ClickFunnels for Real Estate Investors & Realtors – A Breakthrough Guide!

Our ClickFunnels for real estate investors and realtors guide can open up new opportunities for your entrepreneurial journey. 

ClickFunnels for real estate investors full guide on making funnels

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into flipping or renting properties, ClickFunnels real estate marketing can fit in any business model and increase your revenue exponentially.

Do you know more than 40% of real estate agents and realtors don’t use technology to expand their business? 

On the other hand, the majority of people search for new home online.

Why don’t you leverage this marketing opportunity with ClickFunnels and do what others are ignoring?

ClickFunnels for Real Estate Agents – Does it Work or Not?

ClickFunnels is made for almost every business. But still, the question is: What is ClickFunnels and does it work for realtors and investors? 

Of course, it does, as it makes the lead generation process simple and effective. More importantly, ClickFunnels has been scientifically proven for selling high ticket products, so that obviously includes real estate marketing using Clickfunnels. 

Although there are other cheap alternatives to ClickFunnels for real estate investors, it’s the oldest and greatest among all.

Benefits of Using ClickFunnels for Real Estate Marketing

Easy Landing Page Creation on ClickFunnels for Real Estate Investors

To be honest, I stay far away from the technical stuff of websites. And that’s one of the main reasons why I love ClickFunnels so much. It helped me make awesome realestate marketing landing pages in a snap.  

It comes with an easy drag & drop feature, which doesn’t require much learning. Simply, if you like something, you just drag it onto your page.

Besides, you can take advantage of proven and pre-made Clickfunnels real estate templates that are solely made for real estate realtors and investors.

There are more than 20 types of templates on ClickFunnels, that you get for free.

Collect and Nurture Leads for Your Real Estate Business

Good real estate marketing starts with a good funnel, which can be really helpful in making your visitors aware of your business. When you start using ClickFunnels for your real estate business, you will see your visitors turning into customers in a fast-paced way.

NOTE: A Funnel is almost like a website, but it helps bring a person from A-Z in their buying decision, unlike a website, which merely functions as a digital business card (most times)

As you know, decisions are not made in seconds. Especially, when people want to buy a new home. Let’s suppose, you’re sleeping and your customers want to connect.

In this case, if you won’t respond instantly, you may lose customers. 

ClickFunnels real estate agents and realtors don’t lose customers like this because Clickfunnels comes with an automated response messaging setup, which keeps your customers in touch even when you’re not available.

Use Urgency Tactics to Make People Book Your Property Fast

When it comes to creating a sense of urgency in the prospect’s mind, ClickFunnels nails it for every profession.

When ClickFunnels Real Estate elements it has a countdown timer feature that creates urgency in the mind of prospects and buyers.

Apart from the great marketing tactics employed by lots of Clickfunnels templates, you can choose multiple colors to make customers feel the urgency. 

According to psychology, colors like red, orange, and yellow make the customer take action because they’re a sign of emergency and danger. 

Achieve More Results with ClickFunnels Split Testing 

Believe it or not!  2 different funnel pages and templates show 2 different results. And I’m pretty sure you know that too. 

Now the problem is – how would you measure and compare the difference? 

To tackle such a problem, ClickFunnels offers easy A/B split testing so that you can maximize your revenue to the highest possible extent, by working out which page converts better and eliminating the poorer performing pages.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost for Realtors and Investors? 

ClickFunnels’ real estate marketing is an affordable funnel creation and management solution for investors and business owners. As of now, there are 3 different plans on ClickFunnels: 

  • Starter – $97 per month
  • Platinum – $297 per month
  • Two Comma Club X – $2,497 per month
prices for using clickfunnels for real estate
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Which one would you choose? Okay, let me help you…  

If you are just planning to start a real estate business and have never sold anything online, a starter ClickFunnels for real estate investors plan is obviously made for you. 

In case, if real estate is already giving you $100K in one shot, there should be no problem in picking either platinum or two comma club plan. They can potentially help you scale your real estate empire massively. 

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How to Create A Real Estate Sales Funnel Using ClickFunnels 

Step By Step Process!

Do you want to join the ClickFunnels for real estate investors and realtors team? Patiently, look at these 4 steps! 

Step 1: Have An End Goal in Mind and Work Around That Only

Without an end goal, you can’t design an effective sales funnel for your real estate business. 

What is it that you want to achieve?

Once you know what your Clickfunnels real estate marketing end goal is, work backwards, and you will produce a great real estate funnel.

Step 2: Pick An Amazing ClickFunnels Real Estate Template 

Your ClickFunnels real estate template decides whether you will achieve your end goal or not. So be specific while picking up your template. 

Currently, there are many real estate templates. If you ask me…. 

Which ClickFunnels Real Estate Templates Are Best? 

I would give you a list of my 5 best high-converting ClickFunnels real estate templates. 

  1. Real Estate Listing Lead Generation Funnel Templates for Beginners

Real Estate listing lead generation template is made to show true professionalism. It comes packed with just a lovely overall feel of confidence and security, and this you can see plainly with its clean and clear background design, and pages that reflect it. 

ClickFunnels for Real Estate Investors Lead Generation Template Free

What I like the most about this template is – it’s so simple and easy to edit. You can upload multiple real estate properties with little effort. 

  1. Real Estate Simple Listing Template

The Clickfunnels Real Estate listing template is neat and simple for those who are just starting out. As you can see, there’s just one message on top and a large background behind it. 

Real estate simple listing templates

It represents ease and pacefulness with its simple design. It’s highly responsive across all devices and reflects professionalism with simplicity. 

  1. Real Estate Lead & Squeeze Funnel Template

As the name suggests, the Clickfunnels Real Estate Lead & Squeeze funnel template is dedicated to lead & squeeze page generation. 

A squeeze page is simply a page that is dedicated to collecting information for the visitors, like an email address or phone number.

Realtors lead and squeeze page funnel template

In the beginning, you should definitely focus on lead generation for your real estate business. And nothing could be much better than such a simple ClickFunnels real estate marketing template. 

  1. Real Estate Bridge Funnel Template

Clickfunnels Real Estate Bridge Funnel is developed by Blake Nubar, who has earned the fastest 2 comma club award from ClickFunnels. 

This award is for Clickfunnels users who have made over $1,000,000 using the funnel software.

Real estate marketing bridge funnel template for ClickFunnels

This Clickfunnel bridge funnel template contains everything needed to make a real estate business successful. From lead generation to follow-up email templates, it has everything! 

  1. Ultimate Real Estate Property ClickFunnels Template 

The Ultimate Clickfunnels Real Estate Property template can help you replace your out of date, underperforming website in as little as 25 minutes. 

Ultimate realtors property ClickFunnels template

The Ultimate Real Estate Property template is also tested for high conversion rates. If your aim is to generate leads, this would do the job amazingly. 

You can pick up your free 14 day trial of Clickfunnels here, to test it out, and see how you can start getting leads within a day.

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Step 3: Customize Your Real Estate Funnel

  1. Pick any Clickfunnels real estate template from the above list. Once you do so, you will see it on your dashboard. Go ahead and click on “edit page” to customize. Make sure to go through all the steps of your funnels, which are shown on the left side. 
how to create real estate funnel on ClickFunnels
  1. Once you click on the edit page, you will see your funnel page. Can you see how easy it is? Just click and change the text as you like. 
how to edit a realestate template on ClickFunnels
  1. Along with text, you can also change the background and put a nice pic of the property you’re selling right now. 
how to change background image of a realtors template on ClickFunnel
  1. When everything gets done, you can first preview the live version of your customized real estate template, and then you can simply save it. 
how to save and publish a funnel on ClickFunnels

Is ClickFunnels for Real Estate Investors and Realtors or Not?

Before You Reach the Conclusion! 

Wait, hold on a second! Before you reach the conclusion, I would like to show you some most important ClickFunnels facts so that you can make the right decision. 

Is ClickFunnels for real estate investors worth it?

Yes, more than 138K entrepreneurs are actively using ClickFunnels. From real state agents to dentists – so many successful businesses use ClickFunnels. 

Why don’t you join ClickFunnels and take the 14-day trial? It’s all FREE, put all second thoughts aside and test it without losing anything!

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