Alibaba vs AliExpress Review: Which is Best for Business Owners?

So you looking for Alibaba vs AliExpress review, glad you stopped by, because if you are looking to sell products in Singapore or Southeast Asia, then these are the 2 eCommerce companies you want to have your eyes on.

Best of all…

Is Alibaba good or AliExpress?

Alibaba Group and AliExpress are the most powerful online marketplaces in Asia. Since the beginning, they both struggled to offer the best suppliers, with suppliers on Alibaba being excellent now.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, or Timor Leste – Both Southeast Asia empires are considered as the best.

Alibaba and AliExpress belong to the same company, but still, they’re different. From the revenue model to shipping costs – almost everything varies. 

And that’s just one side of the story… 

Alibaba vs AliExpress Review: Which One is Doing Best in ASEAN?

A Little Overview of Alibaba 

Alibaba was established on April 4, 1999.

Alibaba vs AliExpress review

As a matter of fact, the company is known as Chinese Amazon…

Why won’t they say so?

After all… Alibaba is the biggest Chinese eCommerce marketplace. 

Alibaba Has Versatile Product Categories for All Southeast Asian Nations

Have you wondered why Alibaba is famous? The reason is quite simple! You can get products for your business at a reasonable price.

If you look at the category section, you will see a bunch of subcategories. Mostly, people buy electronics, kitchen, fiber, and creative products from here. 

One of the Biggest Contributor to Southeast Asia GDP and Wholesale Business

Alibaba isn’t like any other eCommerce business marketplace. It’s tough to buy a single unit from here. 

If the price of a product is high, you can order 1 or 2 units.

If you want to low price products… you need to order at least 10 to 25 units. 

So, it all depends on the seller.

Remember! Every product on Alibaba has a different MOQ. It’s not fixed!

Alibaba Offers A Lot of Support for Southeastern Asia Buyers 

Alibaba has 150,000 sellers and 726 million buyers. These numbers show that there’s a good flow of money.

No company can get such a customer base without excellent customer support and great buyer protection.

As of February 2021, Alibaba has hired more than 150K employees.

Alibaba Southeast Asia Strategy is Managed By the Second Wealthiest Person of China 

According to April 2020 reports, Jack Ma is the 2nd wealthiest person in China. Currently, his net worth is $42.1 billion.

One thing is clear – Alibaba is in good hands. How can it not be legit?

A Little Overview of AliExpress 

AliExpress is the younger sibling of Alibaba, because it was launched 10 years ago.

There’s 11 year of difference between the establishment of both most popular Southeast Asia eCommerce companies.

Alibaba vs AliExpress review 2020

At present, AliExpress is the most visited eCommerce site in Russia. 

It’s known as the 10th most popular eCommerce company in Brazil as well. 

AliExpress Has An Impressive Customer Base in Asia Continent

The company has 150 million users in 230 different countries and regions. And you know what? Out of these users, 79 million are yearly active customers. 

AliExpress Versatility for ASEAN Users is Same As Alibaba 

Nowadays, home appliances, kitchen items, fashion, and electronic products are trending on AliExpress.

Almost 100 million products are available on AliExpress. Within each category, you can find subcategories like Alibaba. 

AliExpress is the King of Chinese Products and Branding in Asia

AliExpress used to accept Chinese sellers only. Fortunately, they changed their policy. Now AliExpress is allowing merchants from Spain, Turkey, Russia, and Italy. 

If you love Chinese products, it’s made for you. Most sellers on AliExpress are Chinese. 

AliExpress is Available in Multiple Languages 

AliExpress allows you to have many languages like Russia, Spanish, French, etc, and it doesn’t matter whether you know English or not.

In case, if you’re from Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, or any other Southeast Asian nation, you don’t need to worry because Google translate is there to help!

AliExpress vs Alibaba Comparison

Alibaba vs AliExpress comparison with review

Benefits of Alibaba 

  • Directly negotiate with the Asian Alibaba as well as foreign seller of your choice
  • Low manufacturing cost for custom orders 
  • Multiple payment methods are available including credit cards
  • You can order as many units as you want
  • One-stop solution for wholesale requirements

Benefits of Aliexpress 

  • Products are super affordable
  • Negotiate with sellers for the best price
  • Get consistent discount offers 
  • Some sellers offer free shipping
  • Multiple payment methods are available

Alibaba is Suitable for Big Retailers business to business and AliExpress works mostly for Small Retailers

AliExpress vs Alibaba Review – A Detailed Overview!

Advantages of Alibaba Over AliExpress

  • Get customized products with your brand label or logo. Many Alibaba Southeast Asia businesses order from here.
  • The platform is more secure in terms of payments and delivery options. 
  • Flexibility in price

Advantages of AliExpress Over Alibaba

  • Get products at an affordable price 
  • You can even order 1-5 unit for marketing research 
  • Lead times are less than Alibaba 
  • Chances of getting free delivery are higher
  • Able to separate into gold supplier and non

Which Should You Prefer? 

Choose Alibaba If You Prefer:

  • to establish a private or white label business
  • better product quality 
  • custom made products
  • more secure transactions 
  • scalability 
  • better communication with the seller 
  • Alibaba investments in Southeast Asia are well-planned. You can measure long-term growth from this metric.

Choose Aliexpress If You Prefer:

  • Something affordable for your startup 
  • Market research
  • Fast shipping time
  • Short-term growth

If You’re Intelligent, You’re Alert, The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary – OSHO

What Should You Consider Before Ordering A Product? 

Alright! We have had enough of Alibaba vs AliExpress. It’s time to leverage them. Yes, if you don’t know what to ask a supplier, you will lose money.

Here’s what you need to ask: 

  • What is the production time? 
  • How soon will you ship my products? 
  • What shipping companies in Asia are they using? (Optional, although this brings assurance)
  • Is that your final price? 
  • What’s the minimum order quantity? Can I get a sample first? (a sample will help you analyze the quality) 
  • What about the shipping cost? 

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