8 Benefits Of VPS Hosting – Singapore

8 benefits of vps hosting for your singapore business

There’s a reason why you asked the question; what are the benefits of VPS hosting?

Either your business website has outgrown the limitations of the shared web hosting plan you’re currently on and you’re looking for the best hosting solution to suit your site’s scaling needs and/or in that quest someone has recommended Virtual Private Servers to you.

Renting your own physical server or dedicated server might not be financially in your budget at the moment, so the next best thing is to look at the different VPS solutions that are on the market.

It’s a really good idea to get acquainted with everything you can about VPS web hosting before you start hosting your websites on it.

To help in your quest, we have broken this article into 8 sections, looking at each of the individual benefits of using a VPS Singapore hosting, its server infrastructure, and what you can expect. But, before we do that we’re going to look at what VPS hosting is and how it differs from web hosts that you might currently use.

VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

So what exactly is VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting?

The key is in the name, this is tech-speak of course. Basically, the hosting provider uses a parent server to host multiple different companies/sites on its virtual servers.

But what does that mean, or more pertinently how does it work?

The hosting company (providing the VPS Hosting) will use a software called a HYPERVISOR, this software enables the hosting company to place a virtual management layer on top of the operating system (OS), which then enables the easy virtual segmentation of the server.

And these separations act like walls enabling you the customer to install your own OS and other software, therefore creating a server that is private and totally separated from other sites.

And this is the massive difference between VPS and Shared hosting. Again, with shared hosting, the meaning is in the name… When you’re on a shared hosting plan you’re sharing the hosting resources of that server with other sites… bandwidth, storage everything.

Shared Hosting Plans are perfect for one-site businesses starting out, but they have their weaknesses as you start to grow. You’re literally competing with the other sites on the server, so increases in their traffic could affect your site’s performance. As you grow the benefits of having your own virtual private server and dedicated resources become very apparent.

What Are The Benefits Of VPS Hosting

We just touched on some of the flaws of shared hosting above, you’re probably very aware of them.

More than likely you’re looking at VPS hosting because you’ve outgrown the limitations of the off-the-shelf nature of shared hosting. But is VPS hosting for you, below we go into the nuts and bolts benefits of having a VPS account with good providers..

1. Improved Performance

You’re a growing business, every customer cent counts and you know you want to create the best possible user experience so you can turn traffic into customers.

You also know slow loading time leads to bouncing visitors. A problem (slow load time) often found on shared plans when you share the same server and resources with fellow shared hosting customers.

This issue disappears when you have VPS hosting… it is almost like you actually have your own server, as you have your own allocated bandwidth and storage which you do not need to compete with other sites for.

This is very important as it enables your site to perform to its maximum.

2. Guaranteed Resources

Linked very closely with improved performance is guaranteed resources… with your VPS hosting plan you get a guaranteed virtual server size.

This is very important when designing your site.

Of course as we stated above, speed is paramount in helping to turn traffic into customers, but supporting that is the entire customer experience… how the site looks, how the customer journey’s through the site, etc.

Knowing your guaranteed resources enables you to build and manage the best optimum performing site within the VPS services parameters.

3. Improved reliability

Uptime means dollars, downtime means loss.

Now we know many shared hosting plans guarantee 99.9% uptime, but from testing, we know they don’t deliver on this as there are too many users competing on the same physical server to not run into a multitude of issues.

With VPS hosting, you don’t need to worry about problems with other sites crashing the server (and as a result taking you offline) as long as everything is OK with your site you should have 100% uptime, or as much uptime as you choose.

4. Scalability

You’re growing fast, you’ve outgrown your shared plans, and you look like you’re going to keep growing, you need a hosting plan which enables easy scaling.

Most users start off with a smaller plan (why commit to a server size you won’t fully use?) But once you start to see rapid growth you can easily increase CPU, storage, and memory.

You can also easily upgrade your server plan to enable more CPU sockets and/or stacks of memory. Most importantly, you can do it in real-time, as you grow, your VPU grows as you do.

5. Customization

Not necessary for a new business, but as you grow, as data backs up your customer experience, as you look to squeeze every cent out of every transaction you will need a fully customizable OS that enables all of this.

VPS Hosting is really really customizable. You choose only the features which are relevant to your sites, you even choose your own operating system either Windows or Linux.

6. Greater Control

Linked with customization is greater control, with a VPS Hosting plan you get a lot more control to configure your entire site as you wish, as you get SSH and root access.

7. Greater Security and data protection

An unfortunate reality of a growing business is that it comes under greater attack as you grow, and you need to protect your hard-earned profits.

VPS offers excellent enhanced security because your VPS environment is isolated from other sites’ hosting environment making it infinitely more secure than a shared hosting environment.

Of course with greater control and customization you can also easily integrate your own bespoke security software and protocols.

Regarding data, with VPS hosting you can easily perform daily server backup, you need to protect your data and this is the best way to do it.

8. Value

OK, we know VPS Hosting is not as cheap as shared hosting, but, and this is a very important “but”, it’s nowhere near as costly as having your own dedicated hosting server… even though you’re practically getting all the benefits of a private server with VPS hosting.

So, if you’re a business whose sites feel they have outgrown the limitation of shared hosting, VPS Hosting is a very reliable proposition.

The benefits of VPS to your growing scaling business in Singapore will be massive as you gain everything from improved performance to ease of scalability, from improved reliability to greater security.

The benefits are usually associated with owning a private server for a fraction of the cost.

Simon Tang

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