Growing Your Southeast Asia eCommerce Business


At the end of 2020, in 2021 Southeast Asia had added an extra 40 million internet users to its number, placing its user base at over 420 million people who are using the internet to purchase from stores like yours, making it the perfect time to start growing your eCommerce business in 2021.

Growing Your Southeast Asia eCommerce Business

Many of these buyers online are new to eCommerce…


With a staggering annual growth rate expected of 13.7% in eCommerce users up to 2024 within the Southeast Asia, eCommerce is here to stay!

And yes,

If you are part of it, you too can make money with eCommerce in Southeast Asia, starting today!

You only have to look at the line up of mobile phone apps to see what is available.

Make Money With eCommerce In Southeast Asia

We are living in a time of change within the region of Southeast Asia!

The huge growth of a cash-rich middle class is appearing, and the development of networks essential to eCommerce is being created. At present those looking for an eCommerce platform in Singapore have the most choice, but other countries are not far behind.

Can You Really Start Growing Your eCommerce Business in SE Asia?

Trillions of dollars are being made each year by people just like you and me…

Doing things that only a few years ago were not possible.

The selling of goods on the internet!

The likes of physical products like weight benches or camping equipment or Chef’s knives.

And as you can see from the image below, it is only going to get better.

eCommerce Niches To Focus On In Southeast Asia

Looking at historical and forecast data of the hottest selling niches is a great place to start your research. With the best eCommerce niches including:

  • Fashion,
  • Electronics and Media,
  • Toys, Hobby and DIY,
  • Furniture and Appliances
  • Food and Personal Care.

If you have sold these on an offline level before, now it’s time to move online.

eCommerce Niches To make money In Southeast Asia

Basically, the internet is that Gap that we have all been missing, the ability to sell what we have, and reach markets that were never available to us before…

Not just to the local community but also to the Global Community.

We know how easy it is now to reach people in different countries. We can reach them via Facebook or Google, or by all of the different platforms that are available to use.

But, what you may not have known is…

The ability to make money with eCommerce in Southeast Asia has never been easier due to steady and ongoing integrations into eCommerce software platforms like Shopify with these communication mechanisms.

Like the super simple Shopify and Facebook integration that takes your products from your store and automatically adds them to your Facebook Shop. More eCommerce real estate, more opportunities for people to buy.

The below image shows you how simple the process is, a few clicks to add Facebook to your store, then add, remove, and arrange your collections for whatever way you want them viewed on your Facebook store.

using facebook ecommerce to make sales in southeast asia
A super simple integration between Shopify and Facebook

Now, in 2021,

You, and the other quick-moving, fast-thinking Asian Entrepreneurs are sitting on a goldmine of opportunity,

And the ones who take the action are those who will prosper

Are you a doer or just a talker?

Small Business eCommerce in Southeast Asia Is Starting To Grow

And while the region is still the battleground of the large eCommerce marketplaces like Lazada and Shoppee…

Smaller SMEs and entrepreneurs are starting to understand how they can utilize these giant e-commerce sites to their advantage when growing their e-commerce business.

While these large e-commerce businesses are burning through money to catch every single buyer’s attention…

This is where they fall down,

And they miss out on the personalization elements that are so varied within the ASEAN region.

Personalization of ecommerce platform shopify

And this is where you…

The small business entrepreneur can use this as your vehicle to make money with eCommerce in Southeast Asia.

eCommerce Personalisation in Southeast Asia

Personalization based on language, culture, and recommendations, are all going to be key factors in making money in eCommerce within Southeast Asia over the coming years.

And you can use the large platforms as a good base to drive visitors from your eCommerce marketplace shop to your own eCommerce store…

This is the way that you will grow within the SEA eCom market.

How Can SMB’s Make Money With eCommerce?

To start with you need a platform that helps with growing your eCommerce business.

For this, I recommend using Shopify!

It has the best features to be able to get your new eCommerce store up and running and making money as soon as possible.

Shopify small business ecommerce asia
Shopify is the best eCommerce Platform for SMB’s and Entrepreneurs in SEA

You get a 14-day free trial and during this time, with little or no knowledge in eCommerce marketing…

You can have your first store fully ready to start selling.

How To Be Successful In Southeast Asian eCommerce?

The strategy you must employ now uses a double eCommerce and brand building approach of:

  1. You must have a presence on the big eCommerce platforms,
  2. And also your own fully owned and operated eCommerce store,
  3. Creating your own ecosystem that you can grow and develop.

Your own online presence is essential to Make Money With eCommerce In Southeast Asia for your brand and business, and Shopify helps you create these beautiful stores with very little time or expense.

Beautiful Shopify Design Southeast Asia
An example of a simple but beautiful store using the Shopify eCom Platform

The reason you need your own owned and operated eCommerce Business is that you can then make the rules, not the nig e-commerce platforms, and you can…

  1. Build your customer lists,
  2. Make your customers loyal brand advocates,
  3. Market to your customers in personalized targeted ways,
  4. And use the knowledge gained to expand your reach through smart demographic targeting.

How Do You Grow An eCommerce Store?

When you have your own eCommerce platforms up and running like Shopify then it is your turn to start sending your store traffic from numerous places, like:

  1. The big platforms,
  2. Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram,
  3. Google Ads,
  4. Search Engine Optimization…

eCommerce Traffic Tactics For Southeast Asia

  1. Post content daily to keep buyers engaged,
  2. Share images of your latest products,
  3. Get social media reviews and share them,
  4. Get people to share your content by using well placed social icons on your pages,
  5. Create content in small bits to create a cool informational style for your brand,
  6. Update your blog and let people know about it, wherever they are hanging out online.
  7. Create beautiful viral style infographics to share with the world and increase customers.
Social media for eCommerce Southeast Asia

Advantages Of Having Your Own eCommerce Store

  1. You build your own brand ecosystem, that you sell to again and again.
  2. When anyone visits your store you add them to a list of potential buyers. As time goes on, that list of potential buyers grows and grows.
  3. As a person navigates through your site they get put onto different lists dedicated to specific categories and products, so you can target them with better products.
  4. If they buy from you they get added to a list of buyers, and you can upsell, down-sell, side sell them products.

And here is the really smart bit.

How To Use Facebook For eCommerce

When your audience of buyers reaches a certain level you can then use something called:

Lookalike audiences within the Facebook Ad Platform.

eCommerce Lookalike Audiences

These lookalike audiences that you can create from your own store are almost demographically identical to your buyers…

Meaning people with a higher likelihood of buying your products.

find eCommerce Lookalike Audiences using facebook

Closer demographics to current customers = higher likelihood of being interested in what you offer.

Abandoned Cart Facebook Ads

If someone is about to buy, they have entered their credit card details and are just about to purchase, but for some reason leave…

This can be a lost sale!

But with the help of Facebook retargeting you can place an ad for exactly that product, in their newsfeed telling them they can finish their purchase, and maybe give them an incentive, like a 10% discount.

Abandoned Cart Facebook Ads

Why does your business need an eCommerce Store?

As the eCommerce landscape in Southeast Asia continues to grow and more and more “me-too” brands start to appear on the bigger platforms…

It will be important to you to be able to grow your buyer and potential buyer base in the safest and most cost-effective way.

As you can see, the basic plan starts at $29 a month, less than a cup of coffee a day, with the ability to rapidly expand your business.

Why does your business need an eCommerce Store
The cost of Shopify is probably the best of all eCommerce providers… well worth it!

As a business…

You will be able to achieve maximum sales growth while keeping your costs low and growing your brand.

Benefits from Shopify

  • eCommerce Software Platforms like Shopify help you engage your customers in different levels of communication, helping you move your customers from the prospect stage into the upsell stage.
  • You will own all of the customer information and email lists of people, not the big eCommerce platforms.
  • And can send them birthday and holiday wishes through these lists helping build trust with you.
  • Plus, you can see which products they visit most and make product suggestions to them.
  • Most importantly, you can build a strong brand presence, that you control.

Having your own eCommerce Store makes a business a whole lot easier!

At the same time, it decreases costs and increases brand loyalty increasing your ability to Make Money With eCommerce In Southeast Asia.

Shopify eCommerce Platform integrates with other features such as payment processing, email marketing, Social media marketing, to name but a few…

Does your eCommerce Business use a software platform like Shopify?

Take action and create your first Owned eCommerce Store today on Shopify!


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