e-Commerce Essential Design Elements For ASEAN

So the next part is the look and feel, and ensuring we have all of our ASEAN e-Commerce Essential Design Elements in place…

What we look like and our name are extremely important when it comes to marketing online, especially in the design focused ASEAN region.

How we look and feel is important to buyers and that is what we want so it must become important to us.

And in this day and age, no matter how we look at it, we must have a good looking website for our customers.

We are lucky that, when you open your ASEAN E-commerce store, Shopify have many cool FREE and Paid templates that you can use to make your store stand out and look good.

Make your store Clean and Crisp!

e-Commerce Essential Design Elements

The issue most people have is thinking they have to crowd too many things onto one page, like shown in the example above. That is absolutely not the case at all.

The cleaner the better.

e-Commerce whitespace design


We must understand that the products we sell must be good (obviously), and the image we portray must be good also, because the better we look the more attractive we are…

The more potential buyers we get.

Design is really important in the digital age, so this means that everything we do online has to look brilliant, and there is no excuse not to have it. There are so many cheap or FREE places or find design work.

Our work has to look professional;

From our Facebook Page to our Twitter, to our website, design matters a lot…

Like this beautifully simple and clean Facebook store…

Facebook eCommerce Store Example

Everything must work together, it must be congruent, as great design, and how our shop looks helps build Authority and trust with our potential buyers.

Great Design Helps Build Authority & Trust With Potential Buyers

Our goal is to…

  1. Look professional,
  2. To look like a proper business, even if we may be working on our own.
  3. Invest in certain things that give us a ROI:
Why Web Design Is Important in ASEAN
  • Logos
  • Great graphics, for products
  • A good website name (something that people can remember)

Free Design For eCommerce Stores 

When we’re talking about design for your ASEAN eCommerce store there so many free places that you can visit to create great graphics, videos and logos…

The ones I use are software tools the likes of Canva, Photoshop and Camtasia.

Using Canva For Ecommerce Design

Photoshop and Camtasia are both paid but you can get free trials to see if you like them, but Canva.com is free, and it’s really good.

Canva has loads of cool free things to get you started:

  • Social media images
  • Header templates
  • Marketing materials
  • Documents and presentations
  • Invitations and ads (for Facebook and Instagram, plus more)
  • Loads of free images and fonts to use (actually, their font matching is brilliant)
  • FREE Training for you (so easy to use)

Its also got a cool drag-and-drop feature that allows you to simply pull what you want into the screen.

What I would recommend to start is Canva, but also remember that Facebook has loads of building tools, so that you can make slideshow videos as well which are very very powerful at the moment.

They called it Facebook Creative Hub

Facebook Creative Hub For ASEAN eCommerce

And you can make so many cool things in here to help with your eCommerce business.

Facebook Creative Hub For eCommerce

It’s very simple to use, sometimes as simple as just uplaoding some images…

Facebook eCommerce Mockup Creator

You can use it to create for both Facebook and Instagram, so give it a try.

Picking A Good eCommerce Website Name

You want people to see the name of your website and remember it.

You want this consistency so that people remember you and they can come back and purchase from you again and again.

Know any of the brands shown below?

Help Your ASEAN Brand Stand Out

As I mentioned everything has to look congruent, with these brands, and the way yours should too…

If these things aren’t consistent it confuses people and they start thinking maybe they have come to the wrong site, or even why are they getting shown a particular ad.

Brand Recognition Is Critical to Getting Clicks to your ASEAN eCommerce Store.

You will hear a lot of people talk about building a general store on the Shopify e-commerce platform, like:

Bills Best Bits or Dianes Shop.

But this is too generic and it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not a brand, and it’s not able to really build into something concrete.

Google Loves Brands!

Your Brand Is Important For Your eCommerce Store

So start thinking of a name that will stand out, that’s not being used by anyone else.

When I create a Shopify Store I go for a Niche Store, like Astronaut.

When building this Niche (Branded) store you ensure you have everything working together:

  • Graphics,
  • User experience,
  • Branding,
  • Domain Name.

This helps to increase the click-through rate of your ads, and it increases the engagement of your posts.

Going Niche starts to build your brand, it increases rankings, and it increases your ability to be recognized…

Choosing Your eCommerce Domain Name

The name you choose becomes the foundation of your web presence, and means so much, as it’s your brand name…

The name people remember, that tells them what you are, who you are and it tells people what your business is.

When we are choosing a domain name we want to always try and get a .com domain name

It looks much better, is trusted so much more, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

Also try to remember that the shorter your domain name in length, the easier it is tro remember, and not make mistakes when typing it into the browser, or searching on Google.

When it comes to your domain and your branding try to look at 2-3 word domain name not very long, and don’t use hyphens within the name.

Make sure that your domain name is easy to spell, as a lot of people direct link to websites and if your name is far too difficult to spell then people mess up with the link and you can lose a lot of good quality traffic…

So don’t use numbers within your domain names, and don’t try to be smart and confuse people…

ASEAN Domain Name Generator

One great website that helps you no end is called Instant Domain Name Generator which takes all the hastle out of finding a cool brandable domain name.

ASEAN Domain Name Generator

Simply go to the link above, enter the type of store that you are going to create, in the example I used

Astronaut“, to give you an idea of what this tool does.

I love Astronauts by the way, anything spaces related.

It will:

Automatically add beginnings and endings to whatever you type in the search box. Which can give you some really cool domain names that are so brandable.

There are many other e-Commerce Essential Design Elements that you can look into, but this covers the most important ones, so go on, start on your journey now.

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