Top 5 Cheap VPS Singapore Hosting Service Providers 2022

If your online business is about to scale, finding a good low-cost VPS hosting service for Singapore could be your key to growth without worries.

Unlike shared hosting, you won’t be hampered by your growth, and a dedicated server might not be right just yet!

cheap vps singapore in 2021 and the Asia Pacific Region

But, out of 330,000 web hosting providers globally – who do you choose, do they have control panels, and SSD Storage – we answer all below!

Quick Answer:  A2 Web Hosting is the best overall cheap VPS in Singapore, perfect for speed of delivery of your sites with its turbo servers, whereas Hostinger is the cheapest VPS in Singapore. 

Five Best Cheap VPS Hosting Services Compared (Plus 1 Extra)

Let’s quickly look at the five affordable VPS hosting services for Singapore, brilliant for the growing business owner.

Unlike shared website hosting, a VPS server has virtualized server resources (KVM Technology), meaning:

  • Not sharing hardware constraints,
  • Having your own dedicated resources,
  • But also you do also share the same server as others,
  • While not the same as dedicated servers, KVM acts similarly.

Each host in our review is on-point in high performance, flexibility, and control scales (you get full root access, and total control).

Best Low-Priced VPS Hosting

Host Price From (/Mo) CPU Storage Bandwidth Memory
Hostinger $3.95 ($5.33 SGD) 1 Core20 GB SSD Storage1 TB1 GB
A2 Hosting $4.99 ($6.74 SGD)1 150 GB SSD Storage2 TB 1 GB
DreamHost $10.00 ($13.50 SGD)130 GB SSD StorageUnlimited1 GB
BlueHost$19.99 ($26.99 SGD)2 Core30 GB SSD Storage1 TB2 GB
HostGator$19.95 ($26.94 SGD)2 Core120 GB SSD StorageUnmetered2 GB Memory
EXTRA: Vodien$55 SGD2 Core50 GB SSD StorageUnlimited2 GB Memory

Exchange Rate Calculated at 1 USD to 1.35 SGD

eASEAN hosting team breaks down the best cheap VPS server deals (Saving You Money) for your expanding online business – including Asia Pacific Region too.

We compare the cheapest VPS hosting by looking at the service level agreement of 2 types:
Managed VPS Hosting – You’ll have control over your own data, but your host looks after server modifications. (Recommended for Non-tech people)
Unmanaged Web Hosting – Your customer support staff will handle everything. (Recommended for tech people)

UPDATED: November 17th, 2021

If you are unsure of what type of operating system you need for your virtual machine, or what dedicated resources come with what, rest assured we have more information here on different VPS server Operating Systems for virtual private servers.

A2 Hosting VPS Singapore – Best Overall

A2 Managed Hosting and Unmanaged VPS Hosting Solution

Our choice for the best VPS server company for Singapore is A2 Hosting, for:

  • Managed or Unmanaged Virtual Private Host servers,
  • With Windows Operating System or Linux Operating Systems.

An A2 Hosting virtual private server ensures you won’t lose customers to slower delivery and buffering as they are:

  • Super fast high speed data platforms, with low latency, on both operating systems,
  • Contain SSD Storage which delivers superior durability and high performance to your website,
  • Uses SolusVM as the primary control panel,
  • Plus, located in Singapore (increased speed of data transfer).
Why A2 Hosting VPS servers Singapore are Best in Southeast Asia
eASEAN and ratings for A2Hosting VPS server – “Almost like your own dedicated server

Criteria For Evaluating A2 Hosting Services

Speed – High-speed local data center, and VPS Turbo servers are up to 20X Faster. Really good for SEO (decreased bounce rates, website ranking, and higher conversion rates).

Scalability – Having the flexibility to upscale servers when needed, add multiple websites, you wouldn’t know you were on the same physical server as others. A quick chat with customer support can have you sorted in no time.

Greater Control A2’s VPS server hosting allows easy full root access to your hosting services to handle all your bespoke software needs, along with increased safety features.

Customer Service – Their Guru Support is available 24/7/365, for all your issues, even the toughest problems.

Price – Anytime Money-Back Guarantee plus great overall pricing on un-managed VPS server, you can try completely risk-free! Packages start at $4.99 PM for unmanaged, and $39.99 PM for managed.

A2 hosting eASEAN star rating 5/5 for it's dedicated server vps
eASEAN PICK: Best VPS Hosting Singapore

A2 Hosting VPS Servers Singapore

With dedicated server resources, increased security measures, faster speed, and control of your environment. A reliable hosting service provider that looks after maintenance, security, and network performance, with 24/7 support.

get the best price for VPS unmanaged hosting at A2Hosting Singapore

Save Up To 44%

Why A2 Hosting VPS Server Is Best All Round

A2Hosting is top for cheap VPS Singapore with its local data center and SSD Storage. These increase data transfer speed, SEO rankings, and free traffic.

Along with excellent support, they’re perfect for the growing business person who believes in finding the best solution for the most affordable price.

a2hosting vps customer testimonial - just like dedicated hosting

Where it falls short

Like any new hosting environment there is always a steep learning curve, especially if moving from a shared host to unmanaged VPS server.

eASEAN Score For A2 Hosting VPS – Conclusion

A2Hosting VPS gets 5/5. Whether you decide to go with Managed Packages (nontech entrepreneur) or the Unmanaged Packages (tech-savvy business) A2 VPS hosting has the best packages to suit your business’s requirements.

With excellent customer support, cool control panel, and Singapore data center, along with brilliant features like automatic daily free backups and SSD storage.

Also the Anytime Moneyback Guarantee, available via the links below.

best price for unmanaged hosting with A2hosting
Save Up To 44%
best price for managed hosting with a2 hosting
Save Up To 45%

Hostinger VPS Hosts in Singapore – Best For Budget Friendly

Unmanaged VPS Hosting Only

For a business that needs the infrastructure of a VPS server but works on a tight budget, Hostinger offers not only great speed, and a good team, but also so many benefits that other VPS hosting services offer, only at a massively reduced cost.

Whether you purchase on a month-by-month basis, or over a longer period (dramatically cut costs), Hostinger has the very best low-cost deals available.

Remember, being unmanaged hosting means you will have:

  • Root access to your hosting environment for more customizing, but also…
  • The responsibility to carry out all of your host server maintenance.
most affordable VPS Hosting in Singapore hostinger

Criteria For Evaluating Hostinger Singapore’s Best VPS Hosting

Speed – A Hostinger virtual private server is quick, with blazing fast SSD Storage, meaning your customers will have an excellent online experience and your business will be able to operate without any low latency issues caused by slower shared website hosting.

Scalability – Due to their brilliant almost dedicated servers, with the latest Intel Xeon processors, it means when scaling you can your data is safe and secure during all upgrades.

Greater Control With easy root access to take control of your server, quickly and easily without being a complete tech wizard. A few clicks and choose the control panels to suit you (very user friendly).

Customer Service – Hostinger has excellent support too, live support 24/7/365, a great addition for an unmanaged service provider.

Price – We love this about Hostinger – 100% satisfaction, or, they’ll refund payment. No issues, just a straight refund. They are the cheapest, with the best infrastructure – super affordable prices, a helpful rate for any new business.

eASEAN star rating for Hostinger VPS

Hostinger virtual private server Singapore

Singapore VPS hosting starts at $3.95/month. Great control panels and lightning-fast SSD storage. Upgrade and transition process is seamless.

get the best price for VPS unmanaged hosting at hostinger Singapore

Save Up To 70%

Why Hostinger Is Best For Price For VPS In Singapore

While the cheapest package starts at $3.95 per month, we recommend starting with the $8.95 package with 100 Mb/s speed on its network. It’s super affordable, considering the dedicated IP and 24/7 support and SSD Storage. It really is the best VPS hosting company for affordable prices and budget.

Hostinger VPS Singapore testimonial review 2021 - excellent ssd storage

Where Hostinger Fall Down

The main problem is it only offers unmanaged packages, meaning the really non-tech-savvy customer crossing over from shared hosting will not be able to benefit from the fantastic deals they are offering.

eASEAN Score For Hostinger Singapore VPS – Conclusion

Our score for Hostinger VPS is 4.5/5. Seeing as Hostinger is only on the unmanaged plans of VPS some might consider that it is too techy for them, not so… Hostinger is actually a really user-friendly VPS hosting solution and one that even if issues arise, their great support team will help you through your issues.

best price for hostinger vps hosting
Save Up To 70%

Bluehost Cheap VPS Web Hosting – Best For Beginners

Unmanaged Web With All The Features

A great host, recommended by WordPress, and, their inexpensive Singapore VPS hosting is brilliant. A perfect intro VPS for the beginner to using VPS hosting.

Upgrading is super easy, and it’s why they are “Best For Beginners” Winners.

Bluehost’s Unmanaged Web Host servers are:

  • Super easy to use, even for beginners,
  • Easy to scale when you need more space,
  • And affordable too.
Bluehost cheap VPS hosting for beginners

Criteria For Evaluating Bluehost Singapore VPS

Speed – With its Next-Gen SSD VPS hosting, it achieves a good speed. It’s a massive increase from shared hosting plans, due to the inclusion of SSD Storage Drives used for quick access and retrieval of your stored data.

Scalability – Start small and scale, that is almost the motto of Bluehost. It’s how their business model works, and work it does. Get in on the ground floor and as your business grows contact the support team for all the required information for scaling up, at the best prices.

Control – From its smallest packages all the way up, Bluehost hosting is user-friendly. You get the correct amount of control and help/education when working with their servers. You are in good hands, no matter your SSD VPS option.

Customer Service – for an unmanaged server, their support team rock! They create the easiest and most comfortable environment for managing your servers – it almost feels you are part of the family.

Price – Like everything Bluehost, pricing is perfect for getting started with SSD VPS. As an upgrade from their shared hosting, they add so much value to their virtual private server compared to other hosting providers.

Starting at $19.99 for Standard SSD VPS (reduced from $29.99 – nice saving).

eASEAN star rating for Bluehost VPS - great start for newbies
eASEAN PICK: Best For Beginners

Bluehost Singapore VPS Servers

With excellent client service, SSD storage, pricing to test the VPS waters, plus easy money-back guarantee, great for Beginner VPS.

get the best price for VPS hosting at bluehost Singapore

Save Up To 70%

Why Bluehost Is Best For Beginners

One of the issues with getting started with SSD VPS is the steep learning curve that most unmanaged providers have, with very little education or support.

But with their 2 Core CPU and 2GB memory, BlueHost completely flips the script and gives unmanaged hosting with brilliant introductory pricing but also the best “managed” support around. Also with the ability to scale easily when you are comfortable, is why Bluehost is best for Beginners.

Bluehost customer VPS testimonial

Where Bluehost VPS Falls Down

Apart from their servers located outside of Singapore, we are hard-pressed to find a downside to Bluehost VPS for Beginners, because they are a great service provider comparable to industry leaders for a fraction of the cost, so we can’t say bad about them.

eASEAN Score For Bluehost Singapore VPS – Conclusion

Our score for Bluehost VPS is 4.5/5 too. Cheap VPS, with a 2 Core CPU is perfect for beginners in Singapore. Our favorite is the price (you can’t fault), ease of use, and the great infrastructure that allows you to scale as you as a business entity grows.

cheap vps hosting in asia with bluehost
Save Up To 50%

HostGator Singapore – Best For Reliability

Managed and Unmanaged (Snappy) Plans

Hostgator the beginner-friendly hosting company has gotten a dependability makeover due to their backing by EIG. Massive server hosting infrastructure updates and new plans to entice new and existing customers have seen Hostgator shoot up on the reliability score for Virtual Server Hosting.

Perfect for the set-it-and-forget digital entrepreneur.

HostGator will do its job and look after the things you want without much effort on your part.

It packs all the benefits of great virtual private hosting servers, with the good:

  • Speed,
  • Performance,
  • Storage, 2 Core and 2GB memory,
  • Security measures, etc
HostGator Singapore VPS Hosting servers review

Criteria For Evaluating Hostgator Singapore VPS

Control/Reliability – An EIG company is going to be reliable, with the best in category/state of the art hardware. It performs weekly data backup.

Added to this, they partner with multiple bandwidth companies, and all its data centers are equipped with backup power generators.

Speed – It isn’t going to win any speed competitions, but it is above SSD VPS hosting standard, meaning that it is comparable to other top-tier hosting companies when it comes to speed of loading.

Scalability – Just like many a virtual machine provider mentioned in this article, when your online business needs to upgrade, Hostgators infrastructure and customer service are ready to help you speedily upscale.

Customer Service – We love Hostgator support for the breath of help and knowledge gained from all the EIG Group of companies. They are available 24/7/365 if you have an issue, which likely won’t happen, which is why they get best for overall reliability.

Price – Pricing is competitive with their cheap VPS plans starting at $19.95 per month, “Snappy 2000“. Really good for such a “leave it be” SSD VPS hosting provider.

eASEAN PICK: Best For Reliability

Hostgator Virtual Private Servers

The Most Reliable Provider, great for a new transitioning business, without overloading. You won’t pay for extras you won’t need.

get the best price for VPS hosting at hostgator Singapore

Save Up To 75%

Why Hostgator Is Best For Reliability

Set it up and let it run, which is what any new Singapore VPS server owner needs. Forget unwanted resources that add to spending, as Hostgator balances its features, infrastructure, and price to create a super reliable package you won’t need to be involved with much or pay for extras you won’t need. Top it off with a free site migration too.

Hostgator vps singapore customer testimonial

Where Hostgator Falls Down

For how great it is, it has to fall down somewhere. That is only marginally in performance and only comes when overloading servers, as it’s not an unlimited traffic plan. If this happens to you, upscale super easily via their 24/7 support team.

eASEAN Score For Hostgator Singapore VPS

Hostgator gets a 4.2/5 for its SSD VPS hosting and this is down to the fact that it is just the most reliable “set it and forget it”, that we found. Perfect for the business person who wants to distance themselves from the wide range of tech of other VPS companies.

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Singapore – Best For Performance

Dreamhost Managed and Unmanaged VPS Plans

A really good VPS server provider for growing online businesses who:

  • Understand the wide range of tech involved,
  • Understand their site and hosting packages requirements,
  • Uses bespoke software to suit their every evolving site needs.

You will love DreamHost for their:

  • Excellent support staff,
  • High performance infatsructure and flexibility,
  • Custom Built Web Hosting Control Panel.
Dreamhost VPS Hosting Singapore rating from eASEAN

Criteria For Evaluating Dreamhost Singapore VPS Hosting

Performance – For the tech-savvy entrepreneur or business with a fast-growing site. It offers unhindered performance, a wide array of resources including your very own server space, your own easy-to-use custom-built control panel (built for your site’s specific needs).

They also offer WordPress-specific tailored solutions, and with SSD storage they offer 200% increased performance.

Scalability – Because DreamHost is independent, they reflect this by billing its SSD VPS clients by the hour. This means updating and upscaling packages is the easiest in the market, offering expandable RAM & Storage in a matter of minutes.

Reliability – DreamHost Offers 100% uptime guarantee… and, they will reimburse customers the cost of one day for every hour of unscheduled downtime.

Customer Service – You have to be a bit of a maverick to work at DreamHost. They pride themselves on the quality of their staff… all are trained up to TIER II at least (Super high level).

This means for you – 24/7/365 live chat with real experts in their fields. They eat sleep and breath hosting and developing, so you can sort out any issues super quickly. Many of their developers contribute code to the different open source communities (WordPress and open stack).

Price – While not priced for beginners, seasoned veterans with an understanding and need for high-performing additionally enhanced Singapore VPS hosting will value their packages which start at $10 per month.

Also, they also offer an unprecedented 97 money-back offer… that is real confidence in their service there.

eASEAN PICK: Best For Performance

Dreamhost For Performance

Great control panels, performance for growing website traffic, and easily scalable, their VPS plan is key for a business on a growth trajectory.

get the best price for VPS hosting at Dreamhost Singapore

Why Dreamhost Is Best For Performance

With 200% Faster Performance, low latency, and easily scalable infrastructure, DreamHost just stands head and shoulder above similarly priced VPS plan hosting providers.

With a user-friendly control panel and excellent support team, you have the Best For Performance In Hosting VPS for Singapore.

customer testimonial for dreamhost vps singapore

Where Dreamhost Falls Down

While their shared hosting packages are very competitive when it comes to Singapore VPS Hosting, many of their packages are too advanced and too pricey for the beginners out there… paying too much for performances and add-ons they don’t need, don’t get if you are completely new to VPS hosting.

eASEAN Score For Dreamhost VPS Singapore

DreamHost gets 4.8/5 for their Singapore VPS hosting servers, and this is down to the fact that they are just so good when it comes to performance and support.

The Pro’s Of Dreamhost Unlimited SSD VPS Bandwidth
1. A free domain name (for the first year)
2. Unlimited emails on your domain name
3. Unlimited Websites
4. A free SSL certificate
5. Unlimited domains
6. Super Fast SSD storage
7. A huge 97-day money-back guarantee
8. Automated Backups
9. Recommended by WordPress

Vodien Singapore VPS Hosting – Best For Local

For businesses who support local Singapore businesses. Local Singapore VPS hosting company Vodien has over 28,000 Singapore users host with them.

While definitely not the best offering, Vodien is competitive across areas including:

  • Customer service,
  • Relevant local knowledge and,
  • Tier 1 Singapore based data centers and operating system offering great reliability to local businesses.
Vodien VPS Singapore star rating from eASEAN

Criteria For Evaluating Vodien Singapore VPS Hosting

Reliability – A 99.9% uptime guarantee for their SSD VPS hosting, plus, Vodien’s Tier 1 Data Centres which are based in Singapore – a very reliable service. These data centers are powered by state-of-the-art Dell & Cisco Routers and N+1 UPS Redundant power… meaning all businesses in Singapore have one of the most reliable hosting services available.

Local Knowledge – Their smart and knowledgeable team is available by phone/social/forum/email/live chat, so you are never stuck for reaching them. With their excellent customer service team, you can talk to real local Singaporean experts about problems your business is facing in Singapore. With local nuanced understanding, they solve Singaporean business problems better than any other provider.

Performance – Vodien Singapore VPS hosting compares very favorably in terms of performance with other hosting providers. Offering 50GB of SSD drives, 2GB Memory speed, 2 core processing power as well as 1TB of data transfer.

Low Commitment – With packages starting at $55 (SGD) a month, entry level packages are more expensive than their competitors. The simple reason – they do not benefit from the economies of scale of the larger US corporations.

Packages are full of great performative features (listed above). As a real positive for newer Singapore VPS hosting customers, they offer very strong short-term packages, so if you’re just starting out with VPS, these low commitment offers could just be right for you.

eASEAN PICK: Best For Super Local

Vodien Virtual Private Servers

Best for local, though quite expensive. Their local understanding, data center locations, and customer service make up for it.

get the best price for VPS hosting at Vodien

Why Vodien Is Best For Local

Their local support team is the real key here. While they have good reliability and performance, with a 2 Core CPU, it’s the people you can talk to, who understand your business, and what is happening in the local market that sets Vodien apart. This is why they are on the list, as if this wasn’t so good, they would not be entered into the SSD VPS Singapore run down here.

customer review for vodien vps singapore

Where Vodien Fall Down

Vodien is REALLY Not for the budget business – packages start at $55 a month.

Vodien Singapore VPS hosting will be too expensive for early transitioning businesses who are dipping their toe first time into VPS hosting. While great packages, packed with features, there is no ability to scale back on areas your business does not need, so you could end up paying for extras.

eASEAN Score For Vodien VPS Singapore

Vodien gets 4.1/5 for their excellent Singapore VPS hosting service – with a great team, this is why it ranks so highly. If the price was not a factor, Vodien would score higher for their VPS hosting plans, but seeing as this is a low priced SSD VPS Hosting Review for Singapore, the score at 4.1 – a great web hosting company.

Which Low-Priced SSD VPS Singapore Host Should You Choose? 

In terms of reliability and overall performance of VPS hosting plans, A2 Web Hosting and DreamHost are coming out as virtual private server winners for just being great and excelling in high performance for cost ratio.

Why wouldn’t they? After all, they both are the oldest in the SSD VPS web hosting game. If you as a business owner and dedicated servers are not right yet, lets go VPS hosting in Singapore.


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