a fantastic builder out of it. Let’s check some Shopify facts to know its capability. 

  • Shopify takes care of more than 1,000,000 businesses around the world 
  • From 2016 to 2019, Shopify stores have contributed more than $300 billion in the worldwide economic activity. 
  • Shopify is operating in 175 countries 
  • More than 5,000 employees are working in Shopify company
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ClickFunnels vs Shopify Similarities 

  1. ClickFunnels vs Shopify competition tie-up in easiness. However, ClickFunnels is still easier a tiny little. On one end, ClickFunnels has amazing drag and drop feature. On the other, Shopify looks like WordPress. Everything is available on the left panel. If you have ever used WordPress, you can easily make a Shopify store. 
  1. ClickFunnels Shopify both have an Abandoned cart recovery feature. You can easily make a list of such customers who didn’t make a sale and target them. As a matter of fact, more than 20% sales in eCommerce come from abandoned carts. 
  1. Both platforms provide an SSL certificate that makes the transactions highly secure. More importantly, Google loves sites that have SSL certificates. 
  1. If we compare ClickFunnels vs Shopify payment gateways, we would find a good range in both.
  1. ClickFunnels vs Shopify trial is awesome because you can have a 14-day trial in both without paying a single dime.
  1. When it comes to templates, ClickFunnels and Shopify nail it. More than 70 templates are available on both platforms. 
  1. If we talk about SEO, both platforms are SEO ready and they create highly responsive web pages that rank as well. 
  1. You can expect a secure and high-performing web hosting from both platforms. 

ClickFunnels vs Shopify – What’s the Difference? 

Take a deep look at this ClickFunnels vs Shopify table. I’ve brainstormed all the difference between them in one go.

ClickFunnels is only a web-based applicationShopify is a web based as well as mobile application
Super easy to learn for basics. For advanced funnel making, it has a steep learning curve.Steep learning curve for basics as well as advanced features.
ClickFunnels integrates with your every favourite platform like Mailchimp, Aweber, PayPal, Facebook Ads, etc. Shopify also has good integration but it can be tricky for non-techy people 
ClickFunnels comes with an all-in-online marketing solution that can cater to every need and fit well with any business model.Shopify is mostly used to build an online eCommerce store. Apart from that, you can sell digital products and services, which isn’t a good idea.
Best for those who have never made a sale on the internet because it comes with scientifically proven pre-built templates that convert well.To get a sale from your Shopify store, you have to know the art of making a converting page.
You don’t need to install any app to do something, most of the features are in-built in ClickFunnels.You have to install Shopify store apps for tasks like upselling, downselling, SEO, content, etc.

ClickFunnels vs Shopify Pricing Review

ClickFunnels Pricing Review for eCommerce

ClickFunnels has 3 plans. As you can see in the picture below, its 3rd plan is expensive and made for such users that are really advanced.

ClickFunnels pricing review for eCommerce

It seems you might be just starting out. So we’re going to discuss only 2 today.

ClickFunnels Starter Basic Plan Price and Features 

ClickFunnels Starter Basic plan is made for entrepreneurs who want to start their first eCommerce or digital products & services based business. 

Here’s what you can get from $97 per month ClickFunnels starter basic plan: 

  • Ability to create 100 pages and 20 funnels 
  • 1 user access 
  • 3 payment gateways integration 
  • Chat support 
  • Access to funnel hacker forum (meet like-minded people to get ideas) 
  • Access to Funnel Flix (a platform where you can learn awesome funnel strategies to level up your income)
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ClickFunnels Platinum Plan Price and Features 

Do you have a growing business? Even after being on the next level, you still want to reach further? 

If you’re that entrepreneur, you seriously need ClickFunnels platinum. 

In my opinion, Platinum has almost everything to help you go further than sky. One thing is assured – ClickFunnels Platinum plan doesn’t lack anything for your business. 

Here’s what you can get from $297 ClickFunnels platinum plan: 

  • Unlimited follow-up funnels, pages, and funnels 
  • 9 payment gateways integration 
  • Give access to 3 users (coming soon) 
  • Connect 9 domain 
  • Top priority support 
  • Funnel Flix & Hacker forum access is obvious

Shopify Pricing Review for eCommerce

Just like ClickFunnels, Shopify also has 3 plans to make your business idea successful.

Shopify pricing review for eCommerce

All these plans are a bit more affordable than ClickFunnels. So, we’re going to discuss all the three one by one. 

Shopify Basic Plan Price and Features 

Shopify basic plan is made for new eCommerce business owners. Here’s what you can get from $29 per month Shopify basic plan: 

  • Upload unlimited products 
  • 2 users access 
  • 24 X 7 support 
  • Support in 4 locations so that you can assign inventory to warehouses, retail stores, pop-ups, or wherever it’s feasible 
  • Manual order creation 
  • Discount codes generation
  • Shipping discount up to 64% 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Abandoned cart recovery 
  • Gift cards 
  • Shipping label printing 
  • Fraud analysis 
  • 2.7% to 2.9% fee on every sale 
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Shopify – Shopify Plan Price and Features 

Don’t wonder much, haha! I wrote Shopify twice because they have a plan named Shopify. Funny though! 

How would someone tell a colleague? Bruh, I just bought Shopify on Shopify. What do you think about it?  

Anyway, here’s what you can get from Shopify on Shopify 😛

  • Upload unlimited products 
  • 5 users can access 
  • 24 X 7 support 
  • Support from 5 locations 
  • Manual order creation
  • Create discount codes 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Abandoned cart recovery 
  • Gift cards generation 
  • Professional reports 
  • 72% shipping discounts 
  • Print shipping labels 
  • USPS Priority Mail (fast and affordable
  • way to deliver mail to every area in the US) 
  • Fraud analysis 
  • Online and in-person credit card rates decrease to 2.5% to 2.6%
  • Additional fees decrease to 1% 

Advanced Shopify Plan Prices and Features

Are you planning to scale up your well-established business to a great extent? If yes, go for the Shopify Advanced plan. It has almost everything to support the idea you have in mind. 

Here’s what you can get from the $299 per month Shopify advanced plan: 

  • 15 users access 
  • 24 X 7 support 
  • Inventory support in 8 locations 
  • Manual order creation 
  • Discount code generation 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Abandoned cart recovery 
  • Gift cards 
  • Professional reports 
  • Advanced report builder 
  • 3rd party calculated shipping rates 
  • Shipping discount of up to 74% 
  • Print shipping labels 
  • USPS priority mail 
  • Fraud analysis
  • Online and in-person credit card rates decrease to 2.4%
  • Additional fees for other payment gateway is 0.5% 

ClickFunnels Support Team Review 

Being a great pivot of funnel marketing, ClickFunnels has a great support team and trainers. From Funnel Flix to chat support – almost everything is available on ClickFunnels to support you. 

Even on Trustpilot, ClickFunnels has a great rating. 

By the way, ClickFunnels system is so neatly organized and settled, you don’t need to seek help from customer support. Many YouTubers and bloggers have made content to fix every little issue. So there are no lagging issues at all. 

Shopify Support Review 

Shopify has a 24 X 7 support team to help you instantly. They have a great live chat feature that can help you fix things while having a nice chat. 

Even if you get stuck somewhere, the support team can reply fast. I think that’s enough to describe how good the Shopify support team is. 

Apart from this, they have email, FAQs, and phone support. 

Get Expert Opinion on ClickFunnels

Gael Breton Earned More Than $2600 in 31 Days

Gael Breton Expert Opinion on ClickFunnels

Gael Breton is a great blogger, SEO expert, and marketing strategist. His marketing career started as an intern in college. Today, he has become a well-known entity.

Almost every digital marketer stumbled upon Authority Hacker once in a while. 

He started the Authority Hacker blog because he wanted to share the art of building authority websites. At some point in his career, he did an experiment with ClickFunnels. 

And guess what? In 31 days, he ended up making $2684 with just 301 email contacts. 

Chris Fong Made A 100K Using ClickFunnels 

chris fong expert opinion and testimonial on ClickFunnels 400X455

Chris Fong was one of those people who didn’t like ClickFunnels much. But… When he heard Spencer Mecham’s podcast, he learned some funnel making strategies and gave it a shot again. 

He sold multiple stuff like courses, white-label products (that other companies can rebrand), chrome extensions, and who knows – he ended up making $113,460 of lifetime earnings.

What Chris Fong loves the most about ClickFunnels is its ease, proven blueprint templates, Funnel Flix training, and affiliate program.

Craig Cherlet Made $6300 with the Help of ClickFunnels

Craig Cherlet is a happy helping expert, coach, and digital marketing consultant.

I must say – Craig is the guy who has applied almost every online money making method so far. 

Craig Cherlet ClickFunnels case study and opinion

Just like everyone else and you, he thought to play around ClickFunnels. He jumped into ClickFunnels and its affiliate program to make some money. 

He earned more than $6300 from its affiliate program in a snap. 

Get Expert Opinion on Shopify 

Emma Reid Made $560,000 in 8 Months Using Shopify 

Emma Reid is a cute Australian dropshipper. Her story relates well with many people because she was a receptionist and wanted to do something of her own. 

Emma Reid dropshippers opinion on Shopify

She didn’t want to do 9-5 like most people. So she decided to get back on track and made around $560,000 in revenue from her Shopify store in 8 Months. 

Reda Ezzain Grew A Successful Shopify Store in 13 Days 

Redia Ezzain is a budding entrepreneur from France. He earns 5 figures a month in which his majority of income comes from dropshipping.

Reda Ezzain personal experience with Shopify

He invested in building a Shopify store and leveraged Facebook Ads in 2018. His one of the most successful case studies is when he made $689 out of $100 in just 13 days. 

Although the amount may seem small to you, he did that in just 13 days, which really needs some appreciation. Don’t forget he earns 5 figures a month using Shopify.

Choose ClickFunnels If You Want:

  • An advanced all-in-one marketing solution for your business
  • Better 3rd party integration
  • High converting and proven templates for your every business
  • To make your first sale on the internet
  • In-built features

Choose Shopify If You Want:

  • An eCommerce specific platform (and you’re ready to leave funnels)
  • To learn on steep mode from the start
  • Not much of integration
  • To manage your store from a mobile app
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ClickFunnels vs Shopify – Which is Better for You? 

ClickFunnels and Shopify – both are amazing choices. Most successful entrepreneurs leverage both and integrate one with another. 

If your aim is to setup an excellent Dropshipping business, go for ClickFunnels and Shopify both (if you have the budget)

Shopify is a great platform for eCommerce but it’s not a great idea to ignore the power of funnels.

If you want to pick only one because of budget issues, I would recommend ClickFunnels because it’s an all-in-one marketing solution for your marketing needs. It has everything you need and it’s scientifically proven. You can try it here

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