A2 Hosting Review – Why It Is The Best Web Host In Singapore

The question you must be asking yourself is: is A2 really the best hosting provider here in Singapore? Does A2 have a hosting plan to suit your site’s needs? Because choosing the right hosting plan is an essential step for any online business owner on their road to success.

a2 hosting review singapore

And the answer is most definitely: YES, A2 is the best web hosting provider in Singapore, because their offering is:

  • Fast, superfast in fact,
  • And their plans are packed with the right features,
  • Their uptime is the best in the category,
  • And their customer service is awesome.

Their plans are best in every category (which we will go through in this A2 Hosting Review)…and they have plans for every online business type:

  • Shared starting at just $2.99
  • VPS starts at just $4.99
  • Dedicated starting at just $129.99
  • Reseller starting at just $18.99
  • Optimized WordPress hosting starting at just $2.99

Set up in 2002, A2 is a legacy company, one of the first Hosting Providers, lasting the test of time, in a category where many have failed, learning a massive amount along the way… particularly in creating plans with the optimum amount of features for different business types.

One key point, we should clear up… best does not always equal the most popular of user services.

A lot of the time popularity is down to very effective/catchy ad campaigns and/or the pricing of plans. It does not necessarily mean that they are the best plans.

They may not have the best features (both hardware and software), load time could be slow, prolonged downtime could be an issue, customer service may be close to non-existent, and it could be susceptible to attacks.

Here at eASEAN we rigorously evaluate every hosting plan based on these 5 criteria

Performance: what hardware and software do they offer, are the plans packed with features, how fast is its load time, how reliable is its uptime, where are the servers located?

Ease of use: Is it easy to migrate over to, is it easy to set up, how easy is their panel to navigate, do I need to have web development skills?

Security: what protocols and features are in place, how easy is it to add bespoke security software and measures?

Customer Service: how knowledgeable are the staff, are they solution-based, how are they accessed, are there telephone possibilities, are they locally based?

Price: what are the plans’ price ranges are these plans packed with features, what is the plan’s duration, is there a money-back guarantee?

The reason A2 is chosen as the number 1 hosting provider in Singapore is that it scores very well against all of these criteria by not only us, but also their clients.

a2hosting SG star Rating eASEAN

Now, let’s go deep into each of the evaluating points to see why A2 is voted the best Hosting provider in Singapore.

1. Performance Criteria For A2Hosting in Singapore

There’s one thing everyone will tell you about A2… Its hosting services are fast, it’s very fast,

With the launch of their Turbo Hosting Plans, they’re 20X faster than their competitors. Their tagline is “our speed, your success” so they are pitching everything in their power here…So what makes it so fast?


One of the first providers to offer solid-state drives (SSD) their entire range (even their entry-level shared plans) runs on them now. If you progress to their turbo plans they offer Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) Storage, created to access and transport for flash and next-gen SSD, helping to deliver the highest throughput and fastest delivery times.

All Plans come with at least 1GB of RAM. And of course, we cannot forget their Turbo (LiteSpeed Web) Servers, which can handle 9X more traffic with 3X faster read/write speeds reaching the first byte 2X faster than non-Turbo servers. Turbo Hosting also means 40x Faster CPU performance, 3x Faster Storage, and 20x Faster Loading time… meaning better SEO performance, far lower bounce rates, and most importantly higher conversions.


Packed to the brim with features including… unlimited sites (for most plans) unlimited storage, unlimited transfers, unlimited databases, free SSL certificates, Cloudflare compatible, free marketing add-ons and so much more.

Developer friendly solutions

As well as creating all the WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc optimized plans, they have created solutions that enable the developers in the team a lot of access. Plans include easy software integration with preconfigured software on servers in PERL, PHP, Python, Ruby, Mysql, and ASP.

You will also get root access and admin privileges (on certain plans), plenty of server resources, and additional strong security features.

Local servers

Further enhancing the speed and performance of A2’s Hosting in Singapore is the fact that they have data centers located here in Singapore. Ensuring all of us here in Singapore can benefit properly from that extra speed the Turbo Servers offer.

Most of A2’s competitors have US-based servers and as a result, the promised performance is lessened due to the physical distance between the server farm and your site.


With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, A2 set the category benchmark. From our own testing, no competitor had better uptime, we also found many months where they achieved 100% uptime. It’s worth reminding ourselves at this point, 100% uptime means 100% access to your customers or users.

2. Ease Of Use


They make the process as easy as possible with easy-to-follow guides and forms to send your old hosting companies. A2 usually gets your site migrated over in 24 hours and never more than 48. Once you have migrated over the panels are so easy to use, everything is laid out nicely and you can find your way around with just a few clicks. Free site migrations are available to all customers of A2.


As A2 provides both Linux and Windows hosting, they have panels for both options. For Linux, they offer the ever-popular cPanel control panel. With cPanel you can easily manage every element of your account (like domain names, site files, and databases). For Windows, they offer Plesk which is very very similar to the cPanel (just the Windows alternatives) again you can easily manage your entire account from the Plesk control panel.

3. Security

When it comes to security we should always be thinking ‘prevention rather than treatment’… meaning we should have as many protocols in place before anything nefarious can occur.

However, with a lot of Hosting Providers, having additional firewalls, layers of encryption, and extra scanning can mean performance is affected, not with A2 hosting. A2 servers are protected by Hackscan, which is part of A2’s Perpetual Security Initiative.

Hack Scan malware protection runs 24/7/365 to help block attacks before they damage your site. Another key feature in their Perpetual Security Initiative is Kernal Care which enables continued updates without the need to reboot the servers.

All plans also benefit from the reinforced DDoS solution offering high scale capacity, instant attack detection, and mitigation. All plans also offer automatic data backups, so you will rest safe in the knowledge that your site is in very secure hands with A2 Hosting.

4. Customer Service

With a name as distinctive as the Guru Crew Support team, their customer service has a lot to live up to, and their confidence is merited because we love how helpful A2’s customer support is. As an example, pretty much every hosting provider offers 24/7/365 support.

But A2’s support comes in the shape of the phone, live chat, email, and ticketing, and supporting all of this is one of the most extensive user libraries (if you prefer to solve your problems yourself). 24/7 multi-platform support is all well and good but the person on the other end of the message has to be good too, and the guys at the Guru Crew have never let us down.

They are super-knowledgeable, and always willing to help no matter how big or small the problem is. Every issue is dealt with fast and the nature of their engagement means you feel at ease instantly.

The last thing (and maybe the most important thing) to say about A2’s customer support is that they have a Singapore local team, meaning you’ll speak to people who will better understand you, your pressures, and your business issues.

5. Price

Ranges: from $2.99 (for Shared hosting) to $129.99 (for dedicated server) A2 has plans for every budget. Of course, their cheapest plans have limitations to what they offer, but that is true of every provider’s value option.

Overall we have found A2 plans to offer the most features for the prices they are charging, even if they lack the free domains of other companies, they more than makeup for it in everything else. For every type of hosting (shared, VPS, etc) they usually offer at least 4 options; an introductory, an intermediary, and two premium turbo plans.

If we look at shared hosting the 4 plans start at $2.99 for the introductory, $4.99 for the intermediary, and $6.99 & $12.99 for their Turbo offerings.

Duration: plans are offered monthly, yearly, and tri-yearly, discounts vary between hosting types but as you can imagine, going with the 3-year plan offers huge (45%) discount savings.

Money-Back Guarantee: often a sign of a company’s confidence in their offering, while not near as long as some of its competitors (who offer 90 days) A2 offer the very fair 30-day money-back guarantee… meaning you will have a month to decide if that plan is right for you and your sites.

After evaluating A2 hosting in its entirety we will now look at the different types of hosting

A2 Shared hosting Plans Singapore

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a web hosting model where a variety of different websites make use of a common pool of server resources… your site’s hosting is shared with lots of other sites on the hosting server.

Because it’s shared it massively reduces costs, shared plans are always the most economical. However they do have their weaknesses, your uptime & load time can be affected if another site on the server is pulling too many server resources (e.g. for their increased traffic) but the good news for A2 subscribers, even their shared plans are super fast, we run a lot of sites on their different shared plans, and speed is never an issue.

You’ll average out with loading times of about 150ms (which is super fast) and google will love it.

Who Are Shared Web Hosts For?

We always say Shared Hosting is perfect for new entrepreneurs starting out, on their first steps into the eCommerce world. A2’s 4 different shared hosting plans will take you from absolute novice (with your very first website) to early-stage online business.

As you move through the plans you will benefit from improved speed as you graduate to their turbo servers, and much more…

What is Shared Web Hosting Key Features?

As well as speed, value for money stands out… whether you go with the start-up or turbo max plan A2 has very very affordable plans. All storage is on SSD’s as graduates up to the turbo plans storage is on the ultra-modern NVMe SSD’s.

Apart from the start-up plan, A2 is offering unlimited storage, unlimited websites, and free backups. All plans come with free migration and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What Is Our Top Pick for Shared Hosting?

It has to be the turbo boost, what an awesome plan for an insanely cheap price. Your hosting will be on one of their turbo servers (20x faster than regular servers) and at only $6.99 it really is a simple decision.

The cost difference between the drive plan and the turbo boost plan is just $1 per month, and for that $1 you will get so much additional performance. So if you’re serious about a positive customer experience, and a load time that turns visitors into customers, which google will love, the turbo boost plan has to be the option for you.

A2 Virtual Private Server hosting Plans

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

Virtual Private Server is a web hosting service that mimics a dedicated server’s environment virtually. The hosting provider uses software (HYPERVIZOR) to place a virtual management layer over the server’s OS, which enables the hosting company to virtually segment the server.

Meaning no sharing of resources, you will have a set amount of storage and bandwidth to build your site to your specs. You will also have root access which means you control the software and protocols which underlie your site.

Who is Virtal Server Hosting for?

For those business owners who want the benefits of having their own dedicated private server for a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking for this type of power and performance, your site or sites will be managing large traffic levels, significantly increased transactions, and security (both from a transactional and customer data sense) is of paramount importance.

What are the key features?

You have two options here: Managed VPS Hosting or Unmanaged VPS Hosting. Both offerings are run on the awesome turbo servers, so expect some serious power & performance. Both offer storage run on NVMe SSD, both are developer-friendly, with free and easy migration, and the 99.99% up-time delivery.

What is our pick for the best Virtual Private Server?

We nearly copped it here… by not choosing one because it’s down to different businesses and their needs, but we knew we couldn’t use that excuse. Both offerings are awesome, but we went with the managed hosting plan.

And the reason we did this was that we realize as a growing and scaling business you have so many pressures, every minute to you is precious, and one second looking after a technical issue with hosting is taking you away from an important decision about your company’s direction, what you need from a hosting plan is 100% worry-free HostGuard server management with server & security management and 24/7/365 support, which the managed hosting plan offers.

Plans start at $39.99 for the Lift 4 plan but if you’re serious about your operation we recommend the ultra-powerful Mach 8 plan at $59.99. If you want a full breakdown of A2 Hosting VPS in Singapore you can check out our breakdown here.

Dedicated Hosting Singapore

What is Dedicated Hosting?

A dedicated hosting service or dedicated server is a type of web hosting service where the client leases an entire server, therefore not sharing with anyone on any level (VPS still shares the server with other sites). A dedicated hosting plan while being the most expensive option, does offer you the business owner, the maximum amount of flexibility and power to create the optimum website.

Who is Dedicated Hosting For?

You’re a rapidly growing business, you’re scaling super fast, you find you’re outgrowing every hosting option as soon as you subscribe to it… you’re scaling towards enterprise levels, you either have a stable of very successful sites or you have one behemoth.

You want your site to have the highest levels of performance with maximum security (built bespoke to your site’s differing needs) and you’re willing to pay a premium for this service.

What are the key features of dedicated servers?

Similar to VPS Hosting, plans can either be managed or unmanaged. With both offerings, their plans are packing some serious weight. RAM you’re looking at 16GB DDR4 ECC as a starting point going all the way up to 64GB.

RAID SSD storage has some punch, starting out with 2x1TB moving up to 2x960GB U.2, Transfers of 6GB up to 15GB. All of the CPUs on offer are Intel Xeon’s, and they’re all turbo.

What is our dedicated hosting top pick?

Again not easy to decide here, but we felt if you have decided to go with a dedicated server plan, it probably means that you properly resourced internally in terms of staffing (and they’ll have expertise).

So you’ll have a dedicated team looking after all elements of the delivery of your site, and as such, you should go with the additional freedom to self-configure and build your server to your needs which the unmanaged plans offer. We recommend checking out Warp 2 Turbo plan. It’s a beast of a plan.

SG Reseller Hosting

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a service where the hosting provider rents hard drive space and bandwidth to another company or individual, who then resells hosting space to another (third party) company like a small business or gamer group.

Who is Reseller Hosting For?

You could be an eCommerce entrepreneur, selling web solutions (like website design & build, SEO, etc) to small local businesses who do not have a lot of web/technology experience, and you could resell hosting as part of your package/solution.

You could also just have a hosting arbitrage business where you only resell hosting, there is huge potential in this as a stand-alone business… 2022 is set to see the e-commerce market in Singapore double in size, so expect a lot of small businesses going online and needing hosting.

What are the key features of reseller hosting?

Two plans are on their turbo servers (which just in case you forgot is 20x faster than regular servers) RAID SSD Storage starts at 60GB SSD and moves up to 100GB NVMe, Transfers on offer from 600GB to 1000GB. All offer free SSL Certs, all offer 24/7/365 Guru crew support, and free website migration.

What is our top pick for reseller hosting?

We have to go with the turbo launch, if you’re reselling hosting, you want to resell with a point of difference, and there is a no better point of difference than performance… on the turbo servers with 100GB NVMe SSD storage, your resell plans will be the most powerful, your customers will love the performance guarantees you will be able to offer, and your competitors won’t have a chance.

WordPress Hosting Singapore

What is WordPress Hosting?

A2 offers compatible server resources, software, and expertise that meet the technical requirements of WordPress sites… in other words, it makes them (WordPress sites) perform better and keeps them safer. Offering both Shared and Managed WordPress Optimised plans.

A2 also offers similar optimized hosting for Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and Opencart.

Who Needs WordPress Hosting?

For all you WordPress aficionados out there…maybe you’re running a successful affiliate site built on WordPress and you want to improve the overall experience of your site, WordPress offers so many add-ons and extras to enable this, so having hosting optimized to enable WordPress to flourish should be a must for you.

What are the key features of WordPress Hosts?

Again offering unmanaged shared and managed plans. The Unmanaged shared plan offering is a WordPress enhanced offering of the shared plans we mentioned earlier, so all super fast, even the basic start-up plan.

Two of the plans are on the Turbo servers, all plans on SSD storage, and all are very very affordable. When we move to the managed plans, they’ve been organized around the number of sites on the plan…

Starting with 1-site, moving to 3-sites, and then their final offering is for unlimited sites. Storage is from 10GB up to 25GB, all plans are run off their Turbo Servers, all offer free backups, as well as free jetpack personal licenses.

What is our top pick for WordPress?

We’re big fans of the managed unlimited sites plan because we think it gives you WordPress aficionados the best of both worlds. At this stage you may have a process or a funnel mastered, which is quite easy to replicate across different categories, you’re growing fast, by scaling opportunities, but you’re still a small operation, managed unlimited gives you that freedom, to grow into these new categories and the time to test (as A2 looks after the hosting).

So there you have it, our…

eASEAN A2 Hosting Review Conclusion

A full breakdown of why A2 Hosting offers the best hosting plans in Singapore, and we recommend it as the provider to purchase.

They have plans to suit every budget, from shared to dedicated servers, and features to suit every business type.

So whether you’re starting out on your eCommerce journey with your very first site, or you’re scaling toward enterprise levels transactions on multiple sites, or maybe you’re a disciple of WordPress and you want to eke out every last bit of performance from it, or maybe you’re already in the eCommerce space and see reselling hosting as another element to enhance your overall offering, whatever your business and website need, A2 has it covered.

A2 Hosting really is the best web host in Singapore.


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    • Hi Alex,

      No problem at all, it is definitely good enough, but if you really want an edge go for the Drive plan, let me know what you choose

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