Top 16 Affiliate Programs For Money Making Marketing Singapore

With 91% of people online in Singapore daily, and with affiliate marketing more than triple what it was 10 years earlier, if you are not doing affiliate marketing in Singapore just yet, then pay attention…

Once you know how to Pick good products that have a good commission structure you are halfway there, and this is especially true for affiliate marketing in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

In a moment I’m going to teach the 3 super-simple questions to know which products you can sell immediately, and then show you the best places where you can find these products.

But first, a quick overview…

What is affiliate marketing?

Simply put, you sign up to sell a specific product or service, when you sell that product (using the power of the internet) then you get a commission for that sale.

This affiliate marketing commission can be very high or very low, dependent on which type of affiliate product you choose to promote.

For me, I love to promote products that give me a high commission, as this means I make more money.

Tip: Choose affiliate products with better commissions

There are a few simple ways to start affiliate marketing Singapore, the main way is to start a blog and start writing reviews about certain products that you like. I do this a lot on here.

Another way you can make money from affiliate programs in Singapore is to sell your products on social media, and if you already have a lot of friends or likes on your pages then it can be much easier.

But, to be honest, from my experience a mix of both is needed, but the most essential thing you need is a good website.

Which by the way is super simple to set up, and costs a few dollars a month. For as little $2.99 per month, and you can have your own affiliate marketing Singapore website, up and selling products for you, about the same price as cheap cup of coffee on the street.

I recommend A2 Hosting as the best website hosting company in Singapore for affiliate marketing. It’s what I run this blog on.

Picking Good Affiliate Products in Singapore

Now before you even start thinking about how to get your affiliate marketing website created, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of products you might like to sell.

Tip: Choose affiliate products you know something about.

For this I always choose things I know about, have used before or love talking about. To me that is the easiest way to make money with affiliate marketing in Singapore.

For example, if you love traveling, and like posting pictures about it on your Facebook and Instagram, then going and finding some affiliate products related to the travel industry, is a great way to go.

Similar if you love style and fashion, if that is what you love, then choose that to start selling, believe me, it makes it so much easier!

The easiest thing for you to do is to write about things that you love or enjoy, the more you love it, the easier it will be to write posts to your audience and engage them with your content.

The 3 Simple Questions to help you decide your niche.

1. Write down 3 things you are good at
2. Write down 3 things you like, or enjoy
3. And write down 3 things you would like to learn about.

If you are a little bit stuck here are a few suggestions.

how to choose affiliate products in singapore

That little exercise, that will take you less than 5 minutes will give you loads of ideas for products to start your affiliate marketing website with.

All you need to do is go look for products that fit those now…

Now once you have your ideas down, let’s look at some great affiliate marketing Singapore products that you can start selling.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Singapore

We have found the best affiliate marketing programs that you can get involved within Singapore, take a look, maybe some of them will suit you?

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing perhaps signing up for a step-by-step training is right for you. You can check out my Beating the Giant Affiliate Formula Review here to give you extra help.

Travel Affiliate Marketing Singapore

To start with, let’s look at some cool affiliate marketing programs for Singapore in the travel niche, because everyone loves to travel and you might be able to make a lot of money from it…

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Singapore

Skyscanner, I’m sure you have used it before, a brilliant search engine for all things travel-related, with over 100 million people per month using their website and application. So if travel is your thing, then adding some coool content to your website and using Skyscanner affiliate program could be what you need.

Product: Travel related services, including flights, hotels and car hire.

Commission: From 20% – 35% from Skyscanner commission

Affiliate Program Signup: Skyscanner affiliate program

AirAsia Affiliate Program Singapore

You know this one, sure you have travelled on it many times most likely. AirAsia have a great affiliate marketing program for Singapore, and you can use it to make a decent amount of money for your website. I really love this affiliate program!

Product: Flights, hotels and all AirAsia related things…

Commission: 1.050%

Affiliate Program Signup: AirAsia affiliate program

Marriott International Affiliate Program

With 30 brands and 7,000+ properties across 131 countries, there are loads of ways you can make money with the Marriott affiliate programme in Singapore, with loads of hotels and experiences to fit almost every type of traveller.

Product: Hotels, getaways, vacation packages…

Commission: 3.5% in Asia

Affiliate Program Signup: Marriott affiliate program

Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs Singapore

If you are into health and beauty and looking after yourself then signing up for some good affiliate programs and creating content in the health & beauty niche is a great way to start earning affiliate commissions. Plus, health & beauty buyers are non-stop, they buy buy buy!

Guardian Singapore Affiliate Program

As a Guardian Health & Beauty affiliate in Singapore you simply send your readers to the their website, to buy health, beauty, and personal care products. A great way to do this is to make videos of the products you use.

Product: Health, beauty, and personal care products.

Commission: 1.91% – 2.29% / Sale

Affiliate Program Signup: Guardian affiliate program

Sephora Singapore Affiliate Program

With the excellent beauty e-retailer affiliate program in Singapore you have access to an ever-increasing list of products to sell, amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including skincare, color, fragrance, body, smilecare, and haircare, in addition to Sephora’s own private label.

Product: Skincare, color, fragrance, body, smilecare, and haircare…

Commission: 3%

Affiliate Program Signup: Sephora affiliate program

Fashion Affiliate Marketing Singapore

Everyone loves to look their best and with the rise of ecommerce marketing in Asia over the last few years, a whole host of fashion ecommerce marketing affiliate programs have arrived in Singapore. you probably already buy from the places mentioned here, but now you can make money from them, by just recommending their products… pretty cool!

Zalora Affiliate Program Singapore

This is really cool, simply recommend Zalora products on your website, and no matter if the person is a new or old customer, you will earn yourself an affiliate commission. It’s a cool affiliate marketing Singapore program, and one that is a pretty easy sell.

Product: Fashion for men, women and kids…

Commission: 6% for new customers, 4% for returning

Affiliate Program Signup: Zalora Singapore affiliate program

Lazada Affiliate Marketing Singapore

Yes, the giant Lazada have do affiliate marketing in Singapore and you can be part of it, and make affiliate commissions from any of their products in their online mall.

Product: Pretty much everything sellable is on here…

Commission: Up to 13%

Affiliate Program Signup: Lazada affiliate program

Softwares & Online Services Affiliate Programs

There is seriously good money to be made in selling software and online services, probably the best commissions that can be earned are related to SAAS (Software as a service) type products, and one that this writer loves to write about.

Kaspersky Affiliate Marketing Singapore Program

A global leader in cybersecurity (so much needed now), Kaspersky creates cool softwares and solutions that protect your computers and mobile devices against cyber threats. Maybe you have it installed on your computer or mobile? I have it on both of mine.

Product: Anti-virus, internet security software

Commission: 14%

Affiliate Program Signup: Kaspersky affiliate program

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Singapore

You know Godaddy, the domain name register, and a seriously cool affiliate program also. In case you don’t know it…GoDaddy is the world’s #1 domain name registrar. It also deals in things called hosting, cloud computing, and loads of other online services.

Product: Domain names, hosting, website builders…

Commission: 7%, and USD1.40 for website builder trial

Affiliate Program Signup: Godaddy affiliate program

Other Affiliate Programs in Singapore

Beating The Giant Affiliate Program

This is actually my own affiliate marketing training, where I teach people how to make money with affiliate marketing, utilizing SEO and Google and the search engines. Anyone can join the program, and you will make 50% commissions on EVERY sale you make. It is packed with free affiliate resources that you can utilize for free to help make the sale. I have tried to make it as easy for affiliates who join my program to start and build a successful online business using the Beating the Giant Affiliate Program.

Product: Digital training course, templates, PDF’s, email sequences…

Commission: 50% 

Affiliate Program Signup: Digistore24 Affiliate Program

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Platform

This is actually one of my favorite affiliate marketing platforms and where I make a lot of money from. Clickbank is a digital marketplace that sells products in digital format in so many niches. These are not normal products you may be familiar with, but there is big money to be made in their “How to” type selection of products. They are the biggest digital marketplace in the world.

Product: Digital courses, how to guides, and softwares…

Commission: up to 75% (sometimes even higher)

Affiliate Program Signup: Clickbank affiliate program

SingSaver Singapore

Singsaver. These guys, you all know and love most likely. Covering everything from Home Insurance to loans and personal accident insurance Singsaver is a great choice if you are into personal finance.

Product: Credit cards, personal loans, insurance…

Commission: from SGD$0.71 to SGD$2.10

Affiliate Program Signup: SingSaver affiliate program

Razer Singapore Affiliate Program

Razer is the world’s leading gaming brand, so if gaming is your thing, you probably already know about this awesome Singaporean brand. Gamers can make serious money, so if this is you, then get signed up for Razer asap.

Product: Gaming stuff… specialised gaming laptops and accessories

Commission: Up to 20%

Affiliate Program Signup: Razer Singapore affiliate program

AliExpress Affiliate Program

I’m sure you know Aliexpress by now, the absolutely huge ecommerce company, that also acts as a dropshipping supplier of products to all over the world. Well, they have an amzing affiliate program too, and you can earn up to 50% commission for any sale you refer from your website. A really great affiliate program too!

Product: Everything, I mean, everything…

Commission: Up to 50%

Affiliate Program Signup: AliExpress affiliate program

Commission Factory Singapore (part of Awin)

This is a huge affiliate network that has partnered with some of the worlds largest and leading brands, meaning that you can find great brands to market and write about on your website, ones you may not have even considered.

Affiliate Network Signup: Commission Factory

Wowtrk Affiliate Network

With over 500 offers available on this site ready for you to promote you will find a crazy range of products that you could potentially earn an income from.

Affiliate Network Signup: Wowtrk

Right so there we have it, a list of 15 of the top affiliate marketing singapore programs that you can get involved with as soon as today.

A quick recap:

  1. Do the quick exercise to find the things you like, enjoy and could learn about
  2. Go find related affiliate products
  3. Set up your first affiliate marketing Singapore website and get commissions.

If you are stuck at the last part, making your affiliate marketing website, you can grab my free 7 day course and follow step by step as I show you how to choose your products, set up your website, write your content and start making your commissions…

Looking forward to seeing you excel at affiliate marketing Singapore… let’s do it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

How can I start affiliate marketing in Singapore?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what it is that you love talking about, or what you enjoy doing, or even what you would love to learn about.

Once you know these things, you will know what kind of affiliate marketing products you should choose. Then you:

1. Find affiliate marketing products to promote
2. Sign up to sell the products
3. Create a website or blog that you can write about the products
4. Share your written or video content with your friends on social media

That is the easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing in Singapore.

You can learn how to start a blog in our free tutorial here.

Can I use social media for affiliate marketing?

Yes you can use social media to do affiliate marketing, but you must ensure you play by the rules of the social media company and only do things that adhere to their strict guidelines.

The best social media for affiliate marketing include:
1. Youtube – making videos is a great way to make affiliate sales
2. Facebook – you can start by sharing your product reviews here with friends
3. Instagram – this is great for fashion and travel affiliate programs

Why is affiliate marketing so good?

The reason that affiliate marketing is so good is that it gives you the potential to earn an uncapped amount of money.
The better you become at selling products as an affiliate marketer, the more money you can make, and the more products you can find to sell.

But the coolest thing is, you can sell affiliate marketing products even when you are asleep, by creating great content that works for you forever, once it has been created. Your content you create becomes your never ending sales team.

Do you need social media for affiliate marketing?

No you do not need social media for affiliate marketing and many people all over the world do not use it to make sales of their affiliate products.

It does help a lot if you do use social media, but if you don’t want to, you can use a thing called SEO, which is about making the content you create on your website super good.

Is Affiliate Marketing Singapore any good?

Yes, there are so many ways that you can make money with affiliate marketing in Singapore. You can sell pretty much anything from TV’s to insurance and travel to food affiliate programs.

Understanding how to sell in Singapore is really beneficial, as Singapore has a high net worth population, which means more income for affiliate marketers.

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