Adding eCommerce Store Pages To Your eCom Shop


After setting up your store to look pretty, the next step that we are going to do is create separate pages for your store.

adding pages to your ecommerce store

What Are Pages In Shopify?

Pages on Shopify store are different singular webpages on your Shopify store, that you can use to show important information, like:

  • About Us,
  • Contact Us,
  • Shipping Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

These pages are essential, but that doesn’t mean they have to be perfect. Just get them up, add some small words (don’t think about it too much).

If you haven’t picked up your free trial to Shopify, make sure you do…

Have a look at a few of my examples below:

adding pages to shopify

First thing you want to do is Click Add Page.

Then create your first page, being About.

Using the about us page templates for ecommerce

I have created some templates that you can use for this. Just go to my Google Docs sheet and you can copy and paste the chosen About Us page template into your own store and change about the names etc.

You can get the templates here:

Once you have that page created you can then view it on your store or you can start creating another page of your e-commerce Singapore store, so let’s get on with another page.

The Contact us page

Make this page super simple, no need to go overboard, but again that is up to you, my recommendation is the simpler the better.

Just copy the text from above if you like.

Then, you must make sure you click the Template Suffix box and Pick

This will ensure that your contact form gets set up correctly.

It will automatically send any emails you receive to the email address associated with your shop, that you used to set up your Shopify store.

The next pages you are going to set up super quickly are the Legal pages. You access them by going to:

Settings >> Legal

This area is really easy to set up.

Shopify Legal Page Setup

Now, the thing with this section is, Shopify make it super simple to use and give you templates that you can generate for your store.


I do recommend, once you start getting everything up and running and making money (which you will) to get a professional to look at your legal side of things.

You can simply press the Create From template button and Shopify will do the rest.

Legal pages to create include:

  1. refund Policy
  2. Privacy policy
  3. Terms of service

The other pages that do not have templates include the Shipping Policy and Legal notice, but you can leave them for the time being.

Other Important Shopify Pages:

Finally, the other important pages you will be creating are your product pages and collection pages.

We will add and optimize these a bit later down the tutorial. For now you are complete with adding the pages to your Shopify store.

Adding Important Pages To Your Shopify Store – Step 6

You should by now know how to do the following:

  • Added all of the relevant pages to your store
  • Copy/pasted an about us template and modified it
  • Set up your contact us page
  • Set up your legal pages


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