Shopify Cambodia – Can Your Business Use It?

When doing e-commerce in Cambodia,  it can be a little bit tricky, because a lot of the international payment gateways do not function with Shopify Cambodia… But there are always multiple ways around it. This payment gateway issue with Shopify causes many businesses in Cambodia problems. Lots of my clients who have been with previous … Read more Shopify Cambodia – Can Your Business Use It?

eCommerce in Cambodia 2020

eCommerce Cambodia Getting Started

UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020: As of 2020, eCommerce in Cambodia amounts to revenue of $359m USD, with expected growth to $537m USD by 2024. This is backed by new secure technology coming online and more importantly, Cambodian people becoming comfortable with finding out information and buying online. UPDATE 2020: Shopify is giving away a FREE 90 … Read more eCommerce in Cambodia 2020